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  1. Hi guys! So as i unfourtunetly had to stop being a goalie, and i'm slowly trying to gather some player gear, but living far from an actual hockey store with gear in-stock i'm a bit lost concerning what skate i should get... If this is non relevant as it isn't a goalie skate i'm searching for then please remove the topic I'm wearing a size 11 CCM RBZ skate right now, and really like it. I tried the supreme 170 skate and it hurt beneath my feet... Additional information : Feet lenght : about 29 cms, width is around 10 cm at widest point. Picture: So do you have any good tips on what player skate i should get, would it be a nexus fit or what would it be? Thanks for the help.
  2. Not wanting to de-rail the thread but do you know about the "SHER-WOOD Comp Goal Stick Stick True Touch T70" Looking for a christmas present for my significant other, but can't find the 150 bpm in Europe.
  3. I could go back and remove it the day after, but thanks!
  4. Done, and added new item why can't i remove the last two pictures?
  5. Warrior int pro custom is like basicly senior pricing
  6. C/A has been sold and shipped off to Finland Just a pair of kneeguards, jock, pants, blocker left.
  7. Knee issues, and a revalation that being two playing goalie is a tad expensive, so i'd rather just take a break for now and start off as a player again later. When you don't make big bucks as an apprentice sometimes you have to save some money
  8. Chest is pending, and passau knee pads are sold and sent off.
  9. Thanks, it's quite difficult in Denmark so far, where people got the attitude " i can get a sr set cheaper, so yours is too expensive" hate to be in a small hockey market Will send anywhere if somebody got some interest in somethin
  10. Unfourtunetly i am... Vaughn pants are a size L. Will edit that and ty : )
  11. Hi guys Unfourtunetly have to sell my gear. Brians optik Blocker left 160 EURO. Vaughn v7 c/a XF pro carbon nhl beef up from the hockey shop in surrey - size L. Price around 400 euro. OBO. Used 10 times. SOLD . Kneeguards: Used 4 times, size sr. price 50 euro, obo. Pants: Vaughn v7 XF Pro carbon. Size L. Used 10 times, no wear, only problem is the missing stitching around one of the thingies on the hip - but i glued it so theres no problems there. price 160 euro. Also got passau kneeguards for sale used 3 times. price 67 euro - pictures are coming later. SOLD Vaughn v7 jock - 30 euro - used 10 times, always had compression pants + undies beneath it Hoping this sparks some interest for the european guys ? Shipping will be from Denmark. RBZ Skates 11 EE 120 eur. Edit: added last pictures, note prices are OBO, please don't hesitate with contacting me EDIT: added sold stuff, and added new thing for sale
  12. That sounds great! What was the name of the camp so i can look it up for next year?
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