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  1. sescaro

    Warrior G5

    My current glove is a double T with white nylon. I do like skate lace for the feel and puck retention, but personally I doubt I’d use black lace again as it just seemed like a solid sheet of black every time I’d glance at it after a glove save - with or without the puck in there. The T on that glove was also dark in color, which added to the problem. Perhaps it’s a knock on my puck tracking! It wasn’t like I had pucks unknowingly squirt out every game, but it was hard to forget those times when it did happen and it cost us a goal. Now, I’ve never had white skate lace in a glove before, so if you like how white looks with the rest of those sweet looking set-ups, perhaps that’s the best of both worlds (or perhaps someone who has can offer their thoughts)!
  2. sescaro

    Warrior G5

    I dig the purple palm with the black T. I second Puckstopper on no black lace It looks cool, but I had a glove with black lace and had several instances where I thought the puck was in there, but it wasn’t...and it ended up in the net a few of those times.
  3. Thanks so much for the input everyone! I am a little concerned about my ability to close the glove as the pics the shop show the Maltese is pretty significant from a thickness standpoint (and my hands are not the biggest or strongest around). I think I may go with the low density foam option, I don’t face a ton of shooters who can regularly rip it. The really good shooters usually blow it by me, anyways!
  4. Looking to beef up protection in a Vaughn VE8 Pro (their senior level) glove. A few too many stingers when i get hit in the fingers.... Anyway, the company that is going to do the beef-up offers low density foam or Maltese gel foam. I’ve seen plenty about the material being used in masks and neck guards, but not so much about it in the palm of a glove. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with it there?
  5. sescaro

    Vaughn SlrX

    Yeah, I’d think it’s almost certain. 30 years ago, when I got my first pair of pads with a knee lock, I thought, “This is incredible!” Never would have thought that I’d be wearing pads with only two pieces of Velcro and a bungee cord holding them on my leg.
  6. sescaro

    Vaughn SlrX

    Pair this with that Bauer ADV glove and Warrior’s new Perma-Edge skates (uh oh, did I spoil it?) and it’s been quite a big day!
  7. Been in a Warrior G2 Sr. for several years. Yes, the Velcro longevity was a worry when I first got it, and was a source of locker room chiding, especially when I had all Warrior gear (they do love their Velcro) - the sound of me shedding my gear after a game was quite noticeable. That said, it has held up amazingly well - not a single issue with its hold in any area. The level of adjustability is awesome, although, I’m sure every company has worked on that with their recent offerings. I’m contemplating moving into a GT2 Sr. once things return to normal, but that’s mainly because I want to see if the floaters really do cause less interference with the mask as you turn your head. I’ve got a short neck, and can use all the help I can get!
  8. Can’t speak to the RX2 line, but have had the Ritual X Seniors for about 2 years averaging just below 2 skates per week. From a durability standpoint, they’ve held up very well - some minor fraying along the bottom of the legs, but no rips or tears. Protection is really good. I skate mid-level beer league, but have had several skates with some really good shooters and have never had an issue with protection.
  9. @Kirk3190, any new little nuggets you can drop for us on the upcoming mask line? Composition besides the minimus Carbon? Price points (big ask, I’m sure)? This is perhaps my most anticipated part of all the Warrior new releases, with the new sticks just behind. I can’t wait to be able to see one in person.
  10. So much good stuff! I wish it had more info on the materials used in the mask shell. Looks like the higher end versions have carbon fiber reinforcement, but don’t know if it’s a fiberglass shell or some sort of plastic. If it’s the former, I’m all in - I could use a new mask!
  11. Primo sliding surface is a pretty sweet inclusion! Looks like a great option for those of us who don’t need the full-on pro quality gear.
  12. I wish they had the profile lock on the GT2s. I (think) I would prefer the toe taper and torsional flex of the GT2, but I had a pair of G3’s and don’t know if I could have closed my five hole consistently without the profile lock. I’m sure with enough time stored upside-down, the GT2s would take shape, though. What are people’s experiences with the different tapers? I admittedly haven’t the slightest clue other than it’s held that you can get into a deeper crouch with more taper, but the seal isn’t as good. I’m now in VE8, and play a hybrid style with a butterfly that is not Giggy narrow, but is closer than that than to Bob wide. I kind of miss many aspects of the Warrior set-up, though, and am thinking of going back.
  13. I run them through the front and middle hole in my skates. Makes for a snug fit, but I have been a big fan of the performance so far.
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