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  1. I may have to swap terminals at ORD and if so, possibly recheck baggage. This was the case between domestic/ international terminals when I was back/forth from the US to Okinawa. Added hassle on top of the 3 bags I'm already dragging around. I agree about hand carrying the mask on the plane, but unfortunately I won't have space. I'll have my backpack/documents under the seat and am also hand carrying my violin as a carry on. I'm considering shipping my primary mask in my hard case containers full of clothes/etc that are going out this week.
  2. Hi guys, I'm moving to the UK in a couple weeks and am trying to decide what will be the least obnoxious way to get my goal gear over there. My player gear/skate sharpener/ synthetic ice tiles etc are all going with my household goods, which should show up by July or August. I'd love to have my goal gear with me sooner as there's already a group skate waiting on me. Option one is to take it with me on the flight. This would get the gear there fastest, but that's a lot of crap (that and my personal luggage/professional gear) for me to hand carry (plus extra baggage costs). As of now I have to take at least two flights with plane change. Anyone have experience flying with their gear internationally? Was customs a pain or easy? Any problems keeping track of everything or ever have anything lost/stolen? I think that's my ultimate fear. Other option is to ship it out a few days before I leave. As of now I still have to quarantine so it can take a few days to get there as I'll just be sitting in a hotel room anyway. Also not cheap, but less crap for me to deal with on the flights over. The other military have shipped their gear before to get it there before the household goods. Has anyone had to deal with this? Any recommendations?
  3. It was refunded. He just didn't want it back and I don't want it either.
  4. Brand new. Bought it on Sideline Swap as it was listed as regular (right hand), but wrong one showed up. Seller doesn't want it back, figured someone here might need it. Need to unload soon as I'm moving overseas in a couple weeks. Located in KY, USA. Buyer pays shipping, make an offer.
  5. The Bionic is STILL my favorite glove years later. Puck magnet and so comfortable. I miss that thing...
  6. Hi all, This is probably a long shot, but here it goes anyway... I'm moving to the UK in a few weeks and was just curious if anyone on here plays out of Cambridge or Peterborough? I'll be working at one of the RAF bases in the area and plan on contacting the UK Warbirds to get some ice with them. I know things were in lockdown until recently, but I hope by this summer once i get settled ice will be open and I'll get out. How is the ice at these two rinks? Any private skates/drop-ins I could get involved with, or is it primarily adult league and stick and puck? Thanks boys! Pics because Okinawa is a beautiful place for beach hockey, and TJ Oshie.
  7. FWIW, I'd also recommend a neck guard with the dangler on the ice, especially if you spend any time at open skates. Some tool did this to me at a stick and puck and my Maltese was the only thing that saved me from an ambulance ride.
  8. Thought I'd add a couple of pics from today's session on the Can-ice pad. This is after maybe 40 minutes. It's just a quick sweep with a whisk/handheld broom to the gear, and a wipedown with a rag on the skates to take the lubricant off the blade. Haven't been on the skates or in the gear in awhile between health issues and workload, but it felt good today and moments like this make me thankful for having it. If anyone needs additional details just let me know.
  9. Thanks boys!! And thank you chile for the welcome, you remember correctly 😊 I also ride/show jump competitively and there is an "expiration" rule on riding helmets (replace after a fall or after 5 years), but those are very different foams and materials. Keeping the Itech going is definitely my first choice so I'm glad it just comes down to integrity of the shell and foam. The mask gets inspected after each use and got a good clean recently because yet another cage bit the dust (see below). ...of course that was my first skate back after living in Japan for a year and not playing. 😑 Moving to the UK in a few weeks and am very happy to know I don't have to run around trying to find a replacement mask on top of everything else I have to worry about now. Thanks again guys!
  10. I'm a little late to this party but I've had the Can-ice installed my my garage for almost a year now. Very useful for crease drills, stickhandling, shooting, etc. It's not quite like real ice, but maybe 85-90% similar. I have two pairs of Grafs, and found the movements to be much crisper off the standard blades than my Step Steel (both are sharpened to 7/16"). I have a very hard time pushing while down in the Steps, but the regular blades have more bite into the plastic and pad slides are relatively easy in those. Can-ice markets their product as "virtually no shavings" and that's not accurate. There are definitely shavings and the do get on your gear, but it just looks like the shavings are larger or stringy as compared to other brands. I brush my gear and skates off after every session, and have to sweep the pad too.
  11. Hi all, First time poster. Rec league goalie (men's A/B) and usually get plenty of shots from former Junior/college types who can still rip it. I'm also a small goalie (5'8" on skates) and take a lot of headshots as a result. Probably replaced three or four cages in the last few years. I have an Itech 961 that I bought new in 2006. It has been an absolute tank. Shell is still good, no visible chips/cracks. I installed the Maltese kit a couple years ago and the foam is still in good shape. That said, I almost hadn't realized how old the Itech is, and wasn't sure if there's a recommended "replace after X years" rule with masks. I don't if the best thing is to leave it as is, install new EcoPro Foam kit in the Itech, or just buy the new Bauer 960 (2020) and keep the old warhorse as a backup. I have had a couple of concussions in the past (two from competing horses, one from getting drilled in the crease by dman and opposing player) and want to be conservative on the head protection. Both options seem reasonable, I just can't decide what the right one is. Regarding the new Bauer 960, I'm right between the med/large sizes (57.5cm) and unsure if I should just get the large? I'm female FWIW. No stores anywhere near me to try things on, unfortunately. Thanks for listening!
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