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  1. haven't had issues with your main topic, but you mentioned washing hands like 6 times to get rid of stink. Have you tried something like Fresh Mitts or Clap balm? Fresh Mitts works great for me to get rid of the hand stink.
  2. Hopefully they don't have to go back to the drawing board after they release the first look at the graphics
  3. Bladeshadez? I always like having an extra pair of sunglasses kicking around somewhere
  4. Nice, yeah the last one definitely looked navy Excellent
  5. Is TrueDesign the guac in this scenario? Definitely still costs you extra
  6. Shit quality, but Freddy flipped colour zones on his 2020 Supreme blocker. I like this one better than the other, but still really only seeing 2 colour zones so far.
  7. The glove is an interesting one for sure, he's always had part of the glove open, since back to the One100's at least. But that was the other flap, which is velcro'd down here. I did the same with my One100, but only because the damn thing never stayed closed, like the velcro was too short and couldn't hold against the force of closing and catching a puck. Haven't had that issue since 1S though, but he clearly like some part of that feel.
  8. You better source some cowlings on eBay now, those are likely just Soderstrom's custom request :)
  9. What are thooooooooosse!?! Via Linus Soderstrom's twitter
  10. So the FuturePro reply would be "Well if the puck is behind the net then you shouldn't be in RVH anyway!" Looking around the post does help keep your upper body leaning towards the play like is intended in RVH for that tight walk out. In general though, I like what you describe Holtby doing if the puck carrier is behind the net (mostly static) looking for a play. I find it better to be anchored to my stick side because my stick is then already outside of the post and I don't have to worry about it getting stuck in the net moving to that side. Then looking over your glove shoulder gives you a big window to look through the net knowing you're effectively covering the side you're not looking at already. The other scenario being a quick play behind the net (puck carrier keeps moving whether it's a wrap or a walk or a pass), I generally play a step by step position. 1. On post, looking around the post until the puck carrier crosses behind the post. 2. Once the puck carrier is behind the net so they can't bank the puck off you, transition to a modified normal stance, post skate still anchored to post but you are able to look over your post shoulder to see if the player stops up to come back or if they continue to the rest of the way around. Depending on your size/mobility, this is generally a little bit past the center of the back of the net. 3. Then I either RVH to the far post if I can read wrap or something similar. Or just transition to another post hug if it looks like they are taking it wide.
  11. He's still bummed that he didn't win the Calder
  12. Mroy31

    Team Pics

    Everyone on this team is simultaneously 15 and 42 and I love it.
  13. You could use some padskins and make it more y'all like your pads
  14. Mroy31

    Vaughn V9

    Vaughn gone done and did it again
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