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  1. I'm sure we'll see the Lefevre name on the gear next season. This season? I personally don't think so. One reason is the cost and second, no logos on the gear will get people talking. Especially if they end up having a big star goalie in their gear before the end of the season Could be a marketing strategy.
  2. I'd be interested to see what is the cost of materials & labor for a set of pads. Too bad I know I will never get my hands on that information haha. Due to inflation the price of equipment has slowly increased over the years, like many members before me have explained. But during the last.. 10 yrs? CCM and Bauer have bit by bit moved their pro equipment production to Asia... So the manufacturer is saving money on labor costs, but the number on the price tag for the customer has gone up. No more made in Canada equipment for the average joe, and no deduction in price either. Big guys are pocketing the money they save when moving production to a country with cheaper labor... Knowing this, I prefer to support small manufacturers and those who have kept their production in Canada.
  3. His gear looks really good. Looks like they also changed the outer gusset nylon to blue colour.. I wonder what exactly they did.. Pad wrap and..?
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