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  1. This was my first time with a Speedy Stitcher, or basically using anything that wasn't a normal needle, thread, and "I guess this is how you make a stitch" technique. So not the most aesthetically gorgeous result, but not bad for my first real attempt. The most important thing is it came out how I needed it to, and if/when I need to replace the straps in the future, it's set up to involve less steps next time. Not fully having what those in the industry might call "a plan", I bought a bunch of stuff off Amazon that looked like they might come in handy. Good news is I didn't wind u
  2. Also I forgot to reply to this - thanks a lot for the info. So it seems the lower the weight, the thicker / stronger it is relatively. I had purchased some nylon upholstery thread on a whim, which turns out to be a 40 weight. I'll see how that goes when playing around with testing the awl, and see if I want something stronger.
  3. Will do. The downside is I am awful at this, so it will be unlikely that I will have amazing results. On the other hand, if I can get anything sort of fixed, it will mean anyone can do it.
  4. Yeah I realized a quick clip wasn't the way to go, more for the functionality than safety. I'm still more likely to just use a rectangular plastic buckle. I've been using plastic clips on my pads for years, so while something can definitely go wrong, it's worth the convenience for me. Side question - in the past, any sewing I've done has been a) not very good and b) using whatever thread I found laying around. I know for the Speedy Stitcher it's got that heavy duty stuff, but what is a recommended thread style for smaller needles? I was thinking upholstery would be strong.
  5. Yeah, the integrity of the internal seam was a question mark for me. These pads are I think 8 years old, so I have no clue how well that holds up over time. I kind of figured making a tab would be the way to go for now. Though I was thinking of some options for future swaps. So instead of sewing a new strap to the old strap / tab, I might add a connector to the tab - quick clip or one of those plastic rectangular pass-throughs for straps. This way if the tab's seam does hold up, I can just replace the straps as needed without having to mess with the tab. I had thought abo
  6. I need to replace the straps on my PAW knee pads, since the elastic is beyond stretched to death. Unlike most other potential sewing jobs I've looked at, I haven't seen an obvious way of replacing. The straps are already sewn inside the pads, so it isn't a "sew new straps to the material where the old ones attached." Besides attaching a new strap to a small piece of the old / connected strap, is there another method that doesn't involve opening up the pads entirely?
  7. I'm in a similar yelling at cloud boat. I have been using the same pair of pads on ice since like 2006. And it will sicken most of you to know what they are - Mission Heliums. But since they are literally disintegrating, I've been testing out "newer" pads. I use quotes heavily since I bought a pair of V5 7800s a couple years back, and that's new to me. I don't love them, but don't know if that's me or just being unfamiliar / not having them how I like them. Even before everything shutting down, I didn't get much ice time, so the usual answer of "you've just got to play in th
  8. hateclowns

    GSBB - Dead?

    Thanks. When the GSBB finally got taken off life support, I assumed we were destined to slum it in FB groups. A while back I even tried finding that offshoot board that got made in the last years of the GSBB's life. I forget what it was (maybe it was an early version of here?), it was the one moto went to after being banished from the GSBB.
  9. hateclowns

    GSBB - Dead?

    I somehow didn't realize this place existed until yesterday.
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