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  1. I did not say I stopped playing. I said I "left the community". Hockey is something I do, it does not make me a member of the community. Whether you believe differently is your own opinion, but it's not mine. Ok.
  2. Some of the more recent comments about libtards and seattle name suggestions remind me why I left the hockey community for so many years. Sigh, although I'll bet that my handle as well as what I just said will give some folks all the ammunition they need to feed their ignorances.
  3. Towards the point of 'growing the game', sometimes I like to imagine a future scenario where a non-predominantly-white country like China really dedicated time and energy to building a hockey system, and challenged or achieved world dominance. It would be interesting to see what kind of hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth would occur (and from watching the hockey community, there would be a lot of it). But also maybe shifting perceptions of manufacturing and worker exploitation too.
  4. I myself am not 100% on the logic behind this either. I'm going to surmise (perhaps incorrectly) that CCM is focusing on machinery development that will minimize the need for a set of skilled craftsmen by being able to produce the various customizations that picky customers would select, e.g. different core construction or strapping adjustments. This may be why their new manufacturing facility is taking longer (they're re-evaluating their technology, and reconfiguring or adding where necessary), but also how they can still produce some gear at scale, since their old factory is probably st
  5. Chatting with a retailer suggests they do not have a domestic factory at this time. They are currently working on building a new factory somewhere in the world, but the factory is not ready yet. They're more or less letting Lefevre have their run of things because if they flooded the pro market (like Lefevre is doing right now) they don't have the production capacity to meet increased demand. When their new production facility is ready, I expect CCM to make a run at things once more. TLDR: Lefevre is doing their thing right now, but it's not so much Lefevre running over CCM so m
  6. Hmm, score one for thegoalnet.com I suppose.
  7. @Hills care to respond to said accusations?
  8. God I love it when people argue over practically nothing.
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