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  1. Actually I'm a Leafs fan but the jersey is a TB one. Matched the colors best I think for my other company. I buy companies now based on what replica jersey would look best
  2. This is it. I really hope people decide to learn stuff instead of being stuck in old ways. As we develop more in life we can choose what we eat and not eat what we only can. Big difference
  3. Honestly I didnt realize a lot of people still drink milk. Nobody I know does. I haven't in 10+ years and never eat milk products either. I've had my blood tested numerous times and I'm not deficient in anything. Plants and a proper diet gives you everything you need
  4. I'd suggest looking at diet again. Upping milk products might actually be a bad thing and is trending that way with more and more science coming out
  5. Looking at ordering these V9s. I hate Boston but their colors matched my companies colors the best so here's the jerseys we made. Going to get them to match the yellow better
  6. I did find the weight an issue at first coming from such a light Vaughn. Last night was game about 6-7 and I'm good now. Glove is back working. I've played ball hockey for my whole life (30 years ) so the glove is my main way of stopping a puck which is not butterfly style obviously. So the extra arm weight I noticed not having such a fast glove but i do now.
  7. I don't know why but I'm a sucker for white pads. So plain but so my style
  8. Maxpower29

    Vaughn SLR 3

    They do look very thin vs the other 1 and 2s
  9. Honestly I have the Vaughn VE8 pro carbon and the new Brown. I don't notice the heat thing at all. I mean like literally I never think of it. But the weight is definitely noticable. It's only a few pounds but for some reason it's very noticeable
  10. Site is not working I'll have to go there tomorrow
  11. Holy fuck I'm buying a bunch of shit that's horrible. I'll make a donation too. Having pet issues is the worst feeling ever
  12. Maxpower29

    Vaughn SLR 3

    Nice i like the look. I was close to getting some custom V9s and now I'm thinking
  13. Maxpower29

    Vaughn SLR 3

    Seen that Vaughn Twitter linked a tictok video. Wondering if anyone has it because I don't have tictok
  14. Well I'm lucky. Got through my company on a lease deal and got it cheap. The buyout is high but payment is low so I'll just get another one in a few years
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