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  1. I recently got True skates and swapped the holder for vertexx, I didn't like the height of the true holder and I have yet to have problems with the switch, I feel like I have much more control with the Bauer holder
  2. Has anyone used both Axis and new 960 masks? Which did you prefer and why? I currently have a 2020 960 model which feels comfortable on my head, however, the cages keep denting and I've gone through 3 cages in the last 2 months. I Understand that a dented cage means that the cage is doing its job, but I would rather not have to spend 90+ dollars every month on a new one. The ccm cage seems like it would be less prone to large dents do to its shape.
  3. A retailer will be able to order it for you.
  4. I Believe Eflex is closest due to its "soft flex"
  5. Now asking 300, my new chest came in so I can ship immediately.
  6. By doubled up short elastic did you mean similar to the "super tight fit" option on the eflex customizer where there is no QMSS its just 2 elastic straps brought tighter to the leg?
  7. I work at Cyclone Taylor Sports in Vancouver BC and we can do it, the Hockey Shop source for sports in Surrey BC is another place that can, they're extremely knowledgable when it comes to goaltending.
  8. I believe the CCM 600 is a 50 degree
  9. Good idea, Vaughn shirts seem like they'd help with this problem
  10. Definitely agree with the Vaughn consensus, however one thing about vaughn that other companies just don't have is the core customization options for the average customer. Vaughn can build almost anything you want in a pad while other companies will only make an entirely custom specced pad for pros.
  11. Could try adding a soft foam to the inside of elbow cup?
  12. Haha sorry about that man, I just wanna make sure I know what I'm getting into for the price, thanks for all your help
  13. How do you find the seal? I really want to demo a set but lefevre doesn't make demos, I tried ultrasonic and absolutely hated, I demo'd axis and like them, do you think L20.1 has a similar feel to axis?
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