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  1. Not "action" per see, but played some blueline 3 on 3 this morning with some buddies. Little guys skated at the other end. My 5 y/o's first time in a big rink
  2. This is one of my favorite parts of Warrior gloves. Pull the liners out, spray some oxyclean inside, throw them in the washing machine. Rosy fresh 😍
  3. The best thing Shitsburgh fans can hope for is a Tampa sweep, then no one will remember their own epic choke job. A quote on Tampa I ran across and thought was worth sharing: "Tampa's not a dominant team at 5v5. Barely top 10 in most shot share metrics. Their offense was driven by a historically successful power play. The problem is that the whistles go away in the postseason so you’re not getting the opportunities that you do in the regular season unless you’re a dominant possession team that constantly forces the opposing team to get frustrated and take penalties. Some other notes: -CBJ was the least penalized team in the regular season, so they don’t give up many PP opportunities to Tampa -CBJ had a top 10 PK this season -CBJ plays the lowest event hockey at 5v5 in the regular season (in terms of total shots by both teams); this means that their games are mucky instead of track meets which would favor Tampa’s skill and speed. -After the acquisitions of Duchene and Dzingel, CBJ has as many top 40 scorers as Tampa. This isn’t a traditional #8 seed. On paper they should’ve competed for the Metro, possibly even won it."
  4. Going from G2's to G4's, the only difference I've really noticed is when the crease is choppy/snowy later in games. I'd say that's when the Airside makes a difference compared to a flat jenpro surface.
  5. That's what I thought as well. Maybe it's the GT/2 Senior chest protector....? @Kirk3190 can you help here?
  6. Another new Warrior chesty line it seems...Saw this at Pure Hockey tonight. Anyone know anything on this? Retail was $299.99, so a bit more than Sr level G4/GT.
  7. motowngoalie

    Ritual X2

    Pure Goalie has the new X2 items (jock, pants, kneepads) up on their site for presale: https://goalie.purehockey.com/search.aspx?keyword=warrior x2
  8. motowngoalie

    R GT/2

    Yes!! 👍 This is my only complaint with the G2 C/A I'm currently in. Can't wait to check this out.
  9. From what I recall, Innovative made their sticks in MX, and Warrior got in to the stick business by purchasing them. It's probably where it all started.
  10. I feel like this would mesh better with the classic graphic, red mainly as an accent. Also, these colors look great together, KVG's Reactor set in this exact colorway was pretty awesome, IMO.
  11. The same thing happened with Osgood as well: https://www.thestar.com/sports/hockey/2011/07/30/osgood_retires_and_takes_the_helmet_with_him.html
  12. Too much black....?
  13. How 'bout @McKenney Hockey or JRZ...?
  14. Damn, great deal on SidelineSwap: https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/goalie-masks/732992-ccm-protechsport-custom-mold-pro-mask
  15. It's a lot like Trav4's checkerboard set. Looks like they took every possible option Brian's offers and put it all on one pad. Pretty fugly.
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