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  1. This one probably won't feel "soft" for a while. The body is fairly flexible out of the box, but the rest of it fits more like it's a solid structure built around your arms. That being said, it's the same reason I felt really well protected in it, it's very sturdy. The laced in arms move really well though, so I didn't feel restricted in it. The SLR Pro Carbon I used before was more mobile out of the box but it was a lot softer overall as well.
  2. Never had a problem with itching or lack of protection
  3. I think the price point and durability arguments are hyperbole though. Anyone can have a bad experience with durability of any brand. It just takes a one off set to go south to sour someone. Like someone else mentioned earlier, the durability issues have been put to bed since 2SPro. Using the USD/CAD exchange to say that a custom Bauer set costs over $4k doesn't make sense. Don't buy from the US if you're in Canada, CAD retail is only ever a couple hundred at most more than the USD retail if you buy from a Canadian dealer. The graphic is lacking, but arguing that it's to drive everyone to the custom route is a bit of a stretch. They're not perfect by any means, but there's a middle ground between Perfect All The Time and Shit Quality Greedy Fat Cats
  4. Mroy31

    Vaughn SlrX

    Yup, SLR also looks like the Nissan Murano tail lights. V9 is like a flipped McKenney graphic. Even the VE8 is like that decal they put on the side of those special edition or whatever model of F150. Not saying they definitely did all that, it's just crazy how many similarities you can find
  5. Mroy31

    Vaughn SlrX

    Yup, that's it. The dead giveaway this is April fools is that the graphic isn't a flipped clone of Mission
  6. Mroy31

    Vaughn SlrX

    Is this graphic also stolen from something? I kinda like it
  7. That cleared up a question I had about the knee block. Was wondering how it was integrated to the pad. Like a plug straight into the pad, or if it was like if you carved the whole pad from one piece of foam So it's like an L shaped piece that would be plugged into the core from the inside edge of the pad I guess? Seems pretty solid.
  8. Yeah, don't get me wrong, my "ugh" wasn't like "this is horrible and I hate it" but more like they are sooo close to something that could be pretty sweet. I really like your colour combo, but it feels like you need 3 colours to really make it pop. Just 1 or 2 more zones and I feel like I could play around a lot more with it. Realistically though, if we look at the releases of each line since 1S, there's a little more towards custom options being added each year. I honestly wasn't expecting them to be making their professor strap (TuneFit Connect I guess is the name) available in the customizer this year.
  9. Ugh, that large middle section needs to be split into top, bottom and the lines and it would open up the graphic so much more
  10. I gave the second one with the stick a shot, not that hard apparently haha
  11. It baffles me how floppy the 1S knee blocks were. I put aftermarket blocks on with just a curved needle, stitched to the face of the pad, and they were as stable as the stock blocks. 2S were so much better already, these look really interesting
  12. Gotcha, I thought you were pointing out something a lot smaller. Yeah that would go in line with my thinking on what happens when any, formerly small/separate, piece of the knee stack fails or needs replacing. It almost looks like there's an extra piece of jenpro stitched to the edge of the knee block and the elastic strap is attached to that instead of internal to the knee block? Like there's a loop in the elastic strap, you can kind of see what looks like an extra line of stitching in the strap. It still doesn't look adjustable, but the build of the tabs on this set seems like maybe TGN's set has some non-retail versions of things, and maybe there will be an adjustable version at retail? I've always wanted that main calf wrap strap to be adjustable too, but doesn't look like it is either.
  13. Which tab do you mean? My understanding so far is that the block is all one piece and part of the actual pad, so the grippy/padded landing pad is sewn together with the rest of the material that covers the block. But that's basically built off of observing and assuming based on posts like these. That made me wonder though if the knee block is literally the same piece as the rest of the pad, or if it's like an insert into the pad. Not necessarily for future swaps of the block, but just for things like defects and repairs. I dunno, we'll find out soon enough
  14. The secretive descriptions I've seen so far of the pad in general mentioned updated strapping. This may very well just be the tune fit option, but still curious overall since the tab at least isn't stock tune fit. I noticed the same thing @Deltadre pointed out too, and was wondering if it's a pro-custom (or whatever that program is called) option now, or another part of some new CRS or evolved TuneFit strapping system.
  15. I want to see what this different strapping is. Looks closer to tune fit, but can only see that slider tab.
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