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  1. I don't know, however if you get in touch with Dave Wilcox at Kenesky, he should be able to help you. I believe he designed most of the TPS line.
  2. From what I understand, the case is about CCM manufacturing EF4 pads for Canada's goalies at the WJC that Lefevre didn't produce - I don't think Axis is part of their argument.
  3. Sorry for the delay! Just updated the review with further thoughts/info.
  4. Good timing on this topic! My wife and I are doing a trip to PDX for a long weekend in March. I'll update this thread if we come across anything suitable for a weekend of drunken stupor 😁
  5. @TheGoalNet does the 2" height interfere at all with mobility/looking down? I'm ordering a neck guard from Kova, and I'm trying to figure out height. Ideally, I'd like to maximize protection and go 2.5" in height, but I want to avoid that "too-tight necktie" feeling and maintain full movement.
  6. Thank you! Thanks! Yeah, other than Hellberg's Brian's setup, most of them go with a white base. Kind of underwhelming when those colors look so great together. Thank you 😊
  7. Update: I've dropped to a 26" paddle and love it. CCM EF4 and Warrior foam cores.
  8. GGN said in the comments that he'd confirmed with Patrick Lefevre that they're built for Howie. Being that his GAA is currently an ungodly 4.11, it might help to try something new......man, it sucks being a Wings fan right now.
  9. Total potato pics, but here's two of me from a skate this afternoon.
  10. Ew gross. Reminds me of these:
  11. My favorite part of the WJC so far has been the logo. Great job by the IIHF to honor Mrazek's 2012 performance. Also, I'd love it if he still wore # 2.
  12. If I remember correctly, STR was reinforced and meant to be stronger/more durable than the LTE.
  13. motowngoalie


    Two of my recent conquests. CBS (and KBS) is no longer after this year, so I wanted to see what the hype was all about. Just...meh. Maybe I'm not sophisticated enough to get the appeal. The New Glarus however, was fricking fantastic.
  14. I'm 6' 2", in 36+0.5 G4's. You should be fine in 36's I'd think.
  15. If you're interested in the 2X Vapor line from Bauer, the G4's from Warrior are very similar in feel/playability. Pads are stiff, but not board-stiff like 2S Supreme or (I assume) Optik FLY. Bauer's blockers are really impressive with their hard rebounds, also.
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