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  1. I just got a set of the ice skin things Passau sells. https://passauhockey.com/boutique/dek-hockey/ensemble-de-iceskin-2/ Just tested them quickly the other day without playing. Just slid around a bit and i was surprised at how well they slide. The way I play i don't like to slide an insane amount, just enough. But these were more than enough.
  2. Lol Campbell is 16-2-2 right now so he should be fine
  3. I actually think they plan on keeping Rittich. They need a 1B for Campbell
  4. Fits good for a large i think. I still need to try my gear on and see. Bought the pad slider things too I'm installing now to try so I've been busy all day
  5. Came today. First impressions are man this thing is light. At the same time it's close to too big for ball hockey but just right. Looks like it takes up a lot of space in the net. Still can't believe how light it is. Coming from this old as hell Heaton one it doesn't even weight more and is double the size. Just trying it on now because we are on pause in our ball hockey league's. But I think i will like it
  6. Just bought the large. Can't wait to try on. Also couldn't decide on other gear so I bought a set of the sliders to install on my other plans pads i have. Will make a review when i use them
  7. Just searching the net and found this. Pro return VE8 chesty. Looks like they added extra shoulder caps too https://stphockeysales.com/johansson-pro-return-vaughn-ve8-chest-protector-xl/
  8. I would this being able to be hit in the head straight on would be an issue
  9. I asked the same a month or so ago. One guy had his modded with a second shoulder cap. I'm going to do the same
  10. I couldn't even imagine. Wasn't even a hard shot from just a ball and I was done for the night. I'm way over protected in ice so hopefully never happens
  11. Ok thanks I see it now. I might do that. The clank doesn't bother me. I took my ball hockey one off years ago but wore my old chesty really loose. Took a ball off the collar bone and it made me throwing up feeling it hurt so bad. Put it back on and never bothered me after that know what COULD happen. On ice I'm interested in the few ideas here because I do find mine gets in my way.
  12. Someone explain the car door liner to me better?
  13. Yup that's why I like to ask. I often think i am comfortable but then take suggestions from people and like it more.
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