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  1. Here she is! Looks fantastic an fits perfectly! Greg absolutely nailed it... I couldn’t be happier! (the last pictures are my new short cage next to my GW Marcel Cousineau Leafs Harrison mask.)
  2. Thanks man. I'll post em as soon as I got em! . . But here's a sexy sneak peek... because as we all know, a Harrison chin is almost pornographic hahaa!
  3. Nothing to the sort. Maybe you got the wrong guy? It's really funny and a bit sad. So many people are rooting for this endeavor to fail or to pick it apart. I understand Greg's checkered past and many people have a good reason to be skeptical, but this was a no-lose situation for me... $100 deposit and the rest paid upon completion. I was anxious at first. Hoping to get regular updates, but that's not how it really went. To be honest I kind of forgot about the whole thing... then one day I got pictures of my mask! Now the only thing left to do is try it on when it gets here and get some puck marks on it!
  4. 👀 It’s on the way to me. Should be here by Friday. I’ll post a bunch more pics when it’s in my hands. ... pretty excited!
  5. Why say that? Greg is making them... from start to finish. He's just got a little supervision and clerical help from Dennis and Matt.
  6. All through Dennis at Goalieparts. Greg is working as a special employee of OTNY for the time being.
  7. They did give away one mask in the raffle... Sadly I did not win it.
  8. I did the mold myself. Mask will be a short cage and similar to a mid 90s mold (Cujo Blues / Ranford Oilers).
  9. Greg started my mask last week and as promised here are the first pictures... I'll do my best to continue to update as I receive more!
  10. I got a couple updates today... 😁😁😁😁
  11. My newest (and my 4th) Protechsport from Michel Doganieri has arrived and it's absolutely incredible! ❤️ - CUSTOM MOLD - FULL KEVLAR BUILD - FINISHED INTERIOR - EXTENDED CHIN - LEFEBVRE STYLE PADDING - LEFEBVRE BACKPLATE - LEFEBVRE CAGE CLIPS - 3/4" STRAPS AND BUCKLES * recently added a little vinyl to it until it heads off to paint *
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