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  1. Right now I hate it, I hate it like someone hate paintings of Daveart, things were better in the 90s. Too much blue and the blue color of helmet is off. The blue in Saros mask would be the perfect blue. Honestly it takes some time to get used to that Colorado new color scheme. And I really don't like it.
  2. Don't forget the KIA save of the night. And If Canes scores over two goals YOU can buy two hamburgers for price of one. There is lot of ads in TV broadcast if you compare Europe. Here Europe the ads are in the jerseys and ice not in the mouth of commentator or my TV screen
  3. 99% of Euro pro teams have a contract with (normally) one company and goalies and players wear what they must wear. There is lot of goalies who wear gears they don't like. Big names can maybe have some special deal that they can use unbranded catcher or so. In KHL (most teams) they get some gear money and use what they want. E. But overall it's nice to see NHL 21 is here, Daveart paints some mask and guys get some new gear...everything is ugly, wrong or bad in somehow 😅 Even my daughter can make it better. Weŕe not in the 90s anymore.
  4. Really or a forum legend? I find that GT2 pad made a big step after GT. More boxier, softer shin cradle and bigger knee landing. Also huge step in catcher. You can't say GT pro = GT2 Sr. 🙅‍♀️ I think/heard G line is more popular and no market for two lines. But you can still order a custom GT2 set if you want.
  5. I´ve heard that some companies gonna change their cycle and it´s a good decision. Maybe they release some limited edition if everything is going back to normal. Factories, hockey shops and leagues has been closed and there´s still some new old stock waiting.
  6. Supreme 1S and 2S lines were similar, tight fit in ankle area and lot of users including me find that there´s not enough volume. It is very easy to see where your anklebones are rubbing. There is more volume in 2X line and 2x pro has been very good for my feet. The new 2020 Supreme line is not like the old ones, there is even more volume than in Vapors. So if you scan your feet or did it last summer and Skate Lab said Supreme it means that older Supremes are last choise for you.
  7. Bauer and CCM are the two big goalie brands in Finland. Different area, different #1 brand. Warrior is third overall (somewhere even bigger) but sadly their lines haven´t changed much and it isn´t new, most innovative and fresh brand anymore, which True can be. I would say Bauer is most popular in age group 6-10 and CCM in 10-15. Vaughn JR- pads are 100€ more expensive than bigger hockey brands and it is too much for regular hockey dad. Older juniors are also more intent what brand they want to use, so there might be some Vaughn users. There is only niche market for made in Cana
  8. I think system has changed over the years. Lundy has/had a long and big contract, Kiprusoff got couple hundred thousand dollars when Vaughn -> Bauer and Ovechkin was a big name between CCM and Bauer. I red some article maybe 10 years ago and even some 4th line forward in Toronto got maybe $10k wearing gloves and stick. Toskala was one of the biggest names in NHL after traded to Toronto. Nowadays there is Instagram etc. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kurtbadenhausen/2019/12/12/the-nhls-highest-paid-players-2019-20-mcdavid-matthews-score/#4c515f3c76a2 Maybe companies pay more to NHL now
  9. I agree, I don't like CCM catchers either. But I think those are some old golden memories that pro catcher used to be better. Old ones were heavier, stiffer and worse in many ways. And there's been those repairer guys forever but social media is quite new thing. I know some goalies Who ordered only skins and some local repairer stuffed it. There is still some goalies who send their brand new gear to repairer. Not sure if NHL goalies, because I think they have the closest relationship to factories, but atleast Euro goalies.
  10. This is Finnish Pallas from 1994. A bindingless blocker, one piece glove and soft foam pads. Which one was earlier Blockade or Sher-Wood 9990?
  11. Korppi32

    Warrior G5

    Seems like problems are only in Int-pads. Sr sizes are ok and they used better quality synthetic leather.
  12. Korppi32

    Warrior G5

    I hope the problems are only in Int- sizes. I bet those wrinkles don´t help with better sliding or make it more durable. And I have no reason to be hard on Warrior, normally their products don´t look like that.
  13. Korppi32

    Warrior G5

    I am Warrior fan boy or at least I have used Warrior gear last two sets and I´ve been very happy. I am working at hockey shop, so I´ve seen lot of Warrior gear and I don´t remember any problem with craftsmanship, stitching etc and overall quality has been great (especially if you forget G4 landing area) and all products have been very well made. But when I took very quick look to our first batch of G5s , there was wrinkles and stitchings didn´t go straight and leather material they used felt cheap, overall the whole Int- pad felt cheap 😔. To be honest pads felt like 2005 Sr made in China X
  14. That is not same logo it is only similar and look like a refreshed -2020 version. Or maybe the designer of both logos is same person.
  15. Korppi32

    Miklin goalie pads

    Kinda weird if something from Russia would be all over in Europe.
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