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  1. Anyone here go from playing in 11” wide pads to 10” or 10.5” intermediate width? I’ve been in 32+X, since I was in HS, but either I’m shrinking, or my choice of gear is making me think I need to go intermediate (or custom). With the Brian’s Intermediate Pros on the way, I’m noodling over looking that direction, but the loss in width is something I’m uneasy with. I feel like it might cost me a a save or two, but I also feel like the added mobility might be a benefit. I recall being a fan of that when I went from 12” pads down to 11”. Anyways, if you have made the switch or tried it out, w
  2. sescaro

    Warrior G5

    @WONGER Gorgeous set! I am really digging the G5 sets where solid colors (aside from white) rule the pads.
  3. It is Warrior’s carbon fiber weave. They have several different levels now, with weight being a differentiator (the higher the number, the lighter it is). There’s a bit of a discussion on carbon fiber in masks earlier in this thread.
  4. If I’m not mistaken, in the G series gloves you can swap in an intermediate sized palm, but I do not know if the positioning of that would make it any easier to close the glove (so I guess this isn’t any help...sorry...).
  5. Here’s my dilemma...I have learned that the layup for the Sr.+ version of this mask is fiberglass reinforced with the Minimus Carbon 1000. I’m in the market for a new mask to replace a Fusion 962, which is a tank, but is getting long in the tooth on many fronts. I realize this mask may not be up to that protection standard, but play against middle of the road shooters and feel like reinforced fiberglass with good foam would be enough to suit my need. Do I take the chance?
  6. I saw where Warrior’s R/F1 Pro and Senior + masks are made with their Minimus Carbon - I’m assuming that is some form of carbon fiber? I was (am) excited by these masks, but if that’s the case, not sure I want to risk that. I know their sticks are made of Minimus Carbon, and I’ve had good experiences with those, but that’s a stick and not a helmet.
  7. Not familiar with these, but Michel at Protechsport - who is revered in most circles for his masks - says on his website that he does not use carbon fiber material as it does not perform well under impact. I have no idea what that means, but this mask looks like it may be exclusively carbon fiber (i.e., no fiberglass or Kevlar).
  8. Does anyone have on-ice experience with Brian’s senior level catchers? It seems like their senior level pads get high marks, but I haven’t heard much about the gloves. I realize that you miss out on BOA with the Optik 9.0 and G-NETik X, but how has the protection been? I’m torn between waiting for the Warrior GT3 stuff next year or perhaps jumping on this offering from Brian’s. Truth be told, I really don’t need new gear, but I want it, and once that seed is planted... Also, @Brians_Joz, I see in the catalog that the Senior sizes start at 33+1”, but I’ve seen certain retailers off
  9. sescaro

    G4 Thread

    My BF is pretty narrow - not clicking heels narrow, but not very wide - in the G3’s, at least initially, I had to rely on the profile lock to shape the pad a bit (not extreme, but noticeable) to get my five-hole closed. I never stored my pads upside down or tried to work on the break/pad shape besides that, though.
  10. sescaro

    G4 Thread

    For what this is worth, I went from +2 G3s to +2 V8s and really don’t notice any difference as far as skating and mobility when it comes to how the tops of the pads interact. The thinned-out thigh rise of the G3 definitely made it seem taller, and it might have been as it was easier to close my five-hole along the entire width of the pad in the Warriors. I was in a set of Simmons 995, which were +1, before the Warriors and that was obviously a noticeable change, but it took me all of two skates to adjust. To me, as long as the pad is fit right for where you land on the stack and
  11. Mine said the same thing - they said they hadn’t gotten ANY news yet on the new Warrior stuff. Granted, this was almost a month ago. I’m itching for some more specs and details on the mask line beyond what was in the catalog.
  12. sescaro

    Warrior G5

    My current glove is a double T with white nylon. I do like skate lace for the feel and puck retention, but personally I doubt I’d use black lace again as it just seemed like a solid sheet of black every time I’d glance at it after a glove save - with or without the puck in there. The T on that glove was also dark in color, which added to the problem. Perhaps it’s a knock on my puck tracking! It wasn’t like I had pucks unknowingly squirt out every game, but it was hard to forget those times when it did happen and it cost us a goal. Now, I’ve never had white skate lace in a glove be
  13. sescaro

    Warrior G5

    I dig the purple palm with the black T. I second Puckstopper on no black lace It looks cool, but I had a glove with black lace and had several instances where I thought the puck was in there, but it wasn’t...and it ended up in the net a few of those times.
  14. Thanks so much for the input everyone! I am a little concerned about my ability to close the glove as the pics the shop show the Maltese is pretty significant from a thickness standpoint (and my hands are not the biggest or strongest around). I think I may go with the low density foam option, I don’t face a ton of shooters who can regularly rip it. The really good shooters usually blow it by me, anyways!
  15. Looking to beef up protection in a Vaughn VE8 Pro (their senior level) glove. A few too many stingers when i get hit in the fingers.... Anyway, the company that is going to do the beef-up offers low density foam or Maltese gel foam. I’ve seen plenty about the material being used in masks and neck guards, but not so much about it in the palm of a glove. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with it there?
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