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  1. One reason is that the catcher is laced together too tight. My Smith glove had zero finger curl for years.. Until replaced the lacing at the finger tips and relaced it quite tightly.. Finger curl started to happen in a month. Learned a lesson then. The Velocity glove is from Kiekkobussi? I was considering bying that.. just to do exactly what you're doing Looking good! Glove projects are the most fun.
  2. Hot water (from the tap is hot enough) and tie the glove shut. Once it has cooled down, catch some pucks/balls with it. Just wear it. Then tape it shut again and allow it to dry. That should do the trick. Repeat if necessary.
  3. I bought a 2nd hand Rbk glove that was just like this.. I was able to get the glove to close better by taking it apart and adding lacing to the break. I have some videos and pictures on my Instagram account (@saitagoalie). I can post pictures here later. I don't know why this happens to Rbk/CCM gloves. I've wondered if something during the break-in process causes this. But I always see this problem with gloves that have been used a lot.. So maybe over time the glove loosens up too much which causes the plastics to interfere at the break, making the glove impossible to close. The design of Koho 590/Rbk/CCM glove hasn't really changed at all over the years. Basically just different T's, nash in the palm, D30 and one piece cuff. EDIT: And I would check if the plastic has cracked.
  4. Wow, they look great! Do you think the paint will hold? I think I'll try CooperGoalies method as well. I'm also a member of the Vintage goalie gear group.. It's a great community
  5. Check out CooperGoalie on Youtube. He has a video of how to restore the original leather colour. He uses acrylic paint I think. Leather paint is another option, I will try to paint the wear spots on my H10's next week. I can let you know how it went once I'm done
  6. Nice work! The V3 is my all time favourite blocker, such a nice feel. Did you do all stiching by hand?
  7. I don't really need a new c/a, I have a custom Brown already :) I just wish stock c/a's in general were made with plain regular nylon, no gimmicks. And the player elbow cups look so comfy.
  8. Sweet looking c/a. I wish retail units were like this.
  9. I think I have, didn't like it.. I have to go and try one again
  10. Was your Smith old NHL spec size? I have a second Smith glove that was my back-up during this project, bought it second hand. See the picture below, I'm pretty sure the white back up-Smith is old NHL spec haha. The feel is quite different compared to the smaller blue glove. I personally love the feel of the Smith gloves, but the smaller one feels a lot better.. Even though the break etc. is the same. Every time I go to a hockey shop I try on the Warrior gloves hoping I would like them.. They are crazy light. But the break feels different and the thumb is flatter vs the Smith.. and the Warriors feel small for some reason. Would be really nice to try one on ice though.. Maybe next season I don't think the Ritual insert offsets the balance. I just got to be careful that I put the liner in the right position and adjust the straps correctly,. If I just slap the liner in there and don't pay attention to the settings, the glove feels weird and might not close as nicely as it should. The biggest difference in feel is caused by the velcro. It now feels like there is more "air" between my hand and the glove. Thank you everyone for the nice compliments and comments!
  11. Ok, thanks for the clarification! Now that I think about it, I'm sure I've seen pictures of Roy spec Brown.. The back protection sounds like something I've seen before.
  12. Short story: I replaced the original nash palm in my Smith glove with nylon & velcro and added a Warrior replaceable palm. I originally got my custom Smith set in 2009 or 2010 I think. I still play with the catcher and blocker.. The pads I sold years ago unfortunately 😭 The blocker has been re-palmed once, but until this year I hadn't done much with the catcher. Just added some jenpro patches here and there and relaced the pocket a few times. The nash on the palm had gotten pretty beat up. Some holes and the smell was getting pretty bad.. Washing the glove didn't help. Starting situation In the pic below you can see my first attempt to re-do the backhand with nash-like material.. Didn't work very well. Then I saw someone selling the Warrior liner on FB and I though why not try using that Rebuild of the backhand I re-used old material as much as I could. As I don't have too much extra jenpro or nylon playing around. Built a new padded "floating" wrist strap Shortening the replacement palm fingers Other than the fingers being a bit long, the removable liner matched the break of the Smith glove really well.. Maybe the 60 deg palm would be a slightly better match, but I got this liner 2nd hand for 10e so I just went with it Putting the whole thing back together Project completed During this refurbishment I also straightened out the finger curl, changed some plastic inside the T-part. Later on I also added blue Padskinz to the wear spots in the T. Still to do it the edge of the fingers, it needs a nicer patch than the current nylon one.. The leather has ripped underneath. I did play with the glove a few times before the corona-times hit. The feel is different and took some time to get used to, but I like it. I also post my gear and projects in Instagram, my account is saitagoalie. Give me a follow if you like.
  13. 2400/2300 mix sounds interesting. Please post full specs of your order once you've completed it. The cordura front is something I also want, I'm sure it improves durability a lot. I actually hadn't noticed that difference between the 2400 and 2300. 😄 What I'm planning to order now: 2300 model - with thigh wings from the 2400 (even though they look pretty thin..) or 2400 model with cordura front. I'm not sure if I care about the internal belt and high back collar piece on the 2400 model so going with the 2300 seems like a better idea. Also, I don't want my pants too bulky. Seems like 2400 would be bulkier. Anyways, now I have some ideas and know what to ask from John. Thanks all of you. Is he still building gear as usual, or has he closed up the shop due to corona? Not that it really matters, I know I am not playing until August for sure.
  14. Thanks for the pictures! Now I am assured that I'll get many years out of my future Brown pants haha Right now I think I'll go with the 2400 model because of the slightly modernized design and the thigh flaps and. I find that area is not so well protected with most pants. Also I'm not sure if I'll like the inner belt, I think I've once had pants with it but ended up removing the belt. Doesn't look like it is too dfficult to remove it if I end up ordering the pants with the inner belt to try it out. I'll check their FB and Insta for more ideas.
  15. I tuck in my c/a as well, that's why I think the high waist would be nice. But in my stance I also bend a lot at my waist.. and I'm afraid that the high waist on the pants will get in the way. But I'll ask Brown for his opinion once I make my order.
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