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  1. “Designed and directed by his red right hand” (or likely left…). That’s hilarious. Maybe you’re on to something! Awesome to hear about the Hypers - I’m looking forward to seeing what Bauer’s stuff is all about!
  2. All of the input has been great! It’s very interesting to see which side of the fence people fall on. If I was on one team or multiple teams with the same colors, I would no doubt about it go with colors that match. Seeing as how I don’t want to go with black or white (that’s my current set) and tan isn’t an option in the gear I’m looking at…I think I’m going with the nostalgic colors. One of my current teams has Dallas colors with a black jersey, so it will work pretty well, and the other is mostly gray, so it won’t be a horrible mismatch. And when I play in my youth org’s alumni games - I’ll look like a rock star! Here’s what I’m down to. It’s 3x gear - Sr. gear is all this over the hill goalie needs and I think it’s awesome they’re doing custom colors!
  3. Puck, A UM guy in Cbus? Brave man! I’m a PSU guy (and have considered blue and white gear), myself. My wife is OSU through and through which makes it all the more difficult. It’s tough living in the land of the Buckeyes - especially since they’ve been so friggin’ good.
  4. Looking at getting some new gear with custom colors. I am in love with the kind of solid candy colored pads and Kelly green is throwback to the main color of my youth hockey team and carries lots of nostalgia. It doesn’t really match with the colors of the beer league teams I play on, though. It doesn’t outright clash, either. I’m interested to get some forum opinions on if you’d do colors because you like them, or if it has to match the unis?
  5. Great topic! I’ve switched to Sr. gear for my last two sets and have been generally pleased. 1st set was Warrior G3 and I thought every piece was shockingly high quality. Even the glove was more protective than I figured it would be. I moved to Vaughn V8 because of the custom program and a desire to go back to my first equipment love. Pads are great, glove performs great, but the palm of the glove leaves a little to be desired. I should have gone with their extra padded option. Blocker finger protection seems lacking, too, but it kinda seems that way on their Pro Carbon stuff, too. Durability of the gear seems more than adequate for someone who only plays a 1-2 times per week. Both sets seem like they could last for years at that clip. The one thing I noticed is that the Warrior set squeaked on the ice all the time. My teammates teased me about it constantly. I think they had a different material in the G3 vs current Gen, but I could be wrong. I also have been wearing Warrior G2 Sr. Chest protector for several years. It’s been a solid piece of equipment and has provided great protection against even harder shooters. I upgraded to a G5 Sr.+ recently and it seems like it will be even more protective. I am sure there is a quality of materials step down, but the G2 has held up really well. Warrior’s Sr pants and the CR 2 and RM 1 sticks have provided me many, many games of service. The pants have some fraying issues, but nothing terrible. The sticks are rock stars, and only post-goal abuse from me have limited their lives. I know the higher priced stuff is lighter, but they feel pretty darn light as is. I think the feature set (slide grip and such) is identical to their more expensive versions, aside from the weight. I’m looking at the 3X custom program at the moment. It seems like that offering is almost too good to be true. I saw them in store last week. You can tell the difference in the material as the 3X uses Jenpro except on the landing gear, and the graphics are all heat transfer, there’s also a little weight difference, but aside from that it seems like it’s feature for feature. The gloves, particularly the blocker, feel great as well. I’d say the catcher seems a bit more beefy in the palm than my Vaughn.
  6. Thanks all. As for the above, yes, I have read the Pro gear issues were largely ironed out, which gives me hope. If the Pro level gear still had issues, I wouldn’t consider the Senior level gear at all. I just worry that them addressing quality issues at the top of the line doesn’t mean anything for what follows under it, so wanted to see what impressions of their latest Senior offerings were.
  7. Anyone have a feel for Bauer’s 2nd price point quality - particularly the 3S, since that’s their most recent before the 3X hits? I’m very intrigued by everything the 3X offers for the price, but am a little skeptical of the longevity, given that their pro level stuff had a bad rep not all that long ago. I play 1-2 times a week and not at a very high level, so I don’t need the most durable stuff ever, but I also don’t want to be replacing what I buy anytime in the next few years.
  8. Anyone here go from playing in 11” wide pads to 10” or 10.5” intermediate width? I’ve been in 32+X, since I was in HS, but either I’m shrinking, or my choice of gear is making me think I need to go intermediate (or custom). With the Brian’s Intermediate Pros on the way, I’m noodling over looking that direction, but the loss in width is something I’m uneasy with. I feel like it might cost me a a save or two, but I also feel like the added mobility might be a benefit. I recall being a fan of that when I went from 12” pads down to 11”. Anyways, if you have made the switch or tried it out, what was your experience?
  9. sescaro

    Warrior G5

    @WONGER Gorgeous set! I am really digging the G5 sets where solid colors (aside from white) rule the pads.
  10. It is Warrior’s carbon fiber weave. They have several different levels now, with weight being a differentiator (the higher the number, the lighter it is). There’s a bit of a discussion on carbon fiber in masks earlier in this thread.
  11. If I’m not mistaken, in the G series gloves you can swap in an intermediate sized palm, but I do not know if the positioning of that would make it any easier to close the glove (so I guess this isn’t any help...sorry...).
  12. Here’s my dilemma...I have learned that the layup for the Sr.+ version of this mask is fiberglass reinforced with the Minimus Carbon 1000. I’m in the market for a new mask to replace a Fusion 962, which is a tank, but is getting long in the tooth on many fronts. I realize this mask may not be up to that protection standard, but play against middle of the road shooters and feel like reinforced fiberglass with good foam would be enough to suit my need. Do I take the chance?
  13. I saw where Warrior’s R/F1 Pro and Senior + masks are made with their Minimus Carbon - I’m assuming that is some form of carbon fiber? I was (am) excited by these masks, but if that’s the case, not sure I want to risk that. I know their sticks are made of Minimus Carbon, and I’ve had good experiences with those, but that’s a stick and not a helmet.
  14. Not familiar with these, but Michel at Protechsport - who is revered in most circles for his masks - says on his website that he does not use carbon fiber material as it does not perform well under impact. I have no idea what that means, but this mask looks like it may be exclusively carbon fiber (i.e., no fiberglass or Kevlar).
  15. Does anyone have on-ice experience with Brian’s senior level catchers? It seems like their senior level pads get high marks, but I haven’t heard much about the gloves. I realize that you miss out on BOA with the Optik 9.0 and G-NETik X, but how has the protection been? I’m torn between waiting for the Warrior GT3 stuff next year or perhaps jumping on this offering from Brian’s. Truth be told, I really don’t need new gear, but I want it, and once that seed is planted... Also, @Brians_Joz, I see in the catalog that the Senior sizes start at 33+1”, but I’ve seen certain retailers offering 32+1” (my size) in previous Sr. lines when 33+1” was the smallest per catalog. Did any retailers order the shorter pad?
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