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    second (?) generation Maltese (still squishy - not "foam")
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  1. No worries - just trying to be helpful. Some things you never know unless you ask. Congrats on the set. Have been rolling with G2 gloves for years now (rotating through (3) palm sets) with no complaints.
  2. @benner33 @cuprajake I'm with Jake. The practice/pro palm is a sheet of foam that fits within the velcroed in removable palm... well - at least it used to be back in the G2 days.
  3. I believe you're both correct benner33/Teezle but are talking two different animals. There is an insert that goes in the palm/finger stall that serves to upgrade to a practice/pro palm = not velcroed. There is also a foam piece down in the wrist area that helps cover the "gap" from heel of your hand to wrist = velcroed.
  4. Smeds35 - fairly certain Richter's lid is a Pro's Choice.
  5. I have limited vents on my Pro's Choice mask in reverse of what you're mentioning (no ear holes for mask art purposes on the sides) and don't notice a change in temperature going between masks. Hearing is only slightly compromised if at all. Hope that helps.
  6. Is there a reason there's no padding (unless I'm blind)? Assuming you ordered it up that way - in order to pad yourself... ? Is that red Maltese in your older lid?
  7. Pretty sure you can find similar hardware for regular run-of-the-mill player helmets. Sets the piece in the plastic so it doesn't turn. Might try that route and happy hunting!
  8. From what I understand (which is what you'll get straight from Michel if you ask him) - their is no difference in protection between the full glass/full kevlar. The full kevlar will weigh less as you mentioned and you'll pay a premium for the material and the additional labor it takes to work the material but with Michel's full warranty regardless you are really only paying for peace of mind. Its been said to go either all in with kevlar or all fiberglass as the middle ground is exactly that - the middle - doesn't provide any more measure of protection while also not providing the weight savings. Probably worth mentioning that you aren't (in my opinion) talking substantial weight savings here in the grand scheme of things. That's just what I've gleaned through years of research here and on the old GSBB. Good luck - hope it was helpful.
  9. For the record - the denting on my first generation Warrior never compromised protection (and the "denting" appears to have been remedied on the latest iteration).
  10. chile57

    Warrior G5

    The lid can be seen in the video above.
  11. I'll vouch for the Warrior jock. This is my second one (on the first the elastic was just getting stringy). I think its pretty streamlined. Zero protection issues and with the one I just pulled the trigger on and new elastic - stays perfectly in place. Had the Simmons air bladder one before that (and an old school Vic before that).
  12. +1 I was on the ice for this incident and without the AED (and somebody knowledgeable on its use) it'd have been trouble. https://www.henryford.com/services/cardiology/patient-stories/sheldon-brafford
  13. +1 on the Warriors. I believe they have the most logical articulating points to match what your knee does. Seem to stay in place relatively well also.
  14. I might be wrong but I believe the piece that truly makes it a "pro palm" or "practice palm" is actually an insert piece of foam in the removable liner. The piece you've shown is down towards/in the cuff area.
  15. Count me in as a chin sling enthusiast - I have it in three of my lids and would never go back. For those asking think of it like this - it kind of acts like a cup but without the cumbersomeness (in my opinion) of rolling underneath your chin. I've been using a chin sling for over 12 years (first foray was with my custom Pro's Choice Vapor) and have never had any protection or losing my lid issues (and at one point I was playing four nights a week). A tight fit if done properly is a nonissue. Keep in mind these are all custom lids so the fit is dialed in to begin with. My slings aren't of the Maltese variety (think attached directly to the chin drop) they are suspended away from the chin drop with a slight gap between the padding and the mask itself (much the same as a chin cup would be). Echoing what Richter said above on the application.
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