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  1. Both times I've sold there I had to contact support and they just did the conversion and deposited to my Canadian account. The first time was the same runaround others mentioned, my bank said nothing was wrong, sideline said the bank was refusing the deposit. The second time I preemptively reached out and they just did the conversion and deposit right away. I don't sell stuff often, but it's definitely a barrier to re-entry for me
  2. Mroy31

    Vaughn V9

    Gotcha, ok. Those are probably within the sample size of manufacturer defects that all companies have, but seeing it directly can definitely impact your perception.
  3. Mroy31

    Vaughn V9

    The documented Bauer quality issues were specifically not with the internals though, it was externals on 1S/1X. I'm not asking this to be a jerk, but where are you reading anything about the internals breaking down that isn't just random online comments? Like coop said, I have specifically heard of Vaughn pads breaking down in various different fashions, especially being some of the softest of the big brands. But I don't want to just parrot that there's nothing wrong with Bauer internals, genuinely interested if there's been internal breakdown issues.
  4. *Only tangentially related to this topic* The only taping I've done is a box-weave on a sprained ankle for extra support, but that's in contact with the skin and for support recovering from an injury. It's very useful in place of any kind of brace because it doesn't change the size/shape of your foot too much. Even the lowest profile ankle supports designed to go into shoes don't do well with the top 2-3 eyelets of goalie skates.
  5. Yeah, this wasn't ever supposed to be a "this is a problem that needs solving" thread. Just "hey look at this crazy thing that happened." The only thing I think related to any of this that maybe could be considered is an exception to the rule about losing equipment, that if a goalie did somehow lose their pad, the play can be blown dead. But even that, with the rarity of the play, isn't really a burning thing.
  6. I've been using Bauer whatever model senior socks for a while now, for the same reason that they have Velcro front and back. Wish I could still find them, but CCM might have to do when mine wear out (only a couple of holes right now).
  7. You can buy direct from the Bauer site, which is where that shot is from. I assume that the retailers will have similar pricing soon if not already.
  8. Mroy31

    Lefevre going solo

    Re: the price. Although higher than most others, makes sense given their size and assuming they don't have a huge factory to pump sets out. @bunnyman666 is that roughly FactoryMad pricing?
  9. Bauer Supreme gear on sale (not sure how long they've been like this), 2S Pro, S29 and S27 all 20% off. 2S Pro only in XS and M, the others in most sizes still.
  10. Mroy31

    Lefevre going solo

    And Bauer (non-true design)
  11. Mroy31

    Lefevre going solo

    TotalOne vibes for sure. 12.1 looks like they were halfway through designing the EF4 graphic and their security access to the CCM network got cut.
  12. Updating the name of this thread to "Brian's pads just fall off?!?! You won't believe what happened in Finland!"
  13. Hm, ok. I don't have any experience with that one then. Mostly I'd have my back leg drag the toe of the blade on the ice. I will say that I had that a lot when I first switched to a cowlingless skate, but it went away after a few weeks of icetimes. So maybe this is somewhat related to getting back in the swing of things and getting used to moving in the gear again?
  14. I currently have no gripes about the arms on the 2S, so I don't think it would instantly sway me. But I'll have to see what the new design is. I'd like for them to update the back strapping similar to the Vapors, or at least do something like they did with the Reactor where it was 2 clips but they were inside a padded pocket and out of harms way mostly. I honestly don't know what the tiny top strap does on the Supremes.
  15. https://www.thegoalnet.com/forums/topic/1417-marias-butterfly-challenge-30/ :) That's a general tip that can help get your mobility to a point your blades drag less, but I did have one question. When you say the blade on the sliding side is dragging, do you mean the lead leg or the push leg?
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