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  1. Isn't a specific person supposed to start this thread?
  2. In addition to you apparently not knowing that we are talking about the toe of a blade and NOT the heel, how do you get my thinking that an inanimate object looks dumb equates to a professional hockey player being dumb?
  3. Square. I think rounded looks dumb.
  4. Is that one of those Guardian Angel cages? The eye opening looks larger than a regular cat eye cage to me, but I'm not sure if that's an illusion or not. I've been considering one to replace my certified cage.
  5. @MTH that's a no go for now. It would be considered non essential travel. I would not suggest trying to find a route into the country that doesn't require you to stop at a border crossing.
  6. Maria Mountain just posted a video on what looks to be the same machine. Looks interesting.
  7. I wear P2's, but from what I've seen, I won't be replacing them with Axis when the time comes. I'll make the final call when I see them in person but they look too gaudy right now.
  8. Good video @Trav4oilers, thanks for the inside look at the Lefebvre office.
  9. Just got this today. Bauer 960xpm. I've been wanting one to replace my Sportmask X8 for a while, and The Hockey Shop just knocked $200 off the price.
  10. That sucks Coop, I hope your back feels better. That was a nice looking Tacoma too. I wonder what she was paying attention to on that straight stretch of highway.
  11. Wow that's crazy pricing. When I spoke to a sales guy at THS in Surrey, he said that the Levebre pads would be slightly less than the big names, and would only be sold through Levebre to start. Guess I got some bad info.
  12. I don't like the way the double T closes on CCM gloves, but I can't speak for other brands. I never felt comfortable with my Eflex 3.9 closure (double tee, skate laced), and I didn't like the stock P2 double T closure I switched to a +1 single T nylon lace on my P2 set and much prefer the closure. It's hard to compare pop outs, as it is a +1, but I rarely have any now. I also much prefer the feel of the puck hitting the single T.
  13. My last glove, Eflex 3.9, had a game ready palm. My current glove, P2, has a pro palm. I did not notice a weight difference. I did not weigh them to find out if there actually was a difference. I did notice a protective difference.
  14. Interesting that you are finding the loose fit better for your ankles. I developed ankle pain in my Bauer's (not when they were new, about 1.5 years in) but in the True 1 piece, the ankle pain is gone. I'm not sure what to attribute it to, it could be a number of things, but I felt the tight fit of the True's helped.
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