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  1. I've had it for a year and it's held up very well. Multiple pucks to the mask and no ripping or lifting. Cost was $180 CAD if I remember correctly.
  2. Thank you sir! Trust the Yzerplan 😊 Thanks! That's cool, Habs and NYR are the 2 other teams I follow😊
  3. You've probably seen this, but figured I'd toss it on here anyways: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Martin-Brodeur-Heaton-Helite-III-Stick-New-Jersey-Devils-St-Louis-Blues-PSA-DNA-/324070914896
  4. Sweet design! I had Michel from Protechsport ship my mask to JF Aumais to wrap after he completed it. It worked great as they're both in the Montreal area.
  5. I ordered my first mask without a mold, I just sent my head measurements to him. Turned out perfectly.
  6. Sport Gold is "Boston" in this case, but yeah dark green should be an option too.
  7. Didn't stray too far from my current setup, color-wise:
  8. Max, I've seen those Lehner sticks at Perani's Hockey World here in Michigan, and they should still have a few. I've seen them at the Sterling Heights and Bloomfield locations recently. You could also call their HQ in Flint, they might have an idea of inventory available in their stores.
  9. motowngoalie

    Warrior G5

    Finally got some time to use the customizer, this is the most versatile Warrior graphic thus far. I love that you can design up or across the pad. Something simple and blocky like this is pretty cool. Kinda reminds me of Nicole Hensley's Brian's design.
  10. motowngoalie

    Warrior G5

    On the sticks.
  11. motowngoalie

    Warrior G5

    The new customizer landing page doesn't seem to be optimized for mobile, some of the product selections are cut off. My only beef so far. Adding the stick customizers to the same page makes sense (rather than having them on the main Warrior site as before) and the 360 view a la Bauer is a nice feature.
  12. I loved his masks, too. Airxess did some beautiful designs for him over the years.
  13. Nice setup! Is that stick one of Lehner's from his time in Buffalo?
  14. I'd be embarrassed as the owner of these gloves too. It's like putting a BMW emblem on a Dodge Avenger. When Brian's will literally build whatever you want, why would you go for a less expensive knockoff......
  15. Is life. 600 is for goalies who want two blockers 😋
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