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  1. One week exactly to get them back, FedEx just dropped them off. Can’t wait to get them in the ice!
  2. Vaughn calls the air mesh “aerospacer” on the customizer, I just parroted that here. I’ve now been properly educated and will henceforth call it air mesh.
  3. Thanks. I think it’ll be a nice combination of familiarity from having played in V1s for so long, but enough modern features to really notice the performance improvements. I considered getting rid of the air mesh in the leg channel as well and may regret not having done that, but I guess we’ll see. It’ll definitely see friction, but it’ll be against my socks, so nothing sharp or rough. I have a VE8 C&A with the air mesh on much of the front and it’s holding up well so far, for what it’s worth.
  4. Thanks! I'm looking forward to some on-ice impressions as well. I just dropped off the pads with FedEx this morning. 😭
  5. I did not, I had an Eagle glove and blocker back in those days.
  6. The core is still a Velocity core - I wanted that bit of torsional flex and the softer boot break and bit of boot taper of the V9. I’d have to get more information from Vaughn about exactly what they did, but what I’d asked for was just to layer the face of the pad like the SLR2 so those rebounds come off hotter. Basically I was trying to do what CCM did with the max rebound face in the new EF5.
  7. You had a set of V4s come in under 5 pounds?? I played in V1s for 15 years (yep!) before I got the X28s I'm replacing now, and the X28s felt like feathers compared to my old V1s, I wonder now how heavy those were.
  8. I absolutely love the feel of the Vaughn XP glove on my hand, I just don't find it quite as natural to catch with. If we're just talking how comfortable is the break angle in my hand and which feels most natural to close, the XP wins, but the 2-piece was the clear winner in terms of strictly catching for me. That said, if you're a 590 user, I think you owe it to yourself to try on the V9 XP. I'm honestly not sure what I'm going to do with the toe ties. I actually don't hate the stock ones, they feel pretty natural and the clip is fairly easy to use, but they also don't have much slac
  9. I haven't skated in these yet, although I have put strapped them up with my skates and knee pads on and practiced some crease movements. Most of my impressions will be pretty surface-level so far. We had twins back in March of last year and that, combined with the pandemic, forced me to sit out the first session back that started in the fall of 2020. I'd planned to rejoin the league this spring, but every goaltender opted to return and so I didn't have a spot. I'm hoping to sub a few times during this shortened spring session before the summer league starts, but I may not have too many opp
  10. According to the Goalies Plus sizing chart the Ultrasonics actually fit a size larger than the 2X, so if you were a medium in the 2X you'd wear a large in the Ultrasonic. Who knows... https://www.goaliesplus.com/goalie-pad-sizing-guide/ I do know the size chart is correct for me as far as how I fit into V9s and the 2X at 18" ATK, though. 🤷‍♂️
  11. To be fair, I think there's more that goes into this than pad/shin height - my X28s are terrible in this regard and they're sized appropriately for me. Because of the stiff boot and steep boot angle, the boot sits way down over my skate, and so for me to get into dorsiflexion, the pad either needs to come up my leg, or the bottom of the pad needs to come away from my shin to allow for that movement in my ankle. I am constantly pulling them up so they sit on top of my skates instead of in front of them, but inevitably they fall back down and I'm again fighting them during crease movements and
  12. I’m basically 100% sure I would have gone with 12.2s had they been available at the same time, but I think V9s are a compelling option (obviously) with the right tweaks. Here’s hoping I’m right! The spring leagues have started around here and I didn’t want to play the entire session in my current gear. The set looks like it’ll be on my doorstep on Tuesday, more details incoming!
  13. What can I say? I’m a tease. I’ll be doing a separate thread with lots of photos and some more detailed impressions both out of the box and once I’m able to skate with them a few times. 👍
  14. Agree 100%. I’d definitely err on the side of going shorter if between sizes. The benefits to mobility from going shorter outweigh the minimal increase in coverage from going bigger IMO. Having the same measurements I do, I’m not sure how seagoal fits in a 35” Vaughn, though, unless we’re talking some older stuff. The VE8s fit an inch smaller than the V9s, and even in those I fit a 34+2, definitely not a 35. I got my V9s in 33+2. 🤷‍♂️
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