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  1. It mainly was about better Blocker position and rotation. If you want to get further details and even some video footage, I suggest you getting the membership. Easily worth it, especially the Pro-Reads are awesome.
  2. This year Im playing in Switzerland second highest league due to corona our team isnt in the league this season. Im normally playing for the current swisschampion aswell as the junior national team.
  3. My experience playing roller hockey (in Switzerland) is, that puck movement is a little bit different. Not only visually but also that the lighter puck is behaving differently in the air. I dont think that you can shoot a lighter puck harder, because of physics. There are definitely players who play more roller hockey that know how to move and how to use their wheels as well as their body. Normally in rollerhockey you cant use your body as an advantage that much as in regular icehockey. So you have more time and space.
  4. Curios how you can get custom on the not top of the line product
  5. It really always depends on your budget, how much is your head safety worth for you? Maybe considering what level of shoots you face. One other feature which is different is, how the cage is attached to the mask. The NME only has screws on the side, while the Profile has two each on top and the bottom and one on each side. I found that with only the screws on the side if your cage gets bent a little bit it begins to slide up and down. But that is just my experience.
  6. Main difference other than protection you mentioned, is the fit. In my experience the Profile Masks are more narrow to your head, while the NME ones are wider. I also feel like the chin area goes further down to your chest on the Profile. I would recommend you, if you have the opportunity to, try on both masks at your local retailer. Maybe bring your chesty with you for mobility comparison.
  7. Can recommend the Bauer Vapor Goalie Skate. Its like a 1X but softer. Biggest Problem would be if you use them skating on the street you will lose a lot of Grip on the wheel. Depending on if you want to play roller hockey this could lead to you slipping away in your stance.
  8. Yes, Tune Fit Connect is stock on every UltraSonic Pad.
  9. Yes, because that is only the mybauer catalogue. As you cant customize your pants or your mask, there is none in it.
  10. What catalogue are you talking about? It isnt even out yet
  11. If you watch closely you can see a second set of strings, which will help you attach somethingđŸ˜‰
  12. My local retailer received one as an early look.
  13. Expect a whole new build on the outside, which will improve powerdelivery. Other than that not to much is known by now.
  14. I tried one and I have to say that it felt a little bit on the smaller side, maybe sizing wasnt right. The shape definitly felt like the biggest change, coming from a Bauer 960XPM. I cant really say anything about mobility as I tried it on without a Chesty. Quality felt on part with Bauer.
  15. Expect a new type of Marketing for the 3rd price point in Goalie Equipment ;).
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