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  1. Vaytch

    JRZ gear

    My pleasure I thought about doing it in English but saw that someone else had already done one, so I figured it wasn't necessary. Plus, I run a French page, so it made sense to do it in French haha!
  2. Vaytch

    JRZ gear

    I've worn Fusion gear for a year now, if you have questions let me know !
  3. Unfortunately that's the problem yes, the goalies don't know it's not legit and most folks don't know it's not legit cause they think the goalies wouldn't endorse it if it wasn't on the up and up. That's why we have to educate people on the matter. It's an uphill battle for sure, but if we can at least put a dent in their profits that's a start.
  4. @Goalline He still paints masks and will do a Beezer if asked @Hockey3081 I think he's starting to realize that times have changed and that it wasn't a good idea to say that "to illicite a reaction", he's not a bad guy at all and is completely against that kind of behaviour. Honestly all he was trying to say was that it wasn't right that his "children" were getting abused by third parties that have no rights to do so. I do agree that he could have worded it a LOT better. Still it shouldn't distract us from the real issue at hand, the counterfeit industry.
  5. I recently had the chance to chat with legendary artist and mask-maker Don Straus, I took this opportunity to ask him about a particular website that sells mask replicas of former NHL goalies. (Don asked me not to mention the website, but you know the one) Everyone that bought or thought about buying something from that website NEEDS to watch this video. We, as goalies, have to raise awareness on the subject. Feel free to share it where ever you'd like. Thanks
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