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  1. I think maybe the outer roll with the single break graphic at the bottom of the knee rolls gives it an optically taller look as well. Not a nitpick, I think we may have talked about that specifically before :P, just where I think the eye gets fooled into seeing the entire thigh rise as taller.
  2. +1 to the 1/2" crowd. I started at 3/4" when I switched to One100 LEs, then with the 1S I slowly made my way down and settled at 1/2"
  3. @Jonathon v Another thing you can do is reach out to Vaughn by email from their site (depending on where you're located). I did that before I settled on my 2S set. I just asked if they had a demo program and got a reply from a sales rep who ended up dropping off a set of SLR's that I demo'd for like 2 months. I may have caught him in a sweet spot where nobody else was asking him for the set, so not promising it would play out the same way, but never hurts to reach out and try to establish contacts.
  4. Judging by their username, they may very well be made of rubber bands at a young age :P @A.YOUNGoalie13 If you're set on keeping the pads, you could probably (or get a repair shop or something to) add another velcro strap lower down the calf like on the SLR2's. I think that should be a fairly low-cost solution, and the leg channel wings shouldn't be too difficult to stitch into, unlike something like the Bauers.
  5. Mroy31

    Hot Takes

    Yeah, the logo would probably make a better pad graphic speaking from a pure design stance. I was thinking that a hidden blade design for the trapper would be kind of cool though, ornamental graphic on the cuff, blade is hidden when your glove is closed, exposed when open. Don't know if fictional instruments of death would pass Bauer's True Design process though haha
  6. Mroy31

    Hot Takes

    Tongue planted firmly in cheek for that whole post, maybe I need to use a different font or edit the initial post with a disclaimer The idea that either Assassin's Creed graphics would be entirely lost on hockey people, or gamers would be like "what are these strange blocks?" is part of what got me about that comment.
  7. Some of us are gifted with the right combination of genetics, style and situation to keep going. But the reality is that it's a position that can put a lot of stress on some key joints (especially in the modern style) if you don't take care of yourself, or you just don't have the right mix of people to play with anymore. Congrats by the way, I can only hope to still be playing for another 30 years
  8. Mroy31

    Hot Takes

    That's kind of my intention with this thread, while trying to avoid proper trolls. People say stuff that gets you riled up, but likely they're just having a bad day
  9. Mroy31

    Hot Takes

    One of the recent Assassin's Creed characters, not sure which one but looks like a pirate one. Also, pretty sure Ubisoft still has an office in Montreal, so this seems like a pretty no brainer in terms of corporate collaboration.
  10. Mroy31

    Hot Takes

    In today's hot take/cake/snake, companies are no longer allowed to do promotions using anything that resembles something that could be given away for free, and Bauer DEFINITELY built this pad with real 2S internals. Also, Nerds don't play hockey. This thread isn't meant to be me defending Bauer, they just happen to be drawing the most ire online right now. Also, hopefully I never call out anyone on here without knowing :P
  11. I have also had some issues like that. The bottom ad will block the little notification that pops up when you have mentions/PM's etc. so I can't see it or tap it. Some layout issues with big gaps between ads but that's mostly at the very top of the screen and not at all within topics/threads. I'm on Android, Galaxy S8. Pretty occasional, but seems to be a side effect of an ad related update a little while back. It's better than the ads I used to get, but messes with the layout a bit.
  12. Depending on the length of the drive to the rink, I'll usually have some album that I put on that would fall into some pump up category. Not necessarily new releases. A few of the recent ones I remember are Japandroids, Death from Above, Taking Back Sunday (that was for a particularly good playoff run in high school and the again recently), Tegan and Sara, Bear Hands. Once I'm on the ice though, the main thing for me is to let whatever is on my head keep looping. It might be a song I was listening to on the ride, might be something I heard in the room, might be something I heard a few days ago. The point is to let it run its course and not focus on "what's that next line?"
  13. Mroy31

    Hot Takes

    @Max27 yes, that second paragraph was purely sarcasm. This was one of those comments where every statement was completely off base but said with such conviction that you just have to sit back and laugh. Later on the same guy replied like "why don't you shame Bauer for selling pads with Star Wars on them?! Cough cough, Han Solo is trademarked, cough cough." Just a real gem, and a private account as well
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