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  1. It's listed on our options sheet from them but does have a note that it's subject to approval, they have to check if it would actually fit since the different backhands are all shaped and sewn differently. Another thing that's available is a full-jenpro backhand (subject to approval) but I never saw any of those requests. One advantage to that option is less chance for sweat staining on the cuff and knuckle or red paint rubbing off and bleeding through like on other gloves with nylon sections. Problem is you might get friction wear (think heavy wear on the sliding section of a knee block) and
  2. No plans as far as I know. Check out the CCM Revolution 599 stuff though. Some of our guys in-house worked with CCM to put together a leg channel and setup unique to the 599's before release. One of the more underrated sets exclusive to us.
  3. Hi Urabus33! You draw it - they build it. Pretty much anything you can come up with, Brians artists are good at rendering for you (Bauer's artists are also great for True Design orders). Just keep in mind that if it's a licensed image owned by a company/entity/school, you will likely need permission to use the image. The most common Brians "extreme" designs we receive at GM are either "Plain" (remove all zones, flat single color) or school/team logos (embroidered, applique, or split face). If you don't want an unused zone on your pad (think Optik 2 graphics), you can request they r
  4. CCM Eflex 3 legs/glove/blocker - 32+1.5, modded knee flap (outer wrap sandwiched in half), no leg or calf straps for a loose fit, under heel boot strap on the 4th hole from tip. 590 Double-T, I removed the thumb and pinky lacing so I can have my hand shifted upward into the pocket. Stock blocker. 1X or Premier 2 stick, 24" or 25" - have a few Warrior returns from Parker Milner when he was at Bridgeport, i think they're 24.5" Warrior pants, Vaughn VE8 Pro Carbon Chesty, 960xpm, True 1-piece skates (3/4" hollow), basic Vaughn neck guard The gear doesn't make you better, pr
  5. I am leaving next week as I was hired by my local police department for their next academy, something I've been working toward for the past 5 or 6 years. I'm actually a Fraud Analyst/Investigator for Monkey, but I was given the custom goalie duties a while back to help our other guy who was also leaving to become a Firefighter. My primary job is to analyze and approve orders for all 5 of our websites and make sure any fraudulent purchases do not happen, and then I do all custom goalie orders in addition. Working at Monkey has been great but being a police officer has been a goal of
  6. Hi Aska_NL! We are in the same boat! I've got short legs so I have a hard time finding anything stock that will fit me and am left ordering custom. The big 5 all make their Custom Intermediates with the same materials they use in their Custom Seniors, just everything is sized down. Brians is currently the only major brand that will do that knee block exchange (Senior knee block on Intermediate pad) - There's an upcharge to have it done, just ask your retailer you wanna go through and they can quote it for you.
  7. The majority of feedback that is used in the design and construction of each new series or family comes from the pro and college clients. If you think about it, these are your users that are visibly seen on TV and live by millions of people each week. As a brand you want your pro guys to be absolutely comfortable and in-tune with their gear, with NHL limitations in mind. All of that feedback eventually trickles down to retail about a year later since it takes a lot of testing and quality control to ensure that each piece of gear made meets those requirements. Then you have to figure out a way
  8. My first month in customer service we had a kid get some Graf 1080 skates. This was around the time Graf temporarily disappeared, and so stock was limited. He had been using them for over a month before he realized one foot was a 1050 wide, and one was a 1080 D. There were lots of expletives shouted on the phone at me as I tried to figure out how that could happen. They told me to shove the skates where the sun doesn't shine. Eventually realized it was a return at some point that didn't fit the first buyer, then within that time 2 different skates got mixed in the box together. Spent about a w
  9. Could be anywhere from 5% to 40% depending on what it is and who is buying. You may pay $2,500 for a custom set. The vendor might bill the retailer or team $1,500 to $2,200. Now add on the extras that cost more to design and cut and take more time to put together. Then the vendor has to ship it. Does the retailer dropship to your address or will they have to re-ship it? Subtract that cost from your difference. The margin at the end isn't much, but it's not small either. I'd say it's enough to keep reinvesting and rebuying to afford that next series coming out the following year, but the
  10. You could always send an email to your retailer and check with them before placing your order. Folks always post on forums and social media "I need to speak with a (vendor) rep" but they tend to forget that those same guys have many pro and college accounts worth thousands that need attention first. They might get to you or they might not. Your retailer is always available and already has contact with those same reps regularly. Whatever they tell you, is likely the same info you'd get from that rep. For example, some customers are looking for that elusive old Vaughn glove or blocker. The
  11. CCM goalie is entirely overseas as of last fall. The Axis gear Saaros and Rittich are wearing are overseas. Only their R&D, custom skates, and home office are left in Canada. Lefevre is still in Canada, but they are not partnered with CCM anymore so any pros who wanna try purely CCM branded stuff, will get it from overseas. They now have to pick from the same options that you get at retail due to streamlining of the factory equipment, which is partly why you're seeing a lot of pros try out the blank faced Lefevre stuff, it's just what they've worn for the past 20 something years. Yeh
  12. Hi Dstew29! I feel like you can still get your sizing and specs right even if you haven't seen the gear, but to be quite honest, there's nothing like visiting the store in person to try on everything. I will always highly recommend going to a store that has what you wanna try, bring your skates, (goalie)pants optional, and just strap'em on; but it's not impossible to do it all online if you take your time. The MOST important thing for me when I help customers, is figuring out your leg pad size. That is where major problems happen in custom orders. Remember that every brand fits diffe
  13. HI keeperton! I am actually with Goalie Monkey. Giant was absorbed by Pure. In my personal opinion I'm not a proponent of the Brian's floating-T requests. The pockets on both gloves are already deep as is, I'd rather save the $50 it usually costs. I've had someone do a +1 floating anchor-T with skate lace and it arrived looking like a fishing net. I think that one was around $75 or $100. To me it didn't make sense, we threw a puck into it and you got zero feedback in hour hand, but our guy loved it so that's all that matters. What surprises me the most is how all of the pricing and
  14. I'm with GM for 2 more weeks before moving on to a new career path, but I figured I could answer any questions people have about custom ordering. If you've custom ordered through us I've probably seen it or worked on it in some way.
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