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  1. Is this still happening to anyone? I’m pretty sure that I remember when I felt the shot during warmups. I was surprised to see a bruise this weekend. I have a pair of Vaughn V7 Pro carbon pants that I’ve only had for 2.5 years. I wouldn’t think that they should be worn down so quickly.
  2. Only spot I have ever gotten was right by the front of my arm where it bends in my Vaughn V7 unit. No issues with my Optik 2 but I got a beefed up arm on it
  3. I don’t see anything visible about the extra padding but I haven’t seen a stock on to know the difference.
  4. I have had a set of G5 pro pads since the end of may. I love these pads. I ordered them with an extra stiff core giving more rigidity in the thigh rise. Rebounds on these pads are great.
  5. Got my chest in today. Hopefully I can get it on the ice soon without it being a playoff game. The arms definitely seem to be stiff, I got extra padding added to the ribs/side and arms. Glove mobility seemed to be pretty good and didn’t have much interference with my mask.
  6. Just got my new Optik 2 chest and arm. Added some extra padding to the ribs because I’m not sure about the Velcro in pillows that they have.
  7. I finally got this done for my pads and used them for one skate. I found that the pad didn’t rotate back on my skate as well when I was looking off the ice but didn’t notice at all while I was playing.
  8. Any updates on how you like the chest? I’ve been thinking about getting one and probably getting the arms beefed up a bit.
  9. Why didn’t you just go with the full Optik 2? I have a V7 pro carbon that I’m not happy with the arms anymore and was looking at the Optik 2 or possibly the Axis if I can get it for a deal that I can’t pass up.
  10. I feel like I really shouldn’t since I’m 6’3” and my head is above the net when I am challenging shots but I have started playing a lot more since June. i got one last fall before I replaced my mask and two bars that were both dented on separate nights a few weeks ago. I am playing 4 nights a week right now and have been anywhere from 2-5 days a week this summer.
  11. I guess I should have been more direct and asked how often your cages are getting dented. I had one dented a couple weeks ago and ordered a cage that night. I played again the next day with my dented cage and managed to dent a different bar.
  12. My guess would be just to make it easier to get to the back side or to be able to lace something through the holes
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