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    Warrior Ritual X2 Junior
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    second (?) generation Maltese (still squishy - not "foam-y")
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  1. I get it - who doesn't love a good old fashioned ball busting (especially when the victim is one that sits "in power" like a moderator)? I was just kidding around. I think we all know that as accepting as this board is - part of that acceptance is the "initiation" that goes along with ribbing one another. I never claimed it was a good idea for sure - the last crippling knee shot that snuck through was most certainly the catalyst for going all in on knee pads.
  2. Daggers thrown @coopaloop1234 & @seagoal. Guess I shouldn't confess that I also went knee protection-less for a long spell. Didn't help that my pads at the time were of the narrow knee variety and all those knee pads tried were of the bulky variety. I honestly think getting used to knee pads was one of the more unnatural conversions if you are a soft/pad/tighter leg channel type tender. Then again - I had the hardest time of all switching out of my V2-ish pants (sooo broken in - had to jettison them after they basically disintegrated from FUPA to top of butt crack) out of everything so maybe I'm not the best litmus.
  3. Good sleuthing @RichMan Guess we'd know for certain if there were any pics since Agatone's gloves have a fairly distinct shape to them. Who puts up a site with no pics anyways? Fail.
  4. Good call Chakal - didn't initially think of this but the site does have that "feel" to it now that you mention it. Would hate for anyone to take that bait.
  5. Yes - Ritual X2. Haven't looked back since (and haven't dug up any of the countless iterations I bought and hated).
  6. I'll chime in here as a fellow soft pad enthusiast (Reactor 3 -> V3 -> V5 -> Reactor 6000's -> Simmons UL9's) and one time knee pad swear-er off-er... I totally get it. Putting on knee pads gives your pad a completely different feel off your leg. I tried many, many, many iterations of them before I was a convert (I was rocking neither boards nor pads at the time). I finally settled on Warrior juniors (yes - you read that right) as they were the least bulkiest option and the one I felt articulated the most like one's knee. I tried Bauers, Maltese KTPs, (the much hyped) Paw iterations... etc. To each their own but to echo what everyone else is saying - ultimately big benefits to knee pads (assuming you can force yourself to get onboard with them in the first place). Good luck.
  7. Good luck either way. Guess the later than you anticipated start and impending par-tay might be the deciding factor. Starting to sprout some tweety bird grass in the area I overseeded/patched (where it was super thin) as a test run.
  8. This feels like "it was an honor just being nominated". 😆
  9. My bad @Sebx. @indykrap if you sniff around in the Passau threads/forum - you can probably find a current rep to answer your questions. I know somebody is active around here.
  10. @indykrap agreed that as advertised they are a vintage skin of a current model. That said - Passau seems agreeable to nearly any custom request so you can probably have them built however it might suit you. You should try messaging one of the Passau peoples on here for your answers. Last I knew @Sebx was one of them (?).
  11. Bingo. Either way - you get heat/flame - just boils down to aesthetics and/or whether you have a preference for gas or wood. Sure - propane is cleaner and you just turn it on/off but its not a "campfire".
  12. I guess I can see the middle ground argument but like I said - probably boils down to what you have for fuel at your disposal. Like you said - burning wood really isn't an option where you are. I don't mind cutting and splitting wood - gets the heart rate going. I know for me - she's all about a "real" fire: crackling logs and whatnot so there's that ambiance factor. Poh-tay-toe, poh-tah-toe. The Solo Stoves aren't necessarily cheap either so you can throw that feather in your cap too.
  13. @coopaloop1234 @SaveByRichter35 guess it depends where you are at and what you have at your disposal. If I were in Richter's spot - I'd probably go that route. My place sits on an acre and is surrounded by trees on three sides. We've lost a few in some recent storms and I've got a good Stihl chainsaw in the shed so I've got a tailor made firewood supply. Guess some might argue you don't get the same campfire ambiance around a propane fireplace. Aesthetics might be some of it. I wouldn't go the natural gas/propane route unless I ran an underground gas pigtail out of the house to feed it - there's not much hiding a propane tank necessarily. Some would rather mess with stacks of wood than refilling tanks... To each their own. For what its worth - we converted the wood burning fireplace in the back living room to a gas insert. I wouldn't want to hassle with that business inside (plus she HATES spiders).
  14. Good idea @BadAngle41. Have you heard/looked into the Breeo (another smokeless variation)? You might be able to poach some ideas/get brainstorming with their setup. My biggest gripe is that you see less of the fire if you want to be smokeless since all the wood needs to be below the air holes.
  15. Great minds - I've got the Yukon. How do you like yours? I have to admit - although its nice I'm not sure it quite lived up to the hype.
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