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  1. Griff1604

    Warrior G5

    Great rinks. Most Frequently: Edge (Bedford), Belmont Hill Others: Warrior, NESC (Marlborough, mostly for tournaments), Tournaments: Foxboro, Walpole, Canton, and some NH rinks Glad to see another local on here!
  2. No problem! Message me if you have any more questions. Enjoy the mask!
  3. Griff1604

    Warrior G5

    I'm right outside of Boston, what rink do you usually play in?
  4. adding to this, @Jets26, I have the W4 in a short chin (stock size) and I use a dangler as well. I believe going long chin would give you the option to remove the dangler while maintaining more throat protection, but I am comfortable with a dangler so there is no reason for me to go long. Good luck!
  5. @Max27 Additionally, Crawford has a squared toe and Price is rounded. One thing I found interesting on my EF4 Sticks is when I switched from Price 24 inch to Crawford 24 inch, the Crawford was an inch taller in the paddle, making it 25. That's one major difference I didn't know before buying, but I really enjoy the Crawford.
  6. Griff1604

    Warrior G5

    Awesome! Make sure to show em to us when you got em
  7. Beautiful colorway. If it was a 24/25 I would be all over it. Good luck finding a buyer!
  8. Heard great things about that one as well. Thanks for your input!
  9. Awesome, +1 for warrior. Thank you!
  10. Thanks Coop! Appreciate the input. Looks like I'm going to go with that one! Gotta protect the valuables
  11. Well Rich, you got me there. Unfortunately I don't think I can gain access to that one
  12. Thank you for your input! Saw that one while researching as well, but unfortunately since its sold out I had to keep looking. Right now I'm leaning toward a Warrior X2 Pro, which has had great reviews. Thanks again for your advice!
  13. Hey guys, In the market for a new cup. Obviously want the most protective one out there. Heard good things about brown. Anyone got any other recommendations? Thanks, appreciate it in advance!
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