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  1. Found this the other day: https://www.instagram.com/lvh_proshop/ Does anyone know more info about this? pretty interesting!
  2. Fwiw, these are called "epoxy dome" logos. They're usually digitally printed, but in this case it looks like they're using a 3D logo (a company from Florida called World Emblem makes a lot of these). The logo is then put into a mold and covered with clear epoxy.
  3. Also, Trudeau isn't exempt from scorn on this one either. He seemingly spent most of last year running from scandal to scandal instead of, ya know, prepping his country for vaccination.
  4. I need to order like 6 sets of these damn things. Tying 3 pairs of skates all winter (and now rollerblades every day) gets pretty old.
  5. Little update on this project, I picked up an Itech NV7 for cheap this weekend (had a snafu with the CCM mask I bought, seller said it was a large, received a small lol). I've disassembled the mask and sanded the clearcoat off with 400 grit already, it should be ready for paint by the end of this week after some further prep. Some small chips on the chin that I'm going to fill in with bondo putty and sand down, per advice here. Also, thanks to @BadAngle41 for linking the JBo Airbrush videos in this thread, it's definitely helping me with the process. Besides paint, I'm planning a ne
  6. Selfishly, I kinda hope this happens, maybe Yzerman can lure him to Detroit next year or something. We have basically nothing in the pipeline as far as goalies are concerned.
  7. Yeah it's a pretty mixed bag. Some understand how the platform works and are respectful. Others have no idea and lowball, or ask things like why shipping is so expensive. I had a buyer try to withhold funds on a blocker until he used it in a game to see how he liked it. Luckily SS automatically gives you your money after the buyer has the item for 72 hours.
  8. I've had decent success flipping gear, mainly due to finding things way underpriced that I could try out and then resell at a decent margin. Results vary though, I've also lost money or sat on items for ages before selling. Like anything, there's sellers out there who are out for a dollar and don't really understand how the market works: https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/goalie/goalie-full-sets/3186941-bauer-red-senior-34-regular-supreme-2s-pro-stock-goalie-full-set
  9. Found a decent comparison of the two from THS's "review": https://www.thehockeyshop.com/blogs/goalie-gear-reviews/warrior-ritual-g5-pro-goal-leg-pad-review
  10. Off the top of my head, G5 Sr will not have hypercomp, G4 pro will. G4 airslide stitching issue has been fixed on G5, outer roll shape is also different.
  11. You love to see it. Some of my favorite childhood memories. This, the 7-0 destruction in game 7, and then Hasek finally getting his cup some days later. Nostalgia is basically the only thing keeping my fandom alive right about now lol.
  12. I've never used a Shark so I can't compare the two. I will say that Michel is very easy to work with and his product is great. There's no price differences AFAIK for different molds, only for material type (fiberglass, fiberglass/kevlar combo, or full kevlar). Hidden backplate straps just allow more of your backplate to show, so another area for artwork. It's just personal preference. I've attached a photo of my PS here with hidden straps for reference. I've heard of other goalies getting their wrap clear coated. I personally didn't on mine and it's held up great thus far (JF Aumais
  13. They definitely want to stick out like that. I've never had it interfere or be a problem though, thus far. The other thing I've noticed is they'll also fold under the middle flap, which is an easy way to get rid of the issue.
  14. This is in pretty much all product marketing these days unfortunately, not just hockey gear. Ford's "Sync" technology or "PowerBoost" V6 engine, Apple's "Lightning" charging accessories, "cold-filtered" beer from Coors, etc. It's all meaningless marketing-speak.
  15. Creating this thread for a project I'm starting soon. I'm going to attempt airbrushing my own mask, with inspiration from @kylewesbury My wife has a ton of experience with airbrush, so I'm sure she'll end up doing at least half of the work lol. I have a CCM 1.9 on it's way to me that I picked up cheap, so lots of room for mistakes here. Design-wise, I want something simple and flat, with a bit of retro flair. I was initially going to do a yellow-based mask, but apparently yellow is one of the hardest paints to get good coverage with. So blue it is, with yellow and silver accents.
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