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  1. If you're interested in the 2X Vapor line from Bauer, the G4's from Warrior are very similar in feel/playability. Pads are stiff, but not board-stiff like 2S Supreme or (I assume) Optik FLY. Bauer's blockers are really impressive with their hard rebounds, also.
  2. motowngoalie

    Vaughn V9

    This was discussed in the Optik 2 thread as well, kind of a trend at this point. McKenney, Optik 2, Hank's Bauer set, now V9. It's like the 2019 version of the sock graphic.
  3. I haven't ordered personally, but I saw a few others voicing this same issue on Facebook groups. It's apparently an issue with their inventory system or something...
  4. motowngoalie

    Warrior G5

    Looks like a hybrid of the original G2 Euro/G4 graphic.
  5. SkinFX Wraps and JF Aumais are two. SkinFX has a great reputation, I've never used him. JF wrapped my mask at the beginning of this year, I'm very happy with it thus far.
  6. The whole glove is smaller, not sure on dimensions though. To start you could order an intermediate liner and see if that helps?
  7. This immediately came to mind. As a fellow half-Brit (my pops is from Preston, bloody northerner), well done! It's as British as meat pies and mushy peas.
  8. motowngoalie

    Brand loyalty

    Aww, I'm blushing over here 😊 Thanks!
  9. Sorry for the bad screencaps, but further images from the Goalieverse on FB.
  10. Skate lace looks like shit, IMO. Assembly lacing and pocket lacing need to match. Even when skate lace is new, it still looks like a repair instead of being intentional.
  11. I can't get the photos now, but there's about 4-5 more images in a thread on the Goalieverse group on FB. Stock catalog imagery showing front/back/sides of the pads and gloves. Pretty interesting design. Also, it was mentioned in the thread that CCM has a new mask line coming for this launch, also called Axis. I'll add in photos later today when able.
  12. motowngoalie

    Brand loyalty

    C'mon now, it's the future! Nobody knows how to hand-stuff pads or cut tribal graphics from hides anymore 😛
  13. motowngoalie

    Brand loyalty

    Not totally confirmed, but a Warrior employee did tell me that masks are debuting in 2020. Also with them being owned by New Balance (and the category being a pretty big money maker), you have to wonder if skates are coming at some point.
  14. If this is from last season, maybe Allan and Anderson?
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