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  1. That sucks Coop, I hope your back feels better. That was a nice looking Tacoma too. I wonder what she was paying attention to on that straight stretch of highway.
  2. Flyers27

    Lefevre going solo

    Wow that's crazy pricing. When I spoke to a sales guy at THS in Surrey, he said that the Levebre pads would be slightly less than the big names, and would only be sold through Levebre to start. Guess I got some bad info.
  3. Flyers27

    Lefevre going solo

    Those pads look good.
  4. I don't like the way the double T closes on CCM gloves, but I can't speak for other brands. I never felt comfortable with my Eflex 3.9 closure (double tee, skate laced), and I didn't like the stock P2 double T closure I switched to a +1 single T nylon lace on my P2 set and much prefer the closure. It's hard to compare pop outs, as it is a +1, but I rarely have any now. I also much prefer the feel of the puck hitting the single T.
  5. My last glove, Eflex 3.9, had a game ready palm. My current glove, P2, has a pro palm. I did not notice a weight difference. I did not weigh them to find out if there actually was a difference. I did notice a protective difference.
  6. Interesting that you are finding the loose fit better for your ankles. I developed ankle pain in my Bauer's (not when they were new, about 1.5 years in) but in the True 1 piece, the ankle pain is gone. I'm not sure what to attribute it to, it could be a number of things, but I felt the tight fit of the True's helped.
  7. That sounds cool but I can't commit to it unfortunately. Work has been crazy this month and isn't slowing up. @cwarnar
  8. I've been using my 1 piece skates for a few months now. No durability issues so far. They're incredibly comfortable and work really well. I much prefer going back to the 4mm steel too. I use them 2-3x per week right now
  9. Haha I was given a goal that took away a teammates Hat trick last year. He was not impressed.
  10. @coopaloop1234 The score keepers at Coquitlam can be brutal, I've given up on the stats there. I played there the other night and it seemed okay, but that girl on her cell phone...they count empty net goals against you too so I take anything I see there with a grain of salt.
  11. Cool thread idea. I got my dream car 8 years ago. A C6 Z06. I've always liked Vette's, my favorite uncle always had one, and this is my second. As much as I like it though, my Jeep LJ is far more useful. It works great for offroading, camping, light duty projects, pet hauling and cruising around. If I had to let one go, I think it would be the Vette. Side note: Subaru Crosstrek's are awesome! Great in the snow, light trails, and easy on fuel. We had one for 4 years, but since we used it for our longer road trips, wife wanted a little more space and power, so we traded it in on a 3.6 Outback, which I also really like.
  12. I had a set of Eflex 3.9, all in speed skin that I used for a little over a year that wore okay. The leg pads were in good shape still, but the glove and blocker seemed worn. I've been using a set of P2s for the same amount of time, and they've faired far better. Speed skin is only on the sliding surfaces. I chalked it up to the difference between senior and pro. Zero complaints.
  13. I did that a few years back on my old Jeep, but it broke off in the knuckle before I even got the caliper on. I tried removing the bolt with a screw extractor, but it didn't work. I ended up drilling it out, but that messed up the threads. To get the knuckle re tapped cost more than getting another one from the wrecker. Broken bolts suck. Heat the area first if you can then try an extraction bit. Beyond that I'd just get a new caliper. Good luck, and go easy on those mounting bolts! Some cars require basically hand tight lol
  14. The wait was a little long, however, I managed to injure my knee the day after ordering them, so I was off the ice anyway. The laces fit fine, they probably just look long bunched up on the front half of the skate.
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