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  1. Hows the new airslide design look? Durability issuses are the only thing holding me back on these.
  2. xoch1

    Bauer 3s pro pads??

    So I've been searching around and I'm not really finding much. Is this the year Bauer will be releasing the 3s Pro pads? And if so what time frame April- May? I've been looking at the 2s with the reduced price and trying to decide whether I want to hold off.
  3. Anybody have experience with these 2 to compare weight?? Big difference? Not enough to notice? Both are on my radar and cant make up my mind. I currently have Smith 6000 pads.
  4. xoch1

    Tapered toe?

    I see some pads with a tapered toe. I have never owned a set with that feature. What benefits does it offer? I have a narrow stance so I don't believe I would need it. Does it help pushing easier while down in the butterfly??
  5. coopaloop1234, so it sounds like you are a GT2 owner..? In your humble opinion(no marketing bs) do you believe you're missing out on air slide???
  6. I'm wondering what the size difference is between the G4 and the rgt2 landing gear..I've read the G4 is slightly bigger. Anybody have any measurements? Are we talkin 1/2 inch quarter inch? I have a very narrow butterfly and I rely on the landing gear to stop some of those squeakers. Really torn between these two and I don't think I can wait for the G5
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