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  1. Mroy31

    Bauer True Design

    It's most likely based on cost/benefit of the process. It's a complicated process that takes time and if it were just like a $100 upcharge, then they'd be drowning in custom requests. Orders would get delayed and people would get mad.
  2. Mroy31

    2X Pro

    Nice. My 1S I got on launch day is just starting to crackle in the paddle, so might be in the market this year. Also might still grab a 2S pro if I can find a sale.
  3. Mroy31

    JRZ gear

    May 20th is a holiday, so release on 21st makes sense. For what you were probably actually commenting on, I've seen "nd" instead of "st" for dates quite commonly as a French-English translation typo
  4. I think they've actually done a decent job of limiting it to the "HAL" strapping system and not Monster. I think I've only seen Monster in a couple pictures on Insta as the screened graphic on the 2X Pro toe ties. Given that the company apparently never legally existed, what do we think the possibilities of them having no concrete claim to that design is and Bauer ends up just kinda having it at some point? I'm no expert in patent law and design trademark. I actually did a search on the US Patent website and only found ProLaces, Toe hook and something similar that had nobody's name that I recognized. Maybe @djtendy can drop back in for a minute to explain details?
  5. Also a fair point. "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is probably a little stronger than I really meant haha.
  6. I have the 2S Pros too, the speed plates at that link are definitely more substantial than the stock liners. Like you said though, if there isn't a comfort issue for your son, then no reason to fix something that ain't broke
  7. Got my skates back from the custom shop today. Retailer called their local Rep, he couldn't see anything wrong with the skates but couldn't confirm there wasn't anything wrong based on what I was experiencing. So they went back to the custom shop in Quebec for closer inspection. I think they just decided since they were under warranty, I was having trouble with the left boot and with the damage to the other boot, they would just redo the boots. Same holders, laces, speed plates and blades, but all new boots. Got them baked and fitted again today, will be a little while before I get them on the ice again, but happy to have them back and not to have to live with that skate puncture
  8. This year the Leafs have been using Hall and Oates You make my dreams for their goal song and Right back where we started from by Maxine Nightingale as their victory song (that's been since 2017ish I think) I wonder how much is influence from vets and management and how much is "that songs so old and retro!" from all the kids on the roster. Love it either way
  9. Which model were you looking at? It depends on your foot. Some people don't need them, some need arch support, some need heel stability. Superfeet are fine for heel stability. Bauer speed plates like @cwarnar linked too (or I think CCM has a similar product) are good for arch support but have not been designed for goalie skates specifically. I use and swear by the speed plates, I have custom orthotics for everyday use so they help keep my arches from flattening out and corrected some pain I was having even in my custom skates. But take note that the attention those got on these forums actually prompted Bauer to reach out to TGN to clarify that their volume was not specifically designed for goal skates so YMMV.
  10. Mroy31

    2X Pro

    So is the 2X Pro stick all composite now or still some kind of hybrid like the 1X?
  11. What's the next thing (however far down the line) he thinks will/should be addressed in the NHL related to goalies? (Equipment, rule changes?)
  12. I hope that the league is satisfied with the overall numbers at this point. I don't think we need to keep seeing sweeping changes. I'm with you on the interest of good games that don't need a ton of goals as well. I get that to new fans, a 1-0 or 2-1 game may feel boring, but hopefully there are enough higher scoring games throughout the league to keep their interest at this point. I know they're different markets and histories, but Soccer/Football is the most popular sport in the world (although their goalies wear WAY less equipment, so I guess I don't want to start them down that road). It also feels counter intuitive that they want to give teams all the chances in the world to call back offside goals and goalie interference calls. I'm all for getting things right, but I don't think either of those were as rampant of an issue as to warrant challenges. The challenge system is also broken, makes no sense that you can only challenge if you keep getting them right for one (goalie interference, see Jets vs. Blues) and the other you can keep challenging and risk a 2 minute penalty. There also needs to be a pretty clear definition of goalie interference. I've been a goalie for 22 years, and I know my view is skewed by what passes for interference in beer league and also being a Leafs fan for one recent call, but I don't know what's what anymore and it seems like neither do any pros and former pros. I see what happens to Rask and think, so what? If I bite on a shot fake that goes across the ice and there happens to be a guy right in front of me providing a screen, that's not his fault that I read the play and reacted in a way that put me out of position. Then I see the play where Hellebuyck gets his glove caught on the attackers stick, and I'm thinking, unless that player pulls up/away and actually moves the goalie, it just looks like the goalie gives up and hopes for a call (like Rask and his skate blade). Even as I read what I type, I'm back and forth and can't even really argue one way or the other why I think it should be called a certain way. Just too much grey area. Figure out a proper definition (I'm not saying that's easy either), and get rid of the coaches challenges for now and let the refs do their jobs (well or not, that's for the league to police and get better refs). That got a little off topic. TLDR: Scoring is fine now, goalies look normal, why put in opportunities for coaches to reduce scoring on plays you haven't well defined, all when you're trying to keep scoring up?
  13. Just to follow up on that point about ordering from the Maltese site, unless someone has basically taken over the entire Maltese site, it sure doesn't look like a scam. I'm sure there are pretty complicated agreements in place behind the scenes though, so for EPF definitely go through GoalieParts. +1 to the Roughneck though. Although I haven't used the Roughneck, I saw it like a few weeks after I got my EPF, and it was less $$ and more in line with the design I was hoping for after seeing the Maltese stuff. I like the EPF after using it for a few months, but there's nothing special about it that I would pay extra for if I was given the option again.
  14. Any reason you ordered from a Maltese website and not Goalieparts.com? I don't know if they've formed some sort of agreement between the 2, but sounds weird to buy EPF from Maltese. I could be wrong though. When I bought mine from Goalieparts it was shipped pretty timely, wasn't custom though, I just got one that was in stock. Only took a couple of weeks with the US/CA border crossing
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