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  1. They actually did add some elastic to the bottom of the calf wrap, basically instead of stitching it to the boot. I feel like that would help with 1 issue I have from time to time where the inside leg channel wall will end up sitting on the very top of my skate at the ankle. Probably not a game changer but an interesting spec at least
  2. Mroy31

    2X Pro

    Just noticed the Stick customizer on Bauer's site has been updated. Looks like you can now get a few more custom options again: Blade patterns, rounded shoulders...well that's it, but it's better than what they had before and a step closer to custom grips. 2S Pro only has P31 and P34 patterns, but you can get the rounded shoulders on that one too. 2X Pro patterns Stock vs. Round Shoulders Doesn't look like there's a minimum order and if I ordered off the site today it says expected delivery is May 27th. $329.98 CAD all-in with shipping ($309 base price vs. $339 for 2S Pro). Looks like retail +$10 and shipping for custom order.
  3. This, plus the leg channel wrap materials are different, the RRC strap is both different and has the tabs to lace it in or remove it, toe bridge is smaller on SLR2 but has bungee cord attachment... Still surprising that 2" less of overall material still weighs more, but if we reverse engineered the whole pad we'd probably just see a bunch of small differences that avg out to the difference in weight. Like @bunnyman666 and @Urabus33 I'll take updates for a functional purpose over updates just to get lighter.
  4. Just for my Canadian benefit, that's a difference of 0.375 lbs right? Not nitpicking significance of weight, just want to make sure I'm looking at the same difference as everyone else The observations I could add are that the SLR2 has the extra calf strap, and the pad pictured has no external break (so a bit less foam/material in the outer roll?). Is the Primo material any heavier/denser than Jenpro?
  5. All good advice. If you want to go a step deeper, check out the difference between Anaerobic vs. Aerobic endurance/conditioning. As a goalie, your game on the ice will benefit more from anaerobic endurance (built through interval training, HIIT, circuit training etc.), rather than aerobic endurance (long distance running etc.). But ultimately what matters most is what you feel good doing and are satisfied with how you feel on the ice.
  6. ^ This ^ I've now seen exactly 3 pieces of photo/video evidence of this happening. 1S, 2X and those Brian's. The Internet will run away with 2 sets of Bauers as "built overseas, no testing, garbage" but until you see it happening regularly with evidence or have it happen to you, don't let it get in your head. Sometimes materials just fail and there's nothing more to read into
  7. @Lucky Pucker I have 2 theories... 1. Added an extra 0 when posting 2. These pads belonged to Steve Passmore at some point in their lives. But again, PUT THAT IN THE AD. Amateur move.
  8. +1 to Vaughn Velocity line if you want purely untucked.
  9. I find the new ones generally close well, it's the opening that's hard :)
  10. My SkinFX experience was pretty similar to @SaveByRichter35 and @jc57, right down to the communication. Facebook messenger, he was pretty quick to respond initially, then once we were into the details of the design things slowed down a bit. But when he did reply he had an entire new concept for me to look at, it wasn't just like a minor tweak necessarily. Mine was the lower end of his range, $250 I think, plus $50 for the backplate. That's for my potvin graphic with the wings and old Thrashers 3rd logo on top. $350 will get you the kind of thing others have posted and that you'll see on AHL guys on his insta page. The vinyl on my mask is several pieces, basically a purple base (however many pieces to cover the mask), and then the chin graphic, the side graphics, the eyes and the top graphic were all different pieces, no peeling issues with any of them. All the edges and vent holes finished with the clear tape. That was my biggest fear, seeing how it is kind of folded/sectioned to align with the rounded edges, but I haven't had any issues with peeling. There was a small blemish on the chin that was either from shipping it from him to Masked Marvel, or from MM to me, but it also hasn't changed in almost 2 years. Took a clapper between the eyes that pushed the cage up into the vinyl at the forehead, so there's a slight bunching/tearing right behind the cage bar, but that hasn't gotten any worse either.
  11. Mroy31


    Very strange. You'd have to document exactly what your pads do between icetimes, like where they sit to dry and how they are packed and transported etc. for us to even have a chance of figuring that out. Unless it's just a factory defect with that material. Trying to pull from memory, I THINK the s190 use CorTech on the sliding surface and still had digital printed graphics on the face material which was not CorTech. So maybe it's just a defect in the printing? Might explain why your sliding surface and that patch on the outside of the boot haven't gone yellow. They're definitely out of warranty, but you could still contact Bauer support from their website and send them pics to see what they think it is.
  12. I used the certified cat eye on Bauer back when they first came out. It was kind of neat to have, but I'd say that it's not a huge improvement over a normal certified square cage. It's like drawing a circle around a square where all 4 points are touching the inside of the circle, it is bigger, but it's not like leaps and bounds better. Do you need a new cage because your old one is bent/broken or just looking to try something else?
  13. That makes sense, I knew the deals were pretty different but wasn't 100% sure it was just a pro option for ProLaces on CCM. I'd still imagine that Bauer got a favourable deal with Monster's financial situation. At least a lot cheaper than the money they'd spend on R&D and Legal to make a reasonable facsimile that passes their legal standards
  14. I wonder if they got a good deal with the Monster folks based on their financial situation and/or CCM gave Pro Laces a better deal than Bauer could. I don't think they're the same kind of deal, but might be that there's some sort of non compete built in
  15. Mroy31

    2X Pro

    Genuinely curious on this one, why do you say their gear is the most expensive like it's a big issue? This is what I can currently get at PHL (Canadian dollars). Doesn't seem like an issue to me.
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