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    Bauer Pro Ultra LE (Goalie Monkey)
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    second (?) generation Maltese (still squishy - not "foam-y")
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  1. Believe the short answer is what we all know about Thomas - super high maintenance gear-wise - constantly wanting to tweak, retweak his gear (which is probably a nightmare if you are a gear manufacturer). Also - if you are happy with your final design guess you could be loathe to make wholesale changes.
  2. chile57

    Mckenney Gear

    Pants... https://mckenneyhockey.com/product-category/goalie-gear/?filter_equipment=pants CAs.. https://mckenneyhockey.com/product-category/goalie-gear/?filter_equipment=chest-arm
  3. I'd agree they aren't necessary - really just a preference/cosmetic thing (if anything). Bauer C1/C2 (or whatever they were called) aside - I don't think these are doing anything else for you (or anyone else).
  4. Agreed - I don't think you are getting any added protection. Maybe some ringing prevention but mostly protecting the clear/paint. For what its worth - I instead use small nylon washers (mainly because my mask is more white than black).
  5. ... and the debate rages on (despite the death of the old board).
  6. I know on the old board (RIP) there was a good thread where a guy did up his cowlings in orange RIT dye. Lots of back and forth (and back and forth and... ) regarding whether or not this compromised the integrity of the holder. As I recall - he didn't have any issues with it and they turned up pretty sharp/held up well.
  7. Looks like Price is also sporting a Pro's Choice lid so I wouldn't necessarily label him a for sure convert yet. Might just be trying different things (as keepers tend to do in the "preseason"). We'll see what he's wearing in game one.
  8. Vaughn offers retail masks. And then of course there's the "pro" Vaughn masks by Pro's Choice.
  9. I think we're talking the same language here just presenting it differently. My point being a single significant strike (enough to bend wire slightly) isn't enough to get me worried - its not going to have the same effect as working it over enough that it snaps. Sure - I agree its closer to a failure point than it was when pristine but how many of us playing beer leagues have had a Nabokov moment (bad example since I believe that was titanium)? Everything is risk/reward and based on what you're comfortable with when factoring in all the data available to you. That said - its a good general rul
  10. I'm sure this will lead to a skewering from the experts... For me I've confidently (and successfully) played with slightly bent wires - thought process being that metal wire doesn't really get pliable until or rather unless it were to work back and forth (which loans to not working your bends back out). Granted - a significant bend would be a different matter. The bigger tell for me has always been whether or not a weld has busted loose. To me - that's call for an immediate replacement. If I replaced a cage every time a wire got bent - I'd probably buy stock in goal cages.
  11. Count me in as a multiple mask enthusiast. Three Pro's Choices, a Hackva and a Sportmask Mage RS. Sold off an Eddy Custom Kevlar and a Fusion. I don't have any other hobbies.
  12. "Maybe one day be the President of the USA." well played @MTH (starts the slow clap... ).
  13. chile57

    Soft pads user

    Fellow soft pad enthusiast here and although I appreciate the suggestions above as far as what you can get today truly being Vaughn V1/V2/V3 "soft" I think the only thing that comes close is some of the offerings from Simmons. I've checked out a lot of the big box stuff and I just don't think it compares (mainly in the boot break area). I wore a pair of Carey Price V3's for a long time and ran the gamut trying to replace/replicate them (Lundqvist TPS's, P2's, Reactor 9000's, V5's... and others I'm forgetting). There may be some other smaller manufacturers that are in the same ballpark. Hope th
  14. First - welcome to the board. Second - I'd tend to agree with you - I've found that the same glove model from the same manufacturer can feel different glove to glove. If you are super "selective" (not picky) it'd probably be best to find something off the shelf. As for a "recommendation" I'm a smaller-ish dude in general (5' - 4"/5"-ish) and I'm currently using Warrior G2 gloves with absolutely no complaints. Before that - Bauer Reactor glove set (which were also great) and before those a custom set of Brian's Zero G's (that I ordered to replace the stock set of Zero G's that were fantast
  15. Yes to all of the above/both. Anyone playing is allowed in the door to the rink/door to the locker room 15 minutes before puck drop and must be out 15 minutes thereafter. The 15 minutes prior was more strict on private sessions before leagues. Now that leagues have started (and mostly because I rent a locker at the arena in an abandoned college team room) I'm good to get there earlier. Those that don't do that are stuck since they need time to clean/disinfect between games.
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