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  • Leg Pads
    Brians Gnetik
  • Glove
    Vaughn VE8 Pro Carbon
  • Blocker
    Vaughn VE8 Pro Carbon
  • Chest & Arm Protector
    Ccm Eflex Shield 2
  • Pants
    CCM Premier
  • Mask
    Bauer Profile 960xpm
  • Stick
    CCM Premier Pro
  • Skates - Boot
    Bauer 2x
  • Skates - Blades
    Tydan Blades
  • Knee Pads
    Bauer 1s
  • Neck Guard
  • Jock
    Bauer Reactor

Wish List

  • Leg Pads
    Vaughn Ventus slr/ ccm Eflex 4/ Brians optik 2
  • Mask
    ProtectSport Theodore mold (on the way)
  • Stick
    CCM Eflex 4

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  1. what’s your price range?
  2. 33+3 looking for $800 plus shipping. Will include the factory mad glove for an extra 200$ athletic gold is padwrap IMG_5006.HEIC IMG_5009.HEIC IMG_5010.HEIC
  3. i dont but i have a guy that can make one. you have to send him your mask. its expensive but he does a good job
  4. ive seen many people do it and i have myself and nothing went wrong
  5. i have a feeling a ccm would fit just by the look of it but my idea would be to buy one or some and return them if they dont
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