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  1. Hey guys, Seeing companies like bionic making colored blades, is there any way to color blades yourself? A little DIY work? Just curious on potential thoughts. Thanks! - Griff
  2. Not really compiling it, just wanted to see which is more popular at the NHL level and some of the names using each. Thanks for your response!
  3. Max - GREAT info! Thank you so much for your reply! Really, much appreciated.
  4. Thanks Teezle! I can add Halak and Francouz to 1-piece
  5. Hey guys, Which goalies in the NHL use one-piece True skates? Just drop names below. If you know one who wears two-piece too, drop them below but make sure to specify if they wear one or two. Thanks!
  6. Have you considered something like Optik 2’s? Not really flexible but pre-curved which means you don’t need as wide of a butterfly. Still stiff, slide incredibly, and have hot rebounds. I don’t have the best hips and mine have been nothing short of amazing for me so far.
  7. Great question. It’s a funny story, I had actually ordered a full O2 set due to arrive in June, but when they were delayed they gave me the option to cancel part of or the whole order if I wanted to, and more info on the ultrasonics had just come out. I went Optik 2 pads instead of waiting for the ultrasonics because I wasn’t a fan of how stiff and straight Bauer pads are (tried 2x pro on ice) as I have a narrow butterfly and inflexible hips. I wanted a stiffer pad with a soft boot though, and the optiks had that along with being curved, which better fits my butterfly. As for glove and blocker
  8. New gear came in! My first custom set. Yes I placed my glove and blocker on the wrong side. Once I get used to them I’m gonna love em!
  9. Griff1604

    Warrior G5

    Great rinks. Most Frequently: Edge (Bedford), Belmont Hill Others: Warrior, NESC (Marlborough, mostly for tournaments), Tournaments: Foxboro, Walpole, Canton, and some NH rinks Glad to see another local on here!
  10. No problem! Message me if you have any more questions. Enjoy the mask!
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