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  1. Thanks for posting that. I had not been able to pinpoint what is so weird about the toes until your post. It’s not surprising that there are some pros with different and more traditional toe bridges on Bauer pads. To me The toes are the only weak spot on the pad.
  2. Thanks, I actually posted an answer in there to that person’s question, but it didn’t really help me.
  3. I seem to recall @TheGoalNet mentioning some mods he’s done with his Bauer toe bridges, can you please share here? on both the 2X and US the bridges are too flimsy and not really good. Toe connections are an underrated part of the pad and I just can’t get it right with Bauer.
  4. I bought stock 2X and I was able to move the tab for the toe to the center. A professional can do it much faster as the needle and cord is tough for a novice. offset toes on Bauer’s have my pads not rotating back to center, so I had to make the change
  5. Thanks to all. I think my decision is do I want to go with a 100 degree boot in large or 125 in M. I like smaller pads so I am debating even though the 2X pro worked very well for me.
  6. Thank you @BadAngle41, I have seen the catalog but I appreciate your help. I actually forgot about TGN instagram feed and he had the pics there. Would still love a flex comparison, though. Kind of stumped on what flex to get as I like the 2X quite a bit but would be willing to go with the 125 degree boot if its just as soft as it would sit higher and I could drop from a L to M.
  7. @TheGoalNet I was wondering if you could post some comparison shots of the blockers, please? I see above someone asked about boot flex. Were you saying the softness was about the same as the 2x? Thanks.
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