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  1. Any updates on how you like the chest? I’ve been thinking about getting one and probably getting the arms beefed up a bit.
  2. Why didn’t you just go with the full Optik 2? I have a V7 pro carbon that I’m not happy with the arms anymore and was looking at the Optik 2 or possibly the Axis if I can get it for a deal that I can’t pass up.
  3. I feel like I really shouldn’t since I’m 6’3” and my head is above the net when I am challenging shots but I have started playing a lot more since June. i got one last fall before I replaced my mask and two bars that were both dented on separate nights a few weeks ago. I am playing 4 nights a week right now and have been anywhere from 2-5 days a week this summer.
  4. I guess I should have been more direct and asked how often your cages are getting dented. I had one dented a couple weeks ago and ordered a cage that night. I played again the next day with my dented cage and managed to dent a different bar.
  5. My guess would be just to make it easier to get to the back side or to be able to lace something through the holes
  6. mikemc620

    Warrior G5

    They charged me 50 CAD for shipping my whole set. I think it took 4-5 days to get to me in NC.
  7. Does anyone have any idea what would be the best type of plastic to use for this? I tried one that snapped in half when I tried to bend it at all and I’ve tried looking in store and haven’t found anything that I think is flexible enough.
  8. I think I have everything I need to try and make these for myself to use my Pro Laces.
  9. mikemc620

    Warrior G5

    I put mine down to the calf. I like the way it keeps my knee so open and lets the pad drop down more to cover a bit of the huge 5 hole I have which has seemed to help me a bit closing it up. I still do not like the stick toe strap and need to figure out a better way to use pro laces. The toe strap is already starting to fray a bit but I have played 25-30 times in them.
  10. Do you have any idea how thick the plastic is that you are using?
  11. I’m not a huge fan of the stock ones. My hips have been bothering me a lot more since I’ve been using my G5’s. this is the only picture I have from when I attached them. I never played with them attached and when I put them on at home. They wouldn’t stay attached around the toe and rode back far around the toe cap of my skate (similar to how they go from the bottom of the skate and Velcro on the laces).
  12. mikemc620

    Warrior G5

    But according to warrior they never shut down production. I looked at my G5 set and I don’t see these issues. i also have no external break to look at for unevenness.
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