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    Reebok 11K
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    True Hockey
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    CCM Flex 4
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    CCM Flex 4 or Axis
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    CCM Flex 4 or Axis
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    Bauer 960

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  1. Update!; Very good, didn't vomit or feel tight. BUT. I shouldn't added 1.25 cm more and should go for my neck circumference and maybe -0.25 because those Kova didn't feel tight as other brands. But the add on 1.25 was planned because I never use my neck guards so tight, but now I maybe can use neck guards more correct with Kova and tight to my neck. Safer and better. Thank you Kova for fast response on my questions and good quality on those guards! 100000 of 10 recommended!
  2. I love them. Before True Skates I used one pair of sport socks, 3 pieces of cutted out yoga mat and very thick outside/ski socks. Today I only have a pair of very thin compressions socks and a pair of TRUE Hockey Skates
  3. Goalie SAM is very good! I now can use my skate skills combined with stability. I also feel more grip at toe.
  4. So basically the SAM has a little bit more stability because of the 50mm flat spot at center? If I'm remember correct I didn't like the stock profile on my old Bauer Elite because lack of movement at some positions, too way much stability. I couldn't push away from the post and get a C-grip with my skates toe to get back at same position/post. With a pair of player skate I could do this C-grip.
  5. I've checked around all profiles and the Prosharp Goalie Sam seems be good for me. Do this profile prefer some specific rear/heel or front/toe as push position when pads are down on ice? Whats different between yours 15',20',28' and the Goalie SAM 10',50,27'. I got information from Prosharp website. The SAM doesn't have any quatation mark but your profile has.
  6. Wow. Exactly the answer I wanted! Very interesting that you did ended up getting flatter hollow. Did you profiling your skates or only sharpening?
  7. I need your help about to find the right number for me. I don't remember all those hollow numbers because I haven't to thinking about that since 2012 when I stopped to playing with juniors and jumped to low level seniors. I got a pair of True skates that need both profiling and sharpening and I don't trust my local skate shop to sharp my skates before asking you at TGN about this. Can I use same profile/sharp on my True as my old Bauer? The senior sharpening guy did only a normal goalie hollow to me. The junior sharpening guy did two different set up for me; #1. Normal hollow but mid sharp. Not player-sharp but not flat. He started to screw on the machine to get a little angle. #2. Was trying this one strange set up some months before I stopped with juniors. Don't remember exactly but something like this. FYI; my style are smiliar as Kiprusoff/Price. Haven't playing since 2014.
  8. I got my skates. Woah, those skates looks crazy from the outside! Like my feets! My spouse first words about the skates was "seems to have the same shape as your ugly feets" 😹 Fits very well but I haven't use them at ice yet. I'll be back with review.
  9. Surprised about the weight. It's a old mask from Promask/Reebok, I think I got this one year 2011. New foam, cage and paint job by me self with cheap spray. Both cup and chin sling. 1096 g
  10. Did ended up with a Original Promask padding. Wasn't pleasured with padding sheets I found around my city for make a homemade helmet padding. I had about 10 concussion of the brain that 3 of them was heavy as hell, so in my case I had to re-thinking to NOT be stingy with helmet paddings. Faster delivery from Sweden, I didn't dare to order from USA or Canada to miss mine first practices. But in future I would go for EcoProFoam. FYI: Bauer 960 couldn't restock their masks before january 2021 and either delivery to Sweden.. 🥶 So that's also why I ordered a real padding.
  11. Thank you for getting me more alternatives! I'll check around my city this weekend.. Otherwise I will go for any of those alternatives above Do you have problem to find CCM Axis Pro and Bauer 960 in Finland? I did only found those masks in three city in Sweden.
  12. I have a old Reebok P10 (by ProMask) there my padding and cage went broken 2014.. I'll make a comeback this autumm (if I'm enough good for my team 🤪, have not being on ice since 2014....) ProMask have their liner padding for my model but because I'm picky and have to cut off some areas and adding so I'm thinking to order foam sheets instead to get it so cheap as possible during the tryout. Then I'm asking you at TGN if the cost for sheets would be less or same as kits from Maltese, EcoProFoam or Promask/Reebok? Of course based on your knowledge about modifications. EcoProFoam kits - 116 USD for overseas shipment to Sweden Promask Pro Core - 115 USD + some common foam for 25 USD. Maltese GSP Kit - 125-135 EURO How should you describe the foam feeling for a person that sells foam sheets but are not related to icehockey equipments? Can it be dangerous for me if I get wrong type of foam? 1 months with 12 practices and 5 friendly games.
  13. Got My neck guard today! I'm surprised about the quality! Feels very good. I'll be back with review with my combinat and mask. Have to buy a new mask first But at the first try today without any other stuffs I think I should go for 41.25 cm with longer velcro and 4.5 or 4 cm high. But then I am very silly fussy about that. I don't like throat protection at all. But this is very much better than Bauer, CCM and Vaughn so far. FYI : If don't womit/throw up during any practice with Kova then I will give Kova 10/10.
  14. @benner33 Looking great! I couldn't wait for pictures so I ordered and hope for the best. 42 cm (Tight 40.5 cm but I prefer loosen neck guard, taking a big risk now because I never trying Kova before) Everything Smooth JenPro Leather All Gel Foam 5 cm (I think I should stick with 4.5 cm or make special with 4 cm but then I will order during the season) -1 Inch clavicle All black with orange text! I'll be back with review.
  15. I had a very good mail communication with True Hockey. Now I've booked a scanning at a store pretty far away from me. Hope for a good return to icehockey this autumm!
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