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  1. Thanks for everyone’s input! I live in Green Bay Wi and we don’t have a hockey store by us so I drive down to Madison Wi to their pure hockey store. I will have to see when they open to try them on!
  2. Because I haven’t heard too much about them and really would like a fast sliding light pad
  3. Hey all! I am currently a sophomore and need new gear going into junior season this year! I am currently wearing Premier 2 custom leg pads and I love them except for some cosmetic issues as they have begun to rip. I have a Reebok glove that I have used since my second year of u12’s so I need a new glove. And I have a ccm premier 1.5 blocker or something like that. I have had my eye set on Bauer’s ultrasonics for a long time! If I decide to go with those I will be doing the digital printcustom as my team’s jerseys are Teal, black, white, with a hint of grey. I am also looking at the axis as I have only worn ccm/Reebok since I first started. I really like the looks of the axis and the knee stack. (That is why I purchased premier 2’s, because of the different style of knee stack). I will be making my purchase in June, and I doubt by then the stores will be open for me to try both sets on. So any ideas on what I should do? These are what my leg pads look like that I got two years ago ⬇️⬇️⬇️ oh and any idea on custom skates? I have custom true skates and love them but heard ccm has better custom ones? IMG_0226.MP4
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