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  1. This looks great. I did a similar thing with the Maltese left over from my monster knee blocks but not as permanent and found it was a pretty good solution for comfort. Previous to that, the longest running solution that worked for me was using some volleyball kneepads inside the Bauer Supremes. Since they have the anchor strap and keep everything pretty locked in place, didn't have to worry about the volleyball knee pads sliding up or down, and didn't even put them on my knees, just slotted them inside the Supremes. Very cushy, and you can wash them after every icetime for a long time. The Bauers were my favourites until I got the Maltese KTP's, since they went under though apparently EcoProFoam might be doing their own version but haven't heard from them on that front in a while. Hopefully these do the trick for you!
  2. It's the new RetroFlex line, except since it's 2019, Retro means the P1's
  3. Mroy31

    Hot Takes

    Ok everyone, elastic to ties are actually...Bad! I for one am ditching my prolaces in favor of the MUCH more responsive standard skate lace with slack so I can "Double" slide until the cows come home
  4. Is it Bobs? Huh, didn't recognize him through the cage. That's it @seagoal!! You're off the case!! Turn in your gun and your badge!
  5. 👀 It's too bad that now he'll never perform as well statistically as he did prior to this and if you really look at the numbers he was a world class goaltender in Vaughn pads
  6. Getting referred to an orthopedic surgeon because my hips have way more arthritis in them than they should for someone at age 31, so we'll see where this goes. Haven't played since March and after reading this thread, I'll be pretty on-board if they want to scoop them out and replace them
  7. You're not wrong. 3 stopped time periods, 10-10-12, so it's not like it's some wild set of league rules that's just par for the course. Just hit the buzzer after 2 minutes and get set up, it's not rocket surgery.
  8. Mroy31

    Optik 2

    The O2 graphic also reminds me of Lundqvist's custom graphic from a couple seasons ago, also a True Design option. Not making an Attack of the Clones claim here, you can pick any 3-4 year window and see graphics from different companies that have a similar feel, this was just bugging me until I realized what it reminded me of.
  9. Now what if I were to tell you it's actually a 12 minute first period, and the clock doesn't stop after the first 2 minutes so the longer it takes to get set to play, the shorter your first period is? Haha. Other than that quirk the league is pretty good at least.
  10. Sounds like you've already done this somewhat, but I'd double down on trying to decouple your on-ice stuff from your mental prep. I'd kill for 5 minutes of beer league warmup , we get 2 at best, depending on when the Refs decide they want to start. The fewer things you have to check off on the ice, the less dependent you are on that short, often random, series of events that make up a beer league warmup. In terms of the pre-ice stuff, like others have mentioned, Maria Mountain is great for dynamic warmups. It's good to keep your dynamic routine from getting too static, even Maria's pre-game warmup has evolved over just the last few years.
  11. I haven't skated since March, not sure when I'll get back on the ice yet. I'm having to re-learn how to squat/lunge/be a goalie etc. while using all my leg muscles and not just the ones in the front/inside as if I'm skating on my toes the whole time. So that's been fun. They never really felt different, it was just that I noticed the stitches pulling a bit when I was unpacking one day, so I'm not anticipating a huge change in feel. I was actually a little surprised that the thread wasn't a little heavier in terms of strength, but it was like a 20min "sorry we dropped the ball" operation. I think if I had gone with elastic straps in the first place then I wouldn't have had as much give in the stitches.
  12. Update. Since it was so difficult to get into the leg channel where I attached the straps, the stitches loosened slightly and I think the combination of that and the nylon webbing put a lot of stress on the stitches. One or two of them popped but the straps didn't really come loose or affect the fit. 2 things I did to address that. 1. Switch to elastic straps. It's way easier to put them on, especially when they are so snug, and it puts less stress on the stitches because there is more give in the straps. 2. At the suggestion of @TheGoalNet I reached out to Kenesky to see if they would be able to secure the straps better than I did. That second thing turned into a bit of an adventure. I know that with their custom sets and the popularity of their new c/a units (and their own professor strap attachment) that mods like this aren't their core business, but I got a reply from Mike at Kenesky that they'd be willing to do it. I live about an hour from the shop and I'm not playing this summer so I had tons of time. Drove in one day to check out the shop and drop off my pads. Talked with a guy there (I think his name was Dave?) about what I wanted done and he said he'd either fit them onto their stitching machine or do it manually with stronger thread. He said it would be a week or two since they had some sets they needed to turn around quickly, so that was fine, I didn't need them soon anyway, and was willing to wait. 3 weeks go by, no contact. I email Mike, he says Dave was off that day but would get on them the next day. A week later and no word, emailed and Mike said they'd be done that day. I had a morning the next week I could get back to pick them up and he said that would work. That day was today. I got to the shop and Dave asked how he could help, I pointed to my pads and said I was there to pick them up. He said that Mike hadn't had a chance to stitch them up yet and was surprised that I was told to come pick them up that day. He offered for me to come back that afternoon and they'd be done for sure, but when I told him I was in from an hour out of town he said he'd get right to work. 20 minutes later, some finagling with the pads and the machine and another set of hands helping him out and they were done. Dave said it would be no charge which was really nice even though I still offered to pay (although we never talked price...), so I was really just out the gas to get there and back a couple times. Ultimately it's not their core business, and these aren't even any of their products, so I don't really take it as a reflection of Kenesky. Probably just a miscommunication between guys at the shop and taking on what looked like a pretty small project. But, the communication with me was definitely lacking and I seemed pretty in line with the couple of c/a stories from other users here. I was also expecting some heavier thread but it was 20 minutes of work and I'm pretty confident in the combination of my stitches and theirs. Here's where one of my stitches had loosened, now reinforced. Other side The other end with just the buckle (outside of leg channel), no issues with stitching there but reinforced anyway.
  13. It's likely a mid/quarter size thing like you said, since the toe caps don't come in partial sizes. I have a similar gap on both my custom 1S and 2S's, likely also due to a combination of boot size being down to 1/8th sizes and also the toe cap being a +1 size. Never had any issues related to it on either pair though.
  14. Hey, you only need to let in one less than the other goalie, all I see is a tied game
  15. Yeah I liked the 2S, but maybe now that True Design is out we'll see more control of the colour zones like with the 2X. Then even if the base graphic still has lots of whitespace you can make that dark based
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