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  1. You have to be very careful using this method. I tried in on my Canucks jersey but I think I left it under the light for too long. You can see the results. I would highly recommend only using it for 5 minutes at a time.
  2. Sorry about your mask, that sucks. I did see that you are wearing a cheater cage on your mask. I wear the same cage made by OTNY on my Eddy Custom Kevlar. I do like the sightlines but it does bend more easily than a certified cage because of the larger spaces between the bars. Were all 3 damaged cages cheater cages? Was your Bauer cage a certified cage? The certified cage will last longer. I am surprised that you are permitted to wear the cheater cage at your age and level although I know some Refs see that it's not a cat eye and has straight bars are don't realize that it's illegal. Al
  3. Money, what did you end up going with? I am still wearing my 7000's. I went to a CCM cowling years ago with Step Steel. This was before Bauer started making a cowling with replaceable steel. I tried a Bauer 2S last week but definitely felt too restrictive. I decided to just stick with my 7000's as my boots still have life left in them.
  4. Just checking...is the issue with the backplate or is it the fit of the foam padding of the mask? I've always had to add thin pieces of foam to the padding around the high cheekbone area to snug things up so my mask doesn't move on me.
  5. Glad that you haven't taken another puck there. The way that I have the strapping set up allows the piece to float a bit within the constraints of the strapping which is adjustable with the bottom strap. This does not restrict mobility or interfere with the glove whatsoever.
  6. I have had this issue getting pucks to the wrist between the C/A and cuff of the glove. Back in the day when Miller made me a custom C/A they added this floating piece that covers that area. I removed it and added it to my next C/A. I didn't add it to my Brown when I first got it but two shots to the same spot on the wrist during the same icetime made me add it before my next skate. It is basically a piece of HD foam with the 3 straps stitched into the arm of the C/A. There is another strap that goes underneath so that it anchors the pad and allows you to adjust it. It does float and move a bi
  7. Supergoalie

    GSBB - Dead?

    So this is where everyone from GSBB is hanging out. I was looking for reviews on the differences between Gnetik3 and Gnetik4 catchers lamenting that GSBB no longer exists and stumbled upon you here. Recognize some of the old characters. Good to be here....I think.
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