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    Simmons UL9
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    Warrior Ritual G2
  • Blocker
    Warrior Ritual G2
  • Chest & Arm Protector
    Bauer Pro Ultra LE (Goalie Monkey)
  • Pants
    Vaughn V2 (?)
  • Mask
    Pro's Choice Vapor (2008/2010)/Pro's Choice Vision (2014)
  • Stick
    Bauer Reactor 9000/Warrior Swagger Pro 2
  • Skates - Boot
    Bauer One80/Bauer Reactor 7000
  • Knee Pads
    Warrior Ritual X2 Junior
  • Neck Guard
    second (?) generation Maltese (still squishy - not "foam-y")
  • Jock
    Warrior Ritual X2 Pro

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  1. chile57

    CCM Eflex 5

    FYI - the UL9's from Simmons are double break. I'd give them a serious look if I were you. I tried some TPS offering (the Lundy pads), some Reeboks, the V5's, Bauer's Reactor 9000's, Battrams and some others I'm forgetting before Simmons. Bought those and haven't looked back.
  2. chile57

    CCM Eflex 5

    If you truly want something that plays "soft" I'd look at Ultralights from Don Simmons. I ran the gamut of pads trying to replace/replicate my V3/7700's (including a set of V5/7800's) and happily settled on the UL's.
  3. Many thanks for the legwork @bildeer - put it on my tab. So even pared down and with your knee exposed style of play - no issues. Got it - thanks again.
  4. @bildeer or @Taco or... Anybody care to share some photos of the Factory MAD's? Interested in an overall shot and then maybe one where they are pared down (since things are "removable"). Checked their site and no pics of the knee pads. Or maybe point me to a place such photos exist (?). Thanks!
  5. Welcome to (migrating to the new board from the old... ) board (assuming I recognize your name/gear kit accurately). I'm with Chenner on the Maltese. That was the main selling point - "doesn't get crusty and harden over time - will maintain its integrity". As far as the mask itself here was a similar styled response I had to another question specifically about a different brand mask somewhere else on this board... A lot of the replace at "X" years school of thought is tied to the materials used - namely the resin I believe. Last I knew - Pro's Choice uses epoxy resin which isn't thou
  6. A lot of the replace at "X" years school of thought is tied to the materials used - namely the resin I believe. Last I knew - Pro's Choice uses epoxy resin which isn't thought to degrade over time (unlike polyester resin can/will). So ultimately I think it boils down to your feel good (or lack thereof). Are you regularly giving your mask a once over and inspecting for damage/signs of degradation? Do you refurbish your mask "regularly" when called for (new cage, hardware, foams... )? For what it's worth - I have a 2008 and a 2010 Pro's Choice in my rotation with no concerns and/or issues.
  7. Glad you're going to give it a go. Hopefully you'll find that the "Game On" mask isn't the absolute worst possible thing in the whole wide world once you're on the ice. Good luck.
  8. The CCM "Game On" is really more of neoprene type material that doesn't take on water and it fits away from your face (think really only touches at the bridge of your nose). I wouldn't have a problem flipping up my lid to drink/spray my face - I'm just lazy (and more so don't trust the stripes not to drop the puck before I'm ready). Not pressing the issue just hopefully giving you some ammunition if you get tired of waiting this thing out and get the itch to play.
  9. Struggle is real for some. For what its worth - I've been playing all the while with the goalie-centric CCM mask with no issues. Sure - a little inconvenient but no real issues like popping up/into line of vision or anything like that. Honestly the only reason I notice it is because I can't take a drink through my cage anymore.
  10. Agreed - the struggle is ALWAYS getting there (and then its fine once you do). This is part of why I play net - it forces me to go. A skater can always (and frequently does) bail at the last minute but if you're a keeper (and give a shit) you can't let down 20-ish guys for a 10 o'clock game.
  11. Believe the short answer is what we all know about Thomas - super high maintenance gear-wise - constantly wanting to tweak, retweak his gear (which is probably a nightmare if you are a gear manufacturer). Also - if you are happy with your final design guess you could be loathe to make wholesale changes.
  12. chile57

    Mckenney Gear

    Pants... https://mckenneyhockey.com/product-category/goalie-gear/?filter_equipment=pants CAs.. https://mckenneyhockey.com/product-category/goalie-gear/?filter_equipment=chest-arm
  13. I'd agree they aren't necessary - really just a preference/cosmetic thing (if anything). Bauer C1/C2 (or whatever they were called) aside - I don't think these are doing anything else for you (or anyone else).
  14. Agreed - I don't think you are getting any added protection. Maybe some ringing prevention but mostly protecting the clear/paint. For what its worth - I instead use small nylon washers (mainly because my mask is more white than black).
  15. ... and the debate rages on (despite the death of the old board).
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