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  1. Have you posted your set anywhere yet? Maybe I didn't go back far enough in the right thread
  2. The way they've built it I wouldn't be too worried about it breaking. It's like a 90 degree plate with the foam sandwiched on it. I used M*****r knee blocks that I stitched to a pad backing myself for over a year that didn't rip off, so I don't think butterfly drops are going to be a problem for a molded 90 degree bracket. But new tech/designs are always a bit of a question mark
  3. So @mr_shifty1982 what is it about the materials that you find so suspect? The 2s pro arms I found absolutely nothing wrong with, so wondering if they are trying some major material change along with the elbow design? Could also be psychological that you've influenced what @Hockey1234 considers a stinger now
  4. Ah, got it. I haven't seen one up close but that's something I'd say most of the Supreme line feels like for sure. There's a similar feeling with all the OD1N style pads, where they feel very thin and like it's just kind of a board on the front of your leg. It's hard to describe, but the thinner stuff does feel harder to compensate and it starts to really feel normal pretty quickly. I totally get that initial aversion to the stuff though.
  5. The 2S Pros I got done custom right before or as the new program was coming out (late 2018, new goalie program was supposed to start along with players but not necessarily with scanning?) cost just under $1000. My LHS was able to contact Bauer and pull my specs from when Rod at TGC fit me for 1S skates when they first came out. So no idea if mine were grandfathered into some old pricing model or not.
  6. I've been using the 2S Pro, had an NXG for a bit a while ago too, the 2S is like a space age NXG honestly. Think curve composite making it feel lighter, but still solid. Doesn't wrap around you like a Vaughn or the more "mobile" units, so I can understand when people say they "feel" like it's not protective, but if you already liked the fit of it then I think you'll be good especially for just 2 years. @mr_shifty1982 @ThatCarGuy is it the new elbow floater design you guys are spooked by? The body looks like another NXG iteration, but don't see why the elbows would be less protective.
  7. Nope, no ice around me yet I don't think. I feel like these would saturate pretty fast haha. I do wonder what the goalie equivalent of the full plastic shield Bauer is making for players would be though.
  8. Like $14 or something, bought them a month ago but were on backorder. The homemade alternatives weren't cutting it anymore, all my elastics were too tight and even tried some CRS stretch lace (not a joke) but it's not actually so stretchy in short amounts apparently. The other colour was red white and blue stars that I wasn't so hot on. They're reversible and the black one has camo on the other side, is that more or less cool?
  9. Pulled the trigger and picked up a couple new Bauer masks from the LHS. They fit great and make me feel safer out there. Don't affect my sight lines, ventilation is about as good as can be expected.
  10. Damn, wish a mask fit my head that well off the shelf
  11. Maybe he's just not a sellout! #anarchy #stayoutofmyroom #yourenotmyrealdadRON
  12. Check out that sweet sweet pad seal those thigh rises will give you
  13. This one probably won't feel "soft" for a while. The body is fairly flexible out of the box, but the rest of it fits more like it's a solid structure built around your arms. That being said, it's the same reason I felt really well protected in it, it's very sturdy. The laced in arms move really well though, so I didn't feel restricted in it. The SLR Pro Carbon I used before was more mobile out of the box but it was a lot softer overall as well.
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