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  1. They're in by default as the host country. I'm looking forward to a 15 point performance by McJesus.
  2. This is beautiful. My son has been bothering me to get him a guitar for the past month or so, I'm making him save up for it though. I've been looking at a basic Epiphone Les Paul, but I admittedly don't know much about guitars. Any recommendations for a young learner? Fairly cheap, as he's a 7 y/o still learning to be responsible and take care of his stuff.
  3. Here's mine, added some shelving to our furnace room in the basement. I installed hooks from the rafters and use a fan to dry everything out before it goes back in the bag. My son's gear is in there too. Also, some good ideas in this thread from awhile ago:
  4. Get in contact with JRZ or Passau, I'd think they could build a pad to your spec and source the material you want. Passau has digital printing options, as well.
  5. Can confirm this also, Tres is legit. I bought a foam kit from him to re-pad my son's Hackva. Great experience.
  6. I'm on the "retire rather than play for the Hawks" bandwagon, also. Flower is way too good of a person/goalie to be stuck with that steaming shitpile of an organization.
  7. A nice pile of gear at the Red Wings equipment sale on Saturday. Prices were a bit exorbitant though, $500 for a Calvin Pickard blocker? No thanks. No real strategy with it though, Bernier's True pads were only $700.
  8. Yzerman moves up and takes Cossa in the draft tonight. GIVE ME ALL THE GOALIES.
  9. Sorry in advance, Flyers fans. What an overpay. Philadelphia Flyers have acquired defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen from the Buffalo Sabres, in exchange for first- and second-round draft picks and defenseman Robert Hagg. The first-round pick will be No. 14 on Friday night as the 2021 NHL Draft begins, and the second-rounder will be in 2023.
  10. I really want Ned to pan out in Detroit, it'd solve a lot of issues. It's a low risk bet regardless (2 years/$3M per) but a few things make me wonder how it's gonna go. Small NHL sample size, his AHL numbers weren't great, and Carolina's D corps are a hell of a lot better than Detroit's (Leddy acquisition and Seider Jesus aside). Just hoping he isn't Andrew Hammond 2.0.
  11. Me too, I was hoping for that. Reports are he informed the FO he was going to test the market, so makes sense to get something for him before he's gone.
  12. Also, sounds like Keith Petruzzelli isn't going to sign and will become a free agent, so it's good move to shore up the position. Detroit has literally no goalie prospects of note. I'd like to see them take Cossa or Wallstedt in the draft tomorrow (if one of them is still there late in the first round).
  13. haha, yup! Just seemed to be the appropriate place for it.
  14. Chris Fowler was pretty bad also, unfortunately. Like, has he ever watched hockey in his life? Calling the Hurricanes the Carolina Panthers when they were making the Geekie pick was brutal.
  15. Sorry, wrong thread! I meant to post in the daily chit-chat thread.
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