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  1. A steal on a beautiful vintage Ducks setup (with a cool description by the seller to match 😁) https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/goalie/goalie-full-sets/969964-warrior-new-ritual-gt-classic-pro-goalie-full-set-regular-senior
  2. There's a guy on GGSU that's supposedly created a black dye for cowlings. It's been awhile since I've seen the post about it, but that might be an option also.
  3. Yeah I can't seem to find out too much in digging through GSBB, etc. 😞
  4. I'm mostly looking to do a copy of the graphic, but on a modern pad design. Still, I wonder if it'd be possible to do the vertical stitching and perforations form the original...
  5. Does anyone know if Dave Wilcox was designing for TPS in the early 2000s? I'm kicking around the idea of a Icecap tribute from Dominator's time with the Wings. I figured it'd be best to use Kenesky if Dave had a hand in the original design.
  6. Perani's warehouse sale is coming up, starts July 18th. Also not goalie related, but The Athletic is 76% off today for new subscribers. I just subbed for the year, cost like $15. Pretty good deal for decent sports journalism.
  7. You're welcome! Ahh, that makes sense re: the loops. I'll have to try that out
  8. motowngoalie

    R GT/2

    @Deltadre @Peter36 it ain't pretty to look at, but the review is up
  9. Reserved, long term consensus/final review.
  10. Hey everyone! Here's my review of the R/GT2 senior chesty from Warrior. This is my first attempt at a long form review, so please feel free to critique I'll do initial impressions, and then a 1-2 month impression (I'm only playing once a week currently), and then long-term consensus in a few months or so. Anyways, let's jump in: Chest Protector History Vaughn VP5500 Vaughn V5 (unsure of exact model) Brian’s Zero G Warrior G2 Sr w/ G1 Pro arms Initial Impressions Very bulky. As @BonesDT said in the Bauer Vs. Warrior thread, this thing is beastly for a senior C/A. I don’t believe it’s NHL-spec (which I’m not overly concerned with). Very adjustable, I’ve counted at least 9 places per side with the ability to adjust. It also sits noticeably higher than my G2, but my mask interferes less with the floaters on this unit. The chest portion of my G2 is adequately protective, it’s the arms that are sorely lacking (hence the upgrade to G1 pro arms). This unit doesn’t have the same problem. Looking at the GT2 compared to the Bauer S2.9 and Brian’s B-Star (the 2 other non-pro units I was interested in), these arms feel the most protective. The foams are noticeably harder than the other 2 mentioned, and I’m really impressed with the triple layer of protection at the elbows. 2 additional pieces on either side of the bicep area do a nice job of covering the upper arm. As Bones also noted, there's zero gap between your arms and sides when your arms are in a natural relaxed position. I'm really interested to see how this goes, as I'm used to squeezing my arms to my torso while playing. Removable belly/side pad extensions are a nice touch. My XL G2 is a little short IMO (I’m not a tucker) and this makes it the perfect length for those of us with a longer torso. The branding on the floaters is a separate piece of material. Not sure if this is just aesthetics or maybe for suspenders....? Doesn't seem to be for that, but figured I'd include a photo for reference. There's also 2 additional loops by the pant loop on the stomach area, I'm not sure what purpose they have. A few things to note: -Underpadding on arms interferes slightly with my gloves. This section of padding makes sense when the arm is flexed, but it protrudes outward whenever I straighten my arm, interfering with my glove and blocker. This might be negligible once I have a jersey over it during gameplay, so I’ll see what happens. The G2 arms were very easily adjusted with velcro, whereas these are laced in. This is just a personal preference of course. I fought with the laces for a half hour or so on one side to shorten the arm up, compared to about 3 minutes to adjust the Sr. arms on the G2. Once I figure out how to lace these in properly, this will be a non-issue (mostly operator error!). Velcro wrist straps fall out, a mushroom ended strap would fix this. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this for the very short time I’ve had to mess around with it. I’ll put it through the paces over the next few weeks and provide some updates along the way. Let me know if you have any questions!
  11. motowngoalie

    R GT/2

    Patience, I'm working on chapter 3 😉 I've taken all of the photos and written the text, I just need to format it on here. Hopefully tonight!
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