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  1. Let’s keep it in the same vein for what we’re all here for. An amalgamation of 2 things we love! Check it out! https://puckhcky.com/
  2. If I could dig my old photos, I’d happily show you full teal!
  3. Optimus Reim in his current set up. He had a set prior to this, but this is much better.
  4. Meshuggah are in a league of their own. Destroy Erase Improve is a good album, but they found their sound (in my opinion) with Chaosphere. Check out their later stuff for sure, you won’t be disappointed!
  5. Oooh the V word! When Niemi was with the Sharks, I had some of his pro stock sticks. When he swapped to Vaughn, I was tempted to get some more, but alas had plenty of the Sher-Woods left over.
  6. I tried to get into Death, but I struggled a bit. But they are historic within the scene. Meshuggah are gods to me. Huge fan. Cynic, that first album gets played a lot! But the later stuff? I can appreciate the musicianship, but, again, I struggle.
  7. I’m with you in that one @seagoal. Apart from leather straps, I agree on everything. I then enquire with my old dealer, some time back, to see what’s new and I couldn’t help but feel like an old man with all this new type of toe bridges, strapping, thigh/knee protection, different materials for the sliding area of the pads etc!
  8. Archspire! I felt the same way! Forgot to mention; Nile, Inanimate Existence, Severed Savior, Brain Drill, Viraemia, Necrophagist!
  9. Just because I’m excited to see how he does with the Sharks. Adin Hill in his new set up.
  10. Cool, cool. If you like it techy, check out Blade of Horus, Archspire, recent Deeds of Flesh, Obscura!
  11. This is how gear should be done! Head to toe, I love it. Reminds me of Crazy Eddie! I always have nostalgic memories with Chicago. Having those retro Air-Pac’s just tops it off.
  12. Coors Light anyone? Nah, in all seriousness, wicked set. Sick of plain old all white with a dash of colour or just a repeated style. Aka Quick every year!
  13. Does anyone remember the Puck Off song by Panthera for the Stars? Do they still use it? Don’t watch the Stars play unless the Sharks are playing them!
  14. Hipster status 😆. Each to there own! But I can get on board with Chimaira, Opeth, Obituary for sure.
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