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  1. With your Ftk I’d say go 33. I’m 20.75 and wear a 34 in P2s and am landing dead center on the knee block.
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    2X Pro

    Can anyone speak to the durability of the 2X pro pads? I recently bought a pair of new P2s that are too short (34+1 and I need a +2) plus I like pads that more and are connected to my legs better. Was looking into potentially picking up a lightly used set but wanted to see about durability issues. I see that weird ankle plate on used 2S’s coming unstitched all the time and wondered if that happened on the 2X’s as well. i play mid to high end (mostly mid) beer league and want a pad that will last a few years so I’m skeptical of Bauer but their stuff feels great off the shelf.
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