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  1. My expected shipping date is July 20th and I ordered 5/23 so they should be around 8 weeks
  2. Nakka30

    Warrior G5

    I think instead of prolaces I might go a bit old school and just use laces, probably easier to fit through the holes and wont rip, and I'm used to laces instead of prolaces having used both this year.
  3. Nakka30

    Warrior G5

    Those are sick!!, how long did it take you to get them?
  4. This forum was created as a sub section of warrior G5, feel free to post your orders or designs as well as your tracking and how many weeks it takes, to see how long the pads will take to get to you this way other people can find a average or time that they can assume when the pads will come.
  5. Nakka30

    Warrior G5

    Do you think that because of being in the UK it was faster to get them because of the closer proximity from the factory to the UK instead of Canada or the US?
  6. Nakka30

    Warrior G5

    I ordered all black g5s a little over 5 weeks ago and because of the all black I was told I should get them in around 7-8 weeks, but i dont know if that really true
  7. Nakka30

    Warrior G5

    This is what I imagine he said, I didn't have a photo so I photoshopped it, if the washers are glued on like this I guess this can help the material last longer
  8. Nakka30

    Warrior G5

    I ordered them and I heard from a friend that they used washers around the laces to tie them on, so you loop the laces through the 2 small holes and put washers on to help make sure it lasts longer, then there is less stress on that tiny little space between the 2 holes and it cant rip or stretch the leather
  9. Nakka30

    Warrior G5

    would you recommend screws or laces to attach?
  10. Nakka30

    Warrior G5

    I just ordered the G5's a couple of weeks ago, if anyone has them yet can someone share a picture of the toe strapping system, i'm switching from CCM to warrior and I want to know whether I should get pro laces or if I can put pro laces on at all.
  11. New member but, right now I ordered the g5's, warrior quoted 10-12 weeks, however they say that's subject to change if things start to open up again.
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