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  1. I've been trying with the axis customizer for a little while now and I can't really get any good coulour ways out just doesn't look good at all, from what I've seen with the new flex 5s dosent look too amusing ether. the ultra sonic looks decent but hopefully the new Bauer 2xpro line will have some nice colour ways too. I am wondering if you guys have any sugestions on full sets I should be on the lookout for in spring 2021 anything from warrior to Vaughan pretty much any company that is bringing out something new that's more of a butterfly type pad and has a 580 glove option
  2. I am well aware of popular social media Instagram accounts getting paid/ free gear to say good things about the companies equipment. With that being said there are Really no good social media accounts that goalies looking to get new gear can really rely on, due to the fact that these main stream accounts have to say good stuff or they won't get anything free no more, hockey reviews CA is good and so is TRAV4 but Travis job isn't to just review everything and im not expecting him to anyways he wants to focus on pro hockey which im totally ok with, hockey reviews CA I have to really take with a
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