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  1. I'm working with Wack from Pure Goalie in Mass. From the sounds of it, you can order a custom foot scan, I'm thinking towards this route because I've just been scared off by the true's durability issues.
  2. Wondering what anybody knows about the Bauer custom skate program. I was going to get True Two-Pieces as my feet are are a full size different, but after hearing lots of other people's durability issues, I'm now looking into Custom 2x Pro's now. there isn't much info on Bauer's custom goalie skates but I'm just interested to hear what other have to say about it.
  3. CCM is just not an option for me. I tried on the FT2's and hated them. I was up in the air on True Two-Piece's or Bauer 2xPro's. My feet are about a size different so it's hard trying to find skates that are comfortable. I've always worn Vapors/Reactors but like I said, my feet are different now then they were 3 years ago when I bought my last pair. My gear rep has a pair of True's and he said he loves them a lot. I've seen so many people complain about True's durability so I've been a little bit pushed off as once the season starts in August (hopefully) I'll be skating 6+ times a week for the
  4. My pro custom setup, mostly 2xPro skinned as ultrasonic just came in and I couldn't be happier. Not shown in these pictures, but the black on the back of the glove and blocker with the red binding around it just looks sick. I just finished applying Cage Skinz to my mask and it also turned out pretty good.
  5. I'm getting a pair of True Two-Piece skates and I'm not sure whether to go with the normal Step Holder with Step Steel or a Vertexx Holder with LS 5G blades. I've been in Bauer x900's for 3 years now and I feel like the Vertexx holder will give me more familiarity. However, the guy who I'm ordering through told me that the Step Steel blades are such higher quality that most customers opt for that instead of the Vertexx. I'd love to hear others experiences with the Step holder and blades or the Vertexx holder and LS 5G blades.
  6. I'm in the market for new skates and I'm interested in the True two-piece and Bauer 2xPro's. I've been leaning True as my left foot is about a full size bigger then my right and trying to get skates that fit and feel comfortable on both feet has always been an issue. That would probably be solved with True's, but I've heard lots of durability issues with them. I've seen a lot of conflicting thoughts on them. Next year I'm playing high level U15 and I'll be skating 6+ times a week when the season starts (hopefully) so they will take a beating. I've always worn Bauer skates so I'm a bit hesitant
  7. What can you compare those 2x pro pants too? I'm in a Premier pant right now but my team pants that I have to buy are 2x pro pants unless they change them to Ultrasonics this year. Do you think I'd have a hard time switching to a 2x pro from premier? (Pants are the one thing that I don't know anything about their differences besides the internal belt.)
  8. I ordered a pro custom set a week ago and my rep told me to go with a pro palm or the poron 3mm padding. He said both would be too much and he suggested one or the other. I ended up going with a pro palm. I needed to go with one or the other as I only have one glove and my team plays 60 games a year, 5 practices a week at the highest U15 level. If I was getting two gloves he said the normal palm for a gamer would be fine. It all just depends what level you play and the amount of times you skate.
  9. I just ordered a pro custom set a week ago that is mostly 2x build with a ultrasonic graphic. I would definitely recommend a 100 degree vapor soft style boot. If you want the pad to sit high the best way to do that is by not using a boot strap and putting tightness at the top of the calf while leaving the bottom somewhat loose. Dropping the knee strap down to the calf also works wonders. I also got a leather strap at the top of the calf and the professor strap to help with keeping the pad up on my leg.
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