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  1. Great choice! I completely agree with all of those. I'm looking forward to airing out the Optik 2 well since that was something I didn't do well on my Gnetik IV. And I also had the same thought about the curved fingers, I've had a couple shots hit the edge of my Gnetik and pop out and I think the shape of the Optik will help with that. I went Double T with nylon pocket, love the Double T. Got any pictures of it? Glad I could help!
  2. Yep! I use the Turco grip and the GNetik IV with the EF4 stick is the best shooting and stickhandling combo I’ve used to date. I’m interested to see how the Optik 2 performs, though, since it has a slightly more deep and defined break which might give a little more control on the stick. Either way, love the GNetik! Good luck with your choice and let me know what you choose! Many great options out there. side note, the BOA system on the Brian’s gloves is one of my favorite parts of the glove. It’s so nice to lock it in and not have to worry about your hand slipping out or back at all. Used a 2x pro glove on ice and it felt like I had no control over it due to my skinny wrists!
  3. Hi OceanMan, I can’t speak for the warriors since I haven’t used one in so long, but I’ve had a GNetik 4 for about a year or a year and a half. I absolutely loved it, best glove I’ve ever used, and BY FAR the best broken in off the shelf. I doubt you’re going custom for just a glove, but if you do, it’s even more broken in. I have an Optik 2 coming this summer along with the rest of the set, and I went with that glove instead of the GNetik because I like the shape of it more (having the curved fingertips at the end). For me though, the Optik 2 was really stiff off the shelf so I asked for extra break in time on the customizer. So here are my final thoughts on the Brian’s gloves - Gnetik: awesome glove right from the start, solid protection, great closure. Optik 2: can’t speak on the single T since I ordered mine double, but off the shelf if you’re willing to put in extra break in time I’m sure it’s a great glove as well, and seems to have a slightly bigger presentation from what I can tell. You should also try both on if you can and see if the 5 degree difference in break angles matters to you. Good luck!
  4. Hi guys, Just a quick question - on the Optik 2 customizer does Upper Calf Strap mean the "professor" strap? Or is it different? Thanks!
  5. Appreciate it! Likely going Optik 2
  6. Ok, thank you - I want a much control as I can get so do you think I should leave it as stock with my hand as close to the board as possible? And I really like soft boots, how did you like the softest boot on your set? Edit: Realized there is no extra soft boot option, you can ignore that part, I'm going with the soft option
  7. @TheGoalNet - I’ve got a GNetik IV blocker that I really like the feel of, so should I stay away from the Anderson spec on the Optik 2?
  8. Thank you! Sweet looking set!
  9. Appreciate it coop! While you're here, whats your favorite soft boot stiff thigh pad?
  10. I've heard if the season doesn't resume, the Bruins win the cup. Is this true?
  11. Sorry, I meant Trav's review. After it I thought Warriors were like 2x4's on your leg, so thanks for clearing up they have a soft boot!
  12. Thank you! That review actually made me take warrior off my list so I'm glad you spoke up. The most important part for me is the soft boot that moves with me, my CCM P2.9's are just soft all around though and I'd like some harder rebounds. Some people have said that Warrior pads are only 10.75 inches wide, have you found this to be the case?
  13. Hi guys, I've decided to hold off on ordering pads for now, until I can physically try them on again, but I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on your favorite pads that have a soft boot and a decently stiff thigh-rise? I can also go custom if that makes a difference. Thank you!
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