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  1. I have never tried 580 break. My premier is 590 brake and it's good, so I go 590 break.
  2. Thanks for everyone for the answers. 👍 Warrior glove is not an option, because ccm glove feels better in my hand. I think I order custom Axis pro glove, game ready palm with D3O. 😁 I have already ordered custom Axis pads and now glove and blocker which match to the pads
  3. Hello guys! I've been thinking that I would buy CCM Axis pro glove. Now I have Premier P2.9 Sr glove and I think I need little bit more protective palm. This is the question: Is Axis game ready with D3O palm more protective than Premier P2.9 Sr palm? Which one should I buy, game ready palm with or without D3O, or Pro palm with or without D3O? Sorry my bad English 🙄
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