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  1. After a couple sticktimes this week I am going to jump back into having 12 games in 18 days starting Saturday afternoon. I may die starting out with 4 in 4 days.
  2. I got to use this on the ice for the first time today. I putt a buttendz grip on it and i loved the way that it felt in my blocker. The R/M1 Sr+ feels pretty good but really not much different than my CR2. Shooting was very much the same for me and I didn't really notice the lower kick point. I've never really been able to do much with a Turko grip, but I use a short 25" paddle. The other goalie had a 26" 2s Pro that he just got and it was pretty nice. I think that longer length is needed for me to properly switch grips.
  3. mikemc620

    Warrior G5

    You missed out if you chose to play at Pineville instead of XI, at least before last summer when they finally replaced the compressors. We have had games at Pineville cancelled because it was so foggy that I could barely see a player standing on the blueline at the point let alone see what was going on at the other end of the ice. Another time we moved the goal up to the top of the crease to put the hole where the ice melted inside of the goal. Talk about messing up any positioning.
  4. mikemc620

    Warrior G5

    I've been going to work and the store like any other time since all of this started. I am not at all concerned about a locker room.
  5. mikemc620

    Warrior G5

    I play on two different teams. One at the Pineville Icehouse and the other is at Extreme Ice in Indian Trail near Mathews. The email that I got was from XI, no idea what Pineville plans to do yet. Monday will be 8 weeks from when I ordered my pads so I guess that I can't complain yet. Where are you at now?
  6. mikemc620

    Warrior G5

    Mine are done but i have no idea when they will or if they have shipped from Warrior to TGC. Last I heard on Monday was that they haven't gotten any yet and that it'll take 4-5 days to ship to me. Hopefully that means I might get them by the end of next week. I got an email from the rink this week and it'll be opening up for limited capacity stick times when phase 2 starts next Friday.
  7. I still have my Vaughn V7 Pro Carbons and have had no issues with them at all. I think that a difference that I've seen is that my V7 has an internal belt where the VE8 does not. I'm wearing an XL and don't tuck (for size reference I am 6'3" 225lbs), but I think that there would be plenty of room in them if needed. Honestly I got these pants and have never really thought about them again.
  8. mikemc620

    Warrior G5

    They are probably shipping more of the stock items this way and then distributing to retailers across the US and Canada. It just doesn't make as much sense when trying to meet delivery on custom orders.
  9. mikemc620

    Warrior G5

    Do you know that Thailand is where Warriors custom pads are being manufactured? If that is the case and you are saying that shipping takes 30-48 days (4-7 weeks) then how are people recieving pads in 6-7 weeks? The quoted time is 8-10, so it actually only takes a couple weeks from order to when the pads are shipped?
  10. mikemc620

    Warrior G5

    Well I typed the wrong month, actually ordered it 3/23.
  11. mikemc620

    Warrior G5

    I ordered mine on 3/23 from TGC. I had asked Warrior on instagram how long they were taking to make pads with everything going on. He told me 8 weeks still and i said that I was about 7 weeks. He asked for a picture of what I ordered and fired back a finished picture and said they would be uploaded eventually. I just have no idea how long it'll take for TGC to get them from Warrior. I talked to Rance yesterday and they don't have any yet. Put the wrong date
  12. mikemc620

    Warrior G5

    I'm getting really jealous now. I ordered mine 7 weeks ago and have seen a finished picture of my pads but as far as I know they haven't made it to the shop to ship out to me.
  13. It’s all taped up but my CR2 is 815g and the M1 SR+ is 826. I have a buttendz grip on the M1. I have seen on the stick weight page that a Buttendz grip is about 40g. I’m not sure if that included the tape on the paddle but let’s say 786g. the only thing I notice different about them so far is the flex on the stick.
  14. I might have gotten one off of A message on Instagram but I was told “Shhhhhh 😉”. They’ll be posting the picture soon I think.
  15. I’m going to stick with the black tape on the blacked out stick to go with the black pads for now.
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