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  1. Had/have Passau Axioms that have seen 5 or 6 years of pretty decent use (probably on the ice 2/3 times a week on average) and have shown very little signs of wear when it comes to things like wear holes in the Jenpro for example. I take good care of my stuff but still has shown less wear than others i have had. Can't comment on the newer line/last few years but my experience of Passau's durability has been very good.
  2. I'd used the Eagle bag (40 x 24 x 20") for about 10 years (even moved countries with it) and it developed a few cuts and a couple of wear holes. It was great, could throw everything in with realtive ease - 34+2 pads, L CCM pants, M Brown 2400CA, Mask, Glove and blocker, skates, sweats etc Got a True bag (40 x 20 x 20") - Its a very, very tight fit compared to the Eagle. When its late and im tired after a skate, the last thing i want is to play a giant game of tetris with my bag and have to force it to zip up. Most bags are aound the 40 x 20 x 20" dimensions (some have 1 side th
  3. I never thought about the Oilers until someone on Warriors Instagram post mentioned it!! ๐Ÿ˜… I dont even like the Oilers!!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Always loved Orange and Blue and its kind of based of Edinburgh Rugby colours:
  4. Worst kept secret for a while!! ๐Ÿคฃ Surprised that True have acquired Leferve though and not just a partnership. I thought Leferve would have made retail products with the True name and had their own stuff branded True for any pros (if True pay the NHL fees) and the beer leaguers could still buy Leferve direct or from retailers. If True have bought Leferve.....maybe not?!
  5. What is your floor to knee and what size did you order? Mine is 20" which is the lower end of 32", are we sure the Leferve size chart allows for the chunky/flat boot?
  6. How often did you use the Leferve's? (if at all) Any initial impressions, other than the sizing?
  7. Its hidden in the customizer! Appreciate all orders with them are custom but a sizing chart more public on their website would definitely help! I have been mulling over a pair and spoke to a dealer and specifically mentioned the flat boot making the pad sit higher. Im a 34" in most pads, but worried a 32" in Leferve may even be to big! (never worn CCM/Reebok before to compare to them)
  8. StevenC

    GSBB - Dead?

    The amount of good stuff on GSBB that was lost and most likely never to be shared again is pretty sad. Wasted many hours on GSBB - Fun times.
  9. StevenC

    CCM Eflex 5

    Not a great graphic but might look better in different colour ways. Not sure what the slanted indent on the middle knee roll is for. GGN on instagram has indicated they know more anout them than they are allowed to say just now. Be interesting to hear more about any new additions to them.
  10. StevenC

    Warrior G5

    Any of you guy's who have the G5's and have been able to use them able to give any updates on what you like or dislike about them? Any obvious quality issues?
  11. StevenC

    G5 Toe Elastic Tab

    I'm thinking about the Warriors but as an 'older' goalie the toe ties are important as they help relieve stress on the old man joints (Knees, ankles and hips) The flap and the reinforcements offered by the plastic is (i would assume) to avoid over stressing the 2 small holes that they are laced to the pad through and potentially ripping that part of the pad. They are great if you love the stock toe system, but for a brand new model of pad, they should be easier to custom the toe option than making something as cool as Ross has or running the risk of tearing through the holes or addin
  12. StevenC

    Lefevre 20.1

    Look amazing What blue is that on the back/outside of the pads? Assume its Royal? What Knee Zone option did you go for? What size are they?
  13. StevenC

    G5 Toe Elastic Tab

    @Ross That is incredible!! Fantastic work!! It's disappointing that Warrior donโ€™t make the change to Pro Laces (or other toe tie options) easier and kind off handcuff you to their system!
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