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  1. Does anyone know which has the flatter pitch between the CCM Speedblade holders and the Bauer Vertexx Edge holders? Also any personal experiences with both? I currently have the Bauer holders, but am considering switching to the CCM holders.
  2. I found the SLR to be very different from the 600 degree break that was found on the 5500
  3. I tried the two piece. It just feels very off to me, nothing like any 600 break I’ve tried before. I didn’t know if the older two piece pro v elite carbon was more like a 600
  4. I want something that isn’t like the VE8. Is the V9 supposed to be different?
  5. I’m looking to get a new Vaughn glove that has a 600/35 degree break (like a baseball glove). I tried the VE8 thinking it would have this closure but it definitely does not. What would be the newest glove Vaughn has made that would have this break?
  6. Have been having bad luck lately with shots hitting the plastic snaps on my mask and breaking them, causing my mask to come loose during games. Has anyone heard of stainless steel or titanium mask snaps? If these do exist I feel like this would solve my problem
  7. Khudobin was wearing Maltese last year with Boston, not sure about this year
  8. I don’t understand this conversation
  9. Vaughn chesty’s were sparse on protection to begin with and now with the rule changes I feel like you’re going to see a lot of guys move to other brand’s chest protectors. Those Kenesky’s look tempting
  10. SLR’s are the best pad on the market and the VE8 XP glove is just as good as the 590 break
  11. I’m wanting to buy a Bauer 960xpm in Canada and then order a traditional cat eye cage for it because Canada won’t sell the mask with the cat eye cage already installed. Where is the best place online to order a Bauer made cat eye cage specifically for this mask?
  12. I've heard good things about those companies. I'm currently in a pro's choice that fits me amazingly and has solid protection, but I find it gets way too hot. Not sure why though. I'm looking for a mask that has comparable protection but that breathes really well. I'd like to be able to try one on first before committing to a mask, hence why I was thinking of a retail mask. Any other retail masks that fit my criteria? I played ncaa div 3 hockey this past year and might keep playing low level pro next year so I need something for that caliber
  13. Now that the blue padded Bauer top has been out for a while now, can anyone comment on the quality of it? ie machine washability, durability, and protection from shots when combined with a neck guard/bib combo? I'm thinking of using it in combination with a Vaughn neck guard that has a bib. I was originally thinking of going with verbero, but saw the comments on it overheating, so I figure the blue bauer shirt might be a good option
  14. Which kind of masks are you talking about?
  15. If I buy the NME 10 from goalie monkey, am I getting the same quality mask that the guys in the NHL are using?
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