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  1. Had a TGC Bauer NXG (about 6 years ago). It was great. I believe the TGC spec upgrade was in the arms
  2. StevenC

    Warrior G5

    I'm the same as Clema35, only get what looks like code on the previous page. Any chance you could post again? Cheers
  3. You can get the intermediate liner for the senior glove. Only comes in 75degree closure though. Pretty sure the intermediate glove would probably only come in 75degrees
  4. I always felt like the suspenders kept my CA 'locked down' better if that makes sense. Just a personal preference. Internal belt would do the job fine but just personal preference/habit using suspenders.
  5. I'm 5'8" and about 75kg. I currently wear large CCM CL Pros. Medium would fit normally but the internal belt easily lets me fit large and tuck a Brown 2400 CA easily. I also use suspenders.
  6. My Full Kevlar (re-padded from what Michel issues) is 1.267kg or 1lb 6 and 1/4 ounces
  7. I have the full kevlar and the Fibreglass and Kevlar mix (not full Fibreglass) and while i haven't weighed to check the actual difference in weight, its not noticable on the ice.
  8. Got my full Kelar mask from Michel back in 2006 and other than a couple of paint jobs and foam replacements, i have never thought about replacing it. Same can't be said about any other bit of kit i have owned or own. Yes it was a long wait but waiting 30 weeks or whatever it is to have for the rest of the time i play hockey is worth it in my opinion. Even got my wife a Fibreglass/Kevlar mask when she took up the position. Wouldn't wear anything else. Thats not to say other masks aren't worth it/as good as a Protechsport but for me, Michel's quality, service and price point can't be beaten in my opinion
  9. Awesome job. Do you plan on using them or are they a display piece?
  10. Fortunately/unfortunately - still working! Not an essential service or anything but working from home so not got any time really to do anything fun like cycle/any projects!! Jelous of all you guys making stuff!! I think there are only about 10 people left in my company working, the rest have been furloughed (i'm in the UK).............sucks but better than not having a way to fuel my gear buying habit!!
  11. Not been in the market for new pants for a while but I will be pretty soon. Currently in the CCM Crazy Light (CL) Pro's and have held up well for quite a while (got them 5.5 years ago!!) I love the internal belt and I tuck my CA and large are perfect in my CL pros. What is the equivalent in CCM to the CL pro's or is there any other pants that i should look at that are similar? Thanks
  12. I got the 2400 from Brown a few years ago with the Russian Spec upgrade and what a beast of a unit. Was facing some pretty good shooters at the time and never felt a thing. Got used the heat pretty quickly (never really noticed it, maybe i sweated a bit more but not sure) Haven' had any issues yet with straps coming loose or coming off, i dialled it in and it's been the same ever since, maybe i'll have a look see if anythings moved but i usually double back the long end of the fabric, holds it pretty tight.
  13. StevenC

    G4 Thread

    Did a shop suggest that?
  14. StevenC

    G4 Thread

    Haven't ordered yet, still trying to figure out the sizing. Same as you, read people saying that the thigh rises are huge but i'm struggling to understand that as the measurements in inches are in the warrior sizing chart....unless they aren't accurate!? My current passaus have a measurement from mid knee to top of thigh rise of 11" which makes it a 34+3 based on the warrior sizing chart....which sacres me as it seems massive!! 😅 Puckstoppers 35+2 would be the 9" in the picture plus 2.75" (half the knee block) = 11.75", which according to the warrior measurement chart should be 10.5". Very confused!!!!
  15. StevenC

    G4 Thread

    I asked Puckstopper that question on his 35+2 G5 if this is of any use:
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