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  1. Would you have a pic or video you could share with me and/or a technical breakdown of how you use it? also, I can upload a background picture, but how do you upload an avatar picture on your profile?
  2. Thanks for the pic! For all of us who are short, Dobby did it a ton during the playoffs at only 5’10’’ so flexibility is the major underlying component. I heard the term double seal on the ingoal magazine podcast as used by Carter Hart to describe this technique
  3. What is custom break in the glove? Apparently I need to ask this here
  4. Hey Guys.I’m working with a goalie coach from the qmjhl here in Quebec and we were discussing various techniques. He has heard very little about the double seal and not sure about it’s technical breakdown. I tried looking on the internet for videos but couldn’t find anything good. Would you have anything you could share with me weather or be a video or technical breakdown? Really appreciate if you can! Thanks About double seal: Russian goalies use it a lot. I know Carter Hart talked about incorporating it in his game as well. Basically wide butterfly with skates on both posts when
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