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  1. Pro's Choice also offers a snap-on variation in either white or black. I've had my oldest PC since 2008 and the straps show no sign of fraying or losing elasticity. Happy hunting. https://progoaliemask.com/quick-snap/
  2. I'm in much the same boat as you - smallish (5'-6") and like a pad that moves and flexes with me. I had a pair of Vaughn 7700's (V3 Carey Price graphic) that I loved and tried a lot of replacements (TPS R8, Battram, Vaughn V5, Bauer Reactor 6000, Reebok XLT and probably others I'm forgetting aside from checking out almost everything from soup to nuts (Warrior, Brian's, etc.) you can find in store) before happily settling on some UL9's from Simmons. They are the only thing that comes close to replicating the soft boot break of pads from yesteryear as far as I'm concerned (which is the most critical component in getting a pad to feel like its really on your leg in my opinion). Double bonus? They are generally cheaper (since you were looking for something "affordable"). Hope that helps. Happy hunting.
  3. dstew29 - pretty sure that one is a promask https://www.promask.com/en/ seem to recall them being branded as Reebok in Europe early on Ertl35 - based on the top of the cage, shape and the obvious full layer of kevlar from the visible frayed edge - i'm going to guess a promasque that's been repadded on the inside to lose the air bladder (definitely not a Warwick or Coveted) http://promasque.com/index2.htm that's my best stab (disclaimer - i don't own one so i might not be the subject matter expert) - if not that my next guess would be some weird one-off
  4. moons ago there were mens leagues to be played at the tam-o-shanter (which is technically in sylvania, oh jjjust west of toledo). theres a couple sheets of ice there so id look into that. if not there theres a sunday night mens league at adrian college in adrian, mi where ive subbed on occasion. that ones a pretty mixed bag - anywhere from tripods to former college players (the school has a pretty solid team). depending on where you are in toledo - adrian might be as close as 30 minutes away. good luck!
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