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  1. For some background, I've worn a 34" Reebok 6K since 2010 and ready to step up into a new set of pads. Been trying to figure out the FTK measurement but I'm not sure what part of the kneecap I am supposed to measure to. Pictures are bent side profile and straight (not locked) front profile. Anyone out there who understands this measurement better than me?
  2. But as far as I understand, senior Warrior gear uses the same internal materials as the previous model's pro level gear. So shouldn't senior gear be up to the task?
  3. Thanks for the input guys. I'd heard the senior gear uses last model's pro internals, if that's the case it's a hell of a deal. Think I'll probably go for the GT2, sounds like it's pretty universally loved whereas the GT was mixed opinions.
  4. Looking at purchasing a new glove, and I know there have been numerous Warrior comparison discussions and I've read through them, but I haven't found the answer to this question. What's a better value, the GT Pro glove or the GT2 senior glove (for $10 more). I know the basic differences: single tee GT vs double tee GT2, GT 70 degree closure vs GT2 75 degree and different thumb angle. And I know Warrior uses the same quality jenpro for pro and senior gear. I don't have the option of trying on the GT as I'd be purchasing it online. Any help/opinions would be greatly appreciated! Also,
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