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  1. thanks a lot for the advice it really helps, but I got a question, I'm not sure if its just a glitch on the true website but now that they came out with there new TF9 custom skates they raised the price by a few hundred dollars which I somewhat understand but im confused because when you go to select different custom options it says there free except for the custom steel so that might be a deciding factor and If I were to buy trues I would most defiantly change the holders out for the Bauers because I go through steel like nothing and the true blades are super expensive and take months to get to where I live, thanks again
  2. currently I have the first generation custom true 2 piece skates and I've had them for almost 3 years now and I love them but after not skating for 6 months because of Ontario covid regulations they feel a bit smaller then I remember and since I've had them for 3 years I'm due for a new pair. I've came down to ether the new 2 piece true skates or some Bauer custom skates I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what I should get and what the pros and cons are for both of them. thanks
  3. ya I got the fully custom skates but im looking to get another pair of custom skates because I also have really messed up feet and I thought that they would have a retail version and a custom version like Bauer does with there skates, so like I could walk into a store and grab a pair of ultra sonics or I could get a pair of custom ultra sonics. so is true not doing custom TF9 skates? or are they just going to continue to only do custom skates for the original?
  4. I have a pair of true 2 peice skates and I love them but I'm almost due for a new pair, Im wondering if the new TF9 goalie skates are coming out soon or its going to be a while, I can probably make it till around the end of the summer but id rather get used to them and break them in over the summer rather then in the middle of the season. and my next question is are they going to cost more? I was talking to my local play it again sports and they said that they will most likely be more expenive then the price ii paid for my first pair in 2018. thanks
  5. I'm about to buy my second pair of two piece true skate because I loved my first pair so much but the one thing I didn't like about my current skates is the blade and holder situation, when I need a new set of steel, true blades are way more expensive then Bauer and ccm (at least where I'm from) and they are super hard to find and take months to get in, so I'm wondering if I were to get Bauer vertex holders on my next set of skates would it be a big difference from the true holders? and if so what would be the difference?
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