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  1. That’s awesome! I’ll be truly blessed if I’m able to enjoy the game for the next 36 years until I hit my 70th birthday. Very cool to hear that you’re out there at 70 standing in front of flying rubber.
  2. The thing I find so intriguing about BHR is if the hardware fails, there's still the option to go with a full replacement later. If you can make it to, say, 40 before getting a BHR and that lasts 20 years, then you do a traditional replacement at 60, you're more or less going to be mobile until your days are over. Hope you can make your originals last awhile longer. Seems if you play this position long enough, for many of us our bodies tell us when we're done long before we get to decide for ourselves. I don't know how some of these 50+ and 60+ dudes are out there playing goal still.
  3. Hip surgery is a crazy thing. For every story out there like Thatcher Demko's it seems there are 10 more where people don't get the results they expected from FAI surgery. I myself have torn labrums and cam impingements on both sides. No idea when the labrums were injured, but I haven't been able to do the splits in a game situation since my early 20s (10+ years ago now), and since those cam impingements are on the outside of the femurs it's likely those developed in high school and college. My right side has no symptoms, but lingering issues on my left side led me to seek out an evaluatio
  4. My Grafs and CCMs are the same size, but when I was trying on Bauers I felt like I needed to go up half a size. Seems this is different for everyone, though, I’ve definitely seen people say differently.
  5. Thanks! That's really not bad at all - this person told me Vaughn was at 16 weeks on the short end and could take as long as 24. I can handle 10-12, which should be more or less in line with most other companies.
  6. @southpawtendy48 mind if I ask how long your order took? I was about to place an order for a full V9 set and was told the wait time might be...substantial. Thanks!
  7. I don't have a whole lot to say about mid-priced gear, other than I think you can do just fine with the blocker and pads, but if there's only one piece I was going to spend pro-level money on, it would definitely be the trapper. They tend to be easier to close out of the box and have noticeably better protection. The senior level pads will break down more quickly in my experience, but as far as performance off they shelf they won't be much different. The only mid-level gloves I've put my hand in that seemed even usable were the Bauer 2X and the Vaughn V9 2 piece, the former I'd have been oka
  8. AdamL

    Lefevre going solo

    I messaged Pure Hockey about the L12.2s, and they said orders should open up in the spring, so - and these are my words, not theirs - I’d expect deliveries in late summer or early fall 2021.
  9. I wonder if doing the 84* boot and going with a 2 in the knee instead of a 3 would keep the pad more upright and rigid through the top enough to mostly or completely eliminate that. I'm nearly 100% sure the G-Netik IVs would work great for me, it's just tough when I can't get my hands on a set in person and I know I'd be comfortable in the V9s after trying on a set of the senior versions in store. I submitted an order for a V9 set for quote through the dealer I've been working with, but when I mentioned I was deciding between the V9 and G-Netik IV, he warned me to be prepared for most o
  10. Wish I could easily take this quote and reply in the G-IV thread. Anyway. I’d understand if the front was popping up some in the RVH - most pads do that to some degree - but to hear you say they’re not sealing properly in the butterfly is a bit of a reg flag with regard to longevity IMO.
  11. Thanks @Puckstopper, that’s hugely helpful. I would plan to use a professor strap if I go with the V9s, but to switch to the SLR2 style strap with the single piece of elastic and the magnetic clip. That’s at least in part because I find the elastic a pain to loop through once the pad is up on my leg, but also because the two layers of thick elastic made the pad actually feel too tight. Dennis said I could either add an inch to the V9 style strap or switch to the SLR2 style - can’t really go wrong either way. My biggest concern with the GIVs is that they appear to be a fairly loose-fittin
  12. Mind elaborating? I’m about to place an order and those are the two most under consideration. I’ve been leaning toward the V9s with the “extra stiff” option in the thigh rise and the SLR2 knee stack to firm things up there as well. HD foams on the landing side and a couple minor strapping changes, but nothing too crazy. My local store doesn’t have an G-IVs to try on, unfortunately, but I really like a lot about the senior version of the V9. I also preferred the 2-piece V9 glove to the G-Netik 3 glove they still have on the racks. I’d probably go with the 12.2s if they were going to be r
  13. I’m sure you’re right, but I’ve talked to a couple goalies locally who switched to the Vertexx runners and really didn’t like being pitched so far forward. The Pro Gs or whatever the next iteration will be should be around for awhile, the current stock of DM1080s won’t be.
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