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  1. Great writeup! I've been looking at these as well, do you have a link to the 25% off coupon? I believe @Hills has done some testing of their player sticks on his Youtube channel, but overall there's not much out there about Hoapa. Also, it looks like they'll reimburse the duty fees you paid: https://www.hoapahockey.com/pages/custom-duty-reimbursement
  2. These are a bit before I got into gear, but my lasting memory of them is Burrows "slay the dragon" goal against Crow. Hopefully a "Larceny appreciation thread" isn't next... 😬
  3. So this is pretty exciting. On a whim my 5 y/o sent a letter and a card to the Great One back in March, right after this whole thing started. It took about a week to format and write the letter which kept him more than occupied. We got it back today, 2 autos on the card and one on the letter as well. He's absolutely stoked. Definitely a great way to start another week with no school, etc.
  4. Thanks! I'd forgotten about that.
  5. Just had a thought on this, does the NHL sponsorship fee for helmets include masks as well? Wondering about the possibility of this mask in the show next year.
  6. I wonder if it's to do with certifications. Looks like they're selling a non-cert. cateye as an accessory.
  7. Thanks guys! I have some other ideas for this concept, I'll try to get them posted up this weekend @ULTIMA @BadAngle41 I haven't had any conversations with Passau as of yet, but I wondered about the trademark issue as well.
  8. Thanks for everyone's responses! @Chenner29 I know what you mean, I wish there was a way to not split the graphic. I really like this design from @GoalieCustomizer, but I'm pretty partial to the wheel portion of the logo.
  9. Hey all, I'm kicking around the idea of ordering a set of the Passau Starke pads with digitally printed graphics. I'm missing my red Warrior set, so I'm planning a Red Wings theme. Here's 6 ideas I put together, let me know what set you prefer and why! I'm open to any suggestions and edits, not really sure what I want yet. Pardon my sloppy edit skills.......
  10. Dude, that sweater!! Beautiful 😍😍
  11. @Quadzilla32 looks like Tim hasn't been on the forum in awhile, you may have better luck sending him an email 🙂
  12. Cool idea! Here's mine, I added 2 more attributes: Head: Hasek Glove: Mrazek (mostly for the showboating) Blocker: Bobrovsky Legs: Vasilevskiy Athleticism: Hasek Stick: Brodeur Heart (or "compete level"): Lundqvist
  13. I wonder if there's some regional aspects to this as well. It makes sense to have endorsed athletes in big markets (Lundqvist and Price come to mind), but maybe not so much in smaller markets, especially where hockey isn't the main sport.
  14. Awesome! I've always loved RXS masks, they're so minimalist.
  15. @Hills posted about this on Insta, looks like Verbero is jumping in to the goalie pool: https://www.verbero.com/pages/goalie-products Does anyone know any further info on this?
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