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  1. Just relaced my glove last night luckily Ive done it so many times its ingrained into my memory banks but @ArdeFIN your tutorial is awesome! Happen to have a run through on the middle part of the tee? Its the only part I'm too scared to do.
  2. Geez these threads are so fun! Keep it up man!
  3. Same situation here in Central Ohio. Gotta wear em in and out the locker rooms were guided to distance( Were okay about it) and we've only had one confirmed positive that stalled the start of the fall/winter season 2 weeks not a big deal. I wont play if I have to have a mask in my mask lol very silly
  4. Smeds35

    JRZ gear

    Friend of mine just made his order official on Monday! Ill have to get him to join so he can post all the pictures when he gets them! -He went with the Prime graphic (Split graphic) on the Fusion pad frame -OLD SCHOOL! Custom Leather strapping (not shown) -Prime stock blocker custom colors
  5. Smeds35

    CCM Eflex 5

    That was my FIRST thought that these looked old, guess we shall see! Ill pass for now.
  6. What Break is that catcher? Looks like a 580? Could be fooled ๐Ÿคจ Also how are you liking the glove pop outs/thumb angle/stiffness etc. Tempted to order one since Imma 6t0 degree fan boy ๐Ÿ˜‡
  7. Figured id update this! I asked JRZ directly and they said they change the T and Lacing for $75 USD I just gotta pay that and shipping up to Quebec. Luckily I still have the box and early next week Ill be sending it out to get it re done, Single T with skate lace. Ill post more when I get it back!
  8. Can we get an NSFW tag for this?
  9. Show him this, I never owned them but always loved them
  10. This is where it gets weird, I cant place why i want to change it. Ive always used single tees, they seem to snap a little better than the Double. Although this glove does close very nice, I just feel like I would feel more comfortable in a single? Idk its a weird thing going on in my head when I play, I feel like there's lack of coverage almost(Even though there isnt..) I guess Smeds just likes the snappy snap of a single Tee lol
  11. Actually looking for recommendations to change my Double tee glove that i had ordered to a single. I ordered a JRZ I'm wondering if I could send it back to them and have them do it? Or if anyone here had any recommendations on good mod or repair guys. I regret not getting it single tee to begin with Hindsight's 20/20 right? I know two guys off the top.. Dennis?- glove closes like butter just want a new T Jason Terio?-Does he still do solo stuff or is he with Kenesky? Thanks guys!
  12. Smeds35

    New Team, Old Gear

    Sorry my pc was acting up last night Ill try to get an ACTUAL picture
  13. Smeds35

    New Team, Old Gear

    Ohio state gear with Cincinnati jerseys doesnt look too bad @Dumpy fixed it!
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