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  1. I did that a few years back on my old Jeep, but it broke off in the knuckle before I even got the caliper on. I tried removing the bolt with a screw extractor, but it didn't work. I ended up drilling it out, but that messed up the threads. To get the knuckle re tapped cost more than getting another one from the wrecker. Broken bolts suck. Heat the area first if you can then try an extraction bit. Beyond that I'd just get a new caliper. Good luck, and go easy on those mounting bolts! Some cars require basically hand tight lol
  2. The wait was a little long, however, I managed to injure my knee the day after ordering them, so I was off the ice anyway. The laces fit fine, they probably just look long bunched up on the front half of the skate.
  3. Why am I receiving unsolicited emails from this company?
  4. These arrived to THS in Surrey on July 18. The wait time from ordering was 1 day shy of 7 weeks. They were baked in store and placed on my feet to get the ankle locked in (as mentioned above). They were very careful to pull the laces straight out and only laced half way up, using plastic wrap around the top half to avoid strain on the eyelets. The fit was amazing. I got them to do a 7/16 sharpen, coming from a 1/2 on a 3mm blade. I had a game the night I picked them up, but they recommend the skates sit 24-48 house before use, so I haven't used them yet, but walking in the house, they feel great. I'm looking forward to using them this week.
  5. My bad... I must have forgotten the Beaver jerseys because I thought they were more based on Seattle Seahawks green, which that blue would go well with. It will really look nice with Tampa Bay colours
  6. Looks great man. That'll go nice with the Beavers uniforms. I'll keep an eye out this fall. Looks like my main team will be in Maple Ridge this year, but I'm sure I'll be subbing in Coquitlam plenty.
  7. Nope, I haven't been either
  8. My set of all black arrived today. Looking forward to trying them out on Sunday.
  9. Congrats, they look great! I'm only 3 weeks in, so I have a while to go yet.
  10. Hey @seagoal that sounds cool but like coop says, that's a tough weekend for us. I'll be camping that whole weekend. Appreciate the offer though!
  11. Why is all hell going to break loose? Is that a good thing?
  12. Definitely a possibility. I'm assuming that you ordered the 2 piece then. Hopefully you get them sooner than later!
  13. Ok thanks. Mine entered production on June 14. They were ordered May 31. I was quoted 3-4 weeks, should be interesting.
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