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  1. bump - price drop, asking 350 CAD
  2. I know I have hardly any posts, so I hope this doesn't make me look like a negative nancy (lol) but I wholeheartedly agree with this... The whole thread just reeks of whiny goalies who can't decide whether they wanna RVH and cover the percentages, or stand up for the sake of an unlikely play. Didn't see a thread about players juggling the puck when they bat it multiple times in the air and score, or Jared McCann juggling from the blue line right down through the slot lol
  3. Thanks lol I meant the 580 with a 90 degree break.
  4. Does anyone make a stock 580/90* break glove, other than going custom CCM? Or is anyone selling one in all white or white/blue? lol
  5. Black - taped but never used. $100 Blue - Used 5 times, no damage just puck marks. $85 These retail for $120+tax at Pro Hockey Life. $175 for both. Pick up/meet up in GTA (I'm in Milton).
  6. Bump. Down to $400. Will ship at buyer's expense form Milton, Ontario, Canada. Postal code L9T 8B8.
  7. holdUP

    GSBB - Dead?

    Sorry for resurrecting this lol but I'm glad I found you guys again It's like finding GSBB all over again ! Haven't been playing much the last couple of years but back into it now, so back into the gear and everything!
  8. Used 5 times, basically brand new. Asking $350 CAD. Will ship at buyer's expense from Milton, Ontario, Canada. Postal code L9T 8B8.
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