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  1. What material did you use for the T?
  2. Taking it square to the cage takes the most direct impact possible.... Look at the shape of your mask, it's designed to make most shots to the head glancing blows, not direct hits.
  3. @TheGoalNet Do you happen to know who in Canada is getting them first? (Sportchek, Pro Hockey Life, etc)
  4. I believe most Grafs have a hard toe under the cowling, so he's gonna go cowlingless with those runners. My brother did the same.
  5. You've likely seen the Interceptor G with the rounded D3O bib. This is something different
  6. I, for one, can't wait for this to come out.
  7. Check page 97... explains all 4 of those things.
  8. holdUP

    Socks Vs Sockless

    I use the Elite brand socks as well. The foot on them is a little on the thicker side to be honest, but I like having the cut resistant part covering my entire calf.
  9. I use the Bauer Supreme (2nd one RichMan linked photo of), and I love it. Super comfy.
  10. @TheGoalNet Any updates here? Very interested
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