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  1. Has happened to me at least twice. I'll have to try move the clips on my mask.. 😄 Very nice looking mask you got @Vogilny#25
  2. I had the same issue when my Brown was still new and stiff. Took about 10 ice times to get somewhat comfortable and now after a year of use it is finally getting really flexible.
  3. Oh my bad, thought the green one was yours you are correct, yours is definitely a 600 Very nice work with fixing the closure.
  4. The glove you have is pretty much a Rbk Premier II glove reskinned as a CCM glove. 590 break with a double T of course. I have a Rbk Premier II glove at home. We can compare again
  5. I've actually done it on my sticks (foam core) myself. My plan is to buy a composite and try to DIY the trigger grip on one of those as well. That Kaskisuo's stick looks foam core?
  6. I took apart an older CCM E-Flex pro stock glove (I got the set of gloves for a very good price thanks to ArdeFIN). Haven't yet been able to put it back together but it was fun to see what's inside and compare it to this glove. I just recently did set up a blog to document and share my gear projects. Posted pictures of the internals over there Go and take a look if you want to compare the two gloves. saitagoalie.wordpress.com
  7. Ha, I used to dislike the Revoke graphic when they first came out. Thanks to this thread the graphic is slowly growing on me. Keep em coming.
  8. I wear a Kova neck guard. I'd say it's probably one of the cooler neck guards that are available. It's reeaallly stiff so compared to other neck guards, it doesn't wrap around your neck so thightly so there is some air flow kinda. I found the stiffness very uncomfortable at first though, but got used to it quickly. Maybe I should write a review
  9. Maybe the contract is ending, but also.. does it really matter? Like I wonder how much money these goalies actually make off the sponsor deals. With their salaries, I would think that the sponsor money is more like a nice little extra for wearing the gear they feel comfortable in... IMO it would also be weird if they couldn't get out of the contract until it ends. I just don't get the hype around "but he is under contract with xx brand!" But it is fun the see goalies changing brands after wearing one type of gear for a long time.. guess that is what this thread is for too
  10. I also like to have a very wide opening glove, but I find that if I make the pocket too soft, it will "collapse" or "fold in" on harder shots. Like you said, it's always a compromise
  11. Very cool stuff again, thanks for documenting! I've also wanted to take a part a more recent CCM/Lefevre glove. I did do a refurb on a Premier 1 last year. The design hasn't changed that much. Cool to see what the EFlex looks like Why I think that the palm plastic is cut/shaped like the way it is: - Better stickhandling, when that part of the glove is soft - Why have plastic where is is not necessary to have? The goalies palm is not in that spot. I myself am curious why the manufacturers still use felt in their gloves. Probably because of durability. My Smith glove has no fe
  12. Well, I was considering Warriors and the other option was to order custom pants from Brown. Custom Brown's would cost around 400cdn I think and the Warrior quality seems to be not so good.. But I hope the Warriors work for you. I want quality pants that are wide enough but not too long. I understood that with the CCMs only the width of the pant gets bigger when the pant size goes up. When the pant leg lenght increases, there is a marking +1" or +2". The ones I ordered are made in Asia, but the materials used should be good enough for NHL.. So they should be good enough for me The sh
  13. They're all new spec except one pair.
  14. I considered asking people to join for a bulk order, but I wanted to snag a pair asap... Plus multiple pairs of pants need quite a big box. So I don't know if it would be that much cheaper to order together. 😅 The pants were 194e + shipping to Polar Express warehouse 16e. Polar Express will charge around 75e for the shipping from Canada to Finland. Last time I used Polar Express, there were no customs fees.
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