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  1. Kiver out of Russia might be an option. Also RXS, although they're probably out of your desired price range: https://www.rxs-goaliemasks.ch/de/
  2. I had the same thing happening with my G2's. I was in a stock 35+1.5, landing on the top side of the block. Overall pad length/thigh rise was great though. I ordered a 36+0.5 when I ordered my G4's and they're perfect. Almost identical overall height next to my G2's.
  3. InGoal talked about this on one of their podcasts as well, maybe the one featuring Demko? It's so annoying to me for some reason. Like, is it just ego that he requires that of his goalies? Why just the outer roll? There's no statistical backing to this at all. Pure pseudoscience.
  4. Digging Filip Larsson's mask from the prospects tourney.
  5. No luck in my search, so I ended up getting a sublimated copy from Ealer Jerseys. Direct from China, about $50 total. Not a perfect replica by any means, but close enough for my purposes.
  6. motowngoalie

    Optik 2

    Also, I thought of the graphic from McKenney's XPG1 line that came out earlier this year. Very similar as well:
  7. To add to the mix, at the Perani's demo day one of the guys from Warrior told me they're debuting a line of masks in 2020.
  8. No kidding! It took me about 3 months to find one with the newer body style (2008 on) and the turbo V6. Volvo's wagons are beautiful, one of the few remaining wagon options it seems..
  9. New gear hauler for me! Finally got a wagon, Saab 9-3 Aero. I have it tuned (apparently around 300HP, haven't dyno'd to confirm) and wheels are on their way. Some obligatory photos of my setup thrown in too 😉
  10. I believe the Premier line is going away. A replacement with a new name would make sense. They're probably not ready to replace the EFlex line with their flagship goalies still in it (who all seem to favor a flexible pad - Holtby, Bobs, Price).
  11. motowngoalie

    Louis Domingue

    He has another year on his contract I believe, but I'd think McElhinney will back up Vasy over him. So, likely in Syracuse.
  12. I've never used Bauer sticks, but I concur on the EF4 from CCM. Super light and well-balanced. I'm really enjoying mine so far.
  13. I'd also recommend Blaster penetrating oil. I used it in conjunction with a blowtorch getting rusty bolts out of starters and alternators in a past job. Careful with the flames though 😣 Also, tap the area around the bolt with a hammer, that can sometimes get things moving (just don't use too much force).
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