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  1. The DM1080s didn’t feel much like older Graf skates to me, they didn’t lock in my heel in the same way. I returned the set I bought and went with some new old stock G9035s I bought on sidelineswap, and they are exactly what I remembered from my high school and college days. Hope you can get the DM1080s sorted out!
  2. I can't help but think what you're feeling in terms of negative mobility impacts on your feet is due to the extra pad height paired with the stiffer thigh rise. I fit a 34+2 VE8 but sized down to a 33+2 V9 and assuming I ever get to play again I'm glad I did. Put those two pads next to each other and they're the same height. Couple that extra height with stiffer thigh rises that won't flex out of the way of each other and you're definitely going to have an adjustment period. I probably can't skate in my V9s like I could my V1s, but the flatter boot and more "on top" feel on the skate (especially in contrast with my X28s) gave me all of the attack angle and ankle mobility I thought I needed. Also, how are you wearing your RRC strap? I got the SLR2 style strap and have it about as tight as it’ll go. I really really like how responsive the pad is set up that way, but it still rotates beautifully. Good luck with them dude!
  3. Yeah, it all depends what direction your acetabulums face. Mine point pretty sideways, so even now I'm able to get into the splits once I'm warmed up. I have external rotation for days, and in the Pilates classes I've taken each and every instructor has mentioned that I have as much external range of motion as basically anyone they've ever had in class. But the consequence of that is my range of motion internally stinks, and years of jamming my femur inward against a hip socket that just isn't compatible with playing a butterfly style has taken its toll. My hips are all but pain free now, and are trying to trick me into playing again on Thursday. That little devil on my shoulder is trying to get me to play this week, but I know I shouldn't. But damn, it's hard to give it up.
  4. Pretty damn close. I was 175 this morning. 😆
  5. I was getting there. I'm 5'10" and was always one of those old-school, heels 12" outside the crease, kill-em-with-quickness kinds of goaltenders. I made up for a lack of actual goaltending talent with honestly pretty elite skating, and I was a total rubber band in my teenage year and early 20s and relied on that to save me in situations where I had a lot of ground to cover. I play a more reserved style now, but in those scrambles like the one where I got hurt, my brain still seems to think I can do the things I did during my high school and college days, and tries to put limbs in front of pucks to make stops I don't really have any business making. I went to a couple public skates while I was doing all of my rehab and felt 0 pain. I was using the boards as my post for entries and exits, skating all over the crease, dropping into extended saves from a standing position - all of it felt totally fine. But it was in that moment where instinct kicked in and I tried to get something, anything, in front of that puck, that I got hurt. And that's the problem. I can play under control the vast majority of the time, but I'm not confident I won't try to battle and do something stupid again even if I get back to a point where I'm pain free. There's real damage in there, and it's just not worth the risk anymore.
  6. Thanks, I'll crack a beer for us in spirit and mumble to myself about my gear. 😆 On the anti-inflammatory front, I haven't tried any this time around, but generally I don't find success with them unless it's to knock down a fever. This is just my approach, but even if my body did respond better to them I'm generally not in favor of taking those kinds of medications as I'd rather feel what my body is trying to tell me. I'm 34 quickly closing in on 35, which isn't super old but definitely old enough to have the miles on my hips. Otherwise I feel just about as fit and athletic as ever, though. I played pickup games for several years with a group of older guys, mostly 40s and 50s but a few in their 60s, and it was a ton of fun! It might not be in net, but hopefully I'll be out there at those ages too. 👍
  7. First I just wanted to come back and thank you all for the kind words. It's nice to have some other goaltenders who are familiar with the physical stresses of the position and stories like these to offer some words of encouragement. I think my wife sees me doing all of these other physical things and looking healthy, and just can't understand why playing goal is so different. 6 days out and the hips are still cranky, though. Not sticky or immobile, it's just a nearly constant, dull, 1 out of 10 pain. Frankly it feels different than anything I've ever felt before, I was always pain-free unless I hit that range of motion where I was getting some impingement. That has me a bit worried, honestly. I'm heading back to the physical therapist next week, so hopefully at least during my off-ice physical activities I can get back to 100%. She specializes in helping ballet dancers, who are probably one of the only other populations who put their hips through stresses equal to goaltenders, and combines the manual therapies with dry needling and Pilates. She's fantastic. I've also scheduled a virtual appointment with the Steadman Clinic, where Dr. Mark Philippon works, who if you read around has done arthroscopic hip surgery on a lot of NHL and other high level goaltenders. If those guys trust him, I can too. I'm mostly curious to hear about rehab times and processes, have them look at my MRI to see if they can tell how bad it is, that sort of thing. If they think it's better to do it earlier, I might just find a way to get out there and get these things cleaned up. For what may be an exit interview for the V9s, I can summarize by saying the pads are fantastic. My biggest problem the first time out was the quickslide, so I did a second pass scuffing up the crease to start the game and had zero issues from the first drop. Related to that, though, I noticed basically zero drop-off in how they slid from the beginning of the game to the end, which is quite a different experience from playing with the older style Lefevre pads with the rounded roll. I think if I had to do it all over again I'd be really torn as to whether or not I'd keep the stiff upper and stock boot flex combo versus going with a softer build and doing the stock thigh rise and soft boot. It's not that I can't play in these, but for me I'm not sure if the benefits of the stiffer thigh rise outweigh the mobility I might gain if I had a slightly softer build. We're talking degrees here, not a night and day sort of difference, but I'm used to softer pads and these are definitely not. That said, by the middle of that last game my skating amazingly felt back to 100%, and I perceived zero mobility issues in these, despite being taller and stiffer than any pad I've worn before. From someone who hasn't actually worn much else that's on the market today, I think the build I did most closely compares to the 12.2. Aside from maybe weight I can't imagine my V9s are missing anything those pads bring to the table, and these have the benefit of Quickslide. The thigh rise is solid, they seal beautifully and are stable on the ice, offer stellar mobility, and Vaughn's professor strap approach is second to nobody, IMO, if you like that secure feel. No real updates on the glove or blocker. Both are traditional Vaughn, and both are stellar.
  8. I'm 34 now, and I'm definitely leaning toward surgery now before playing another game in goal. I don't plan on having surgery within the next couple years, though. I have 14 month old twins and a nearly 3 year old son, and I can't be laid up in bed or taking all of my free time doing rehab - my family needs me. It's hard enough finding an hour nearly every day to do the mobility drills and other workouts in the shutout academy programming. I'll give it a couple more days and if I feel back to 100% I might give it another go, but I'm assuming I'll be playing out for the next 2,3,4 years and then evaluating surgical options.
  9. I'd definitely plan on playing out. 99% of the time I have no hip issues, except seemingly when I play goal. I can run, jump, cut, bike, lift, etc., I just can't do the internal rotation + flexion that the butterfly position and RVH and such require.
  10. Well, if anyone is interested in this set let me know. Not 100% sure just yet, but unless or until I have hip surgery my days in net might be over. I’d had some mild left hip pain for a couple years, but early in 2020 I started incorporating a couple exercises into my workouts that involved really deep A2G squat positions, which aggravated the condition. I went to see a physio and got an MRI on both hips and it turns out I have cam impingements and torn labrums on both sides. I went all-in on non-surgical remedies - I did Strategic Mobility for Goalies 2x through, joined the shutout academy, and have been diligent with those workouts for the last few months. But midway through my second game back there was a broken play, where the pass was going from the left corner below the goal line to the low slot on the ride slide, so I began a slide to meet the shot to my right. The pass was deflected, and landed right on the tape of another player low on the short side. I didn’t have time to plant and move back to my left, so I stopped my momentum and extended my left leg and reached back at the same time, and in that moment my hip let me know it was very unhappy with being put in that position, despite Maria’s training putting you in those kinds of positions regularly. Anyway, three days later and that hip is still sore, and that’s probably all I need to know about whether I should be continuing to play. I’m beyond disappointed, after all of the work I’ve put in and all of the improvements I’ve made in strength and mobility, to be feeling this kind of lingering pain after two games back.
  11. That was 100% me every time I went to my knees early in the first period. 😆 I did start to get the hang of things as the game went on and the ice got a bit more scuffed up, at least.
  12. Well that was rough. Last night was my second time on skates in 16 months, and it showed. My skating was terrible. I try to keep up with conditioning off-ice, but nothing I do can replicate the stresses of this position and my legs didn't seem to do what I wanted them to do starting around the middle of the 2nd, and I'm totally wiped out today. It didn't help that the team I subbed for last night absolutely stunk, but I didn't hold up my end, either. As far as impressions go, I'll start with the easy stuff with the glove and blocker. The blocker is just awesome - it presents really well, the board has a ton more pop than my XLT did, and felt really light and natural on the hand. Nothing to nitpick at all, it's perfect. I had one decent snap shot come from my glove side but he went far side on me, I just extended to meet the puck and the rebound went out completely out of the zone. The glove is similarly great, I had ton of confidence in it, made some nice catches, and playing the puck with that reinforced tee was really nice. I do think the seal when flat on the ice may not be perfect. I had one moment where I had to reach behind me to cover the puck and pulled it back toward the center of my body to cover it with both hands, and the puck flung out from under the glove. Might just need some more break-in time so it has a flatter seal, because when I put it face down on a flat surface with enough pressure it doesn't seem to have any holes. The pads. Whoah boy - these are going to take some getting used to, but I think most of that comes down to quickslide. I was ALL over the place, especially when we first got out there and the ice was still wet. I didn't get a chance to skate in them first before this game and it was way too much to adjust to in 3 minutes of on-ice warmups. I'd try to move to a spot and be set as much as possible, but inevitably I'd end up out of position for the shot while dropping down without having completely stopped my momentum. Not having skated much in 16 months played a big part in this, because I didn't feel as quick and stable as I used to, and so I wasn't in position as early as I should have been. Still, I wouldn't have been as out of control in a pad that didn't slide so quickly. All of that is user error, though, and otherwise the pads are phenomenal. The seal is fantastic, post integrations and exits are far easier in these than in my X28s, they kick out rebounds fairly well, although nothing Bauer level, and overall just play unobtrusively. Moving in them felt extremely natural even though I'd never skated in them before. I'm in love with the Ventus style professor straps. The pads stay right where they are supposed to be and give me that connected feel I'm looking for while still allowing the pads to rotate quickly. The boot break was soft enough to get me leaning forward and the pads sit high enough to allow enough attack angle for pushes from my knees. Between the slightly taller knee stack, the calf pillow, and the new toe ties, my butterfly is a good 3-4" wider than in the X28s as well. It's gone from slightly narrow to more of an average width, which is awesome. Overall I'm quite happy with the set top to bottom, it'll just take some time to get back into hockey shape and really take advantage of the performance of these pads.
  13. Thanks, and yeah, it feels nice. It feels like I have more ankle mobility both in a stance and down in the butterfly, and just makes moving easier. I forgot to mention I took the glove to get baked today. It freed up really nicely, especially that reinforced tee, and opens nice and wide now and snaps shut much easier. I wouldn’t call it “fappy” just yet, but it’s totally usable and I’ll keep working on it. Some sweat and heat from my hand I’m sure will help too. I’m excited to have some impressions to give on the whole set. I’m hoping to sneak out to a public skate tomorrow or Friday if the work schedule allows, but we’ll see.
  14. Hybrid Pro Laces are on with just a bit of slack, and I removed the boot straps. I played around with a couple different setups and this was my favorite, at least as much as I can tell imitating crease movements on the carpet in skate guards. First game is Sunday, LFG!
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