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    Warrior G5

    Don’t quote me on this but pretty sure I heard they looked at other masks like the Bauer and CCM and took what worked well and adapted it to their mask. I cant wait to try in on the ice
  2. Clema35

    Warrior G5

    Mask weighs 2688 lb / 1.219 kg
  3. Clema35

    Warrior G5

    That’s great feedback cheers guys Ill see what I can do about the weighing the mask
  4. Clema35

    Warrior G5

    Cheers for info on the toe ties definitely up for trying them just wasn't completely sold on the idea but like the idea of less stress on my ankles for sure. Onto the mask Ill post some pics too. First thing I noticed when tired it on was how comfy the padding was felt really soft but the shell is solid as you like. Only down side is I dont have a chesty at home right now so cant try it with that but the mobility felt really good I've been using a CCM Pro mask for last few years and that was one issue I found I had when looking over my shoulder or straight down maybe just me but first impressions Im hoping this mask will fix that definitely feels that way.
  5. Clema35

    Warrior G5

    Hi Guys Looking for bit of advice I’ve got my first pair of Warriors coming next month and I’m not 100% sold on the elastic toe tie having always used standard lace but was thinking of trying Prolaces on them. What do you guys use? Its the new G5’s if that helps and on separate note I got the new R/F1 Pro mask today thing is a beauty of a mask! Can see why they took their time with the design great mask
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