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  1. For the record - the denting on my first generation Warrior never compromised protection (and the "denting" appears to have been remedied on the latest iteration).
  2. chile57

    Warrior G5

    The lid can be seen in the video above.
  3. I'll vouch for the Warrior jock. This is my second one (on the first the elastic was just getting stringy). I think its pretty streamlined. Zero protection issues and with the one I just pulled the trigger on and new elastic - stays perfectly in place. Had the Simmons air bladder one before that (and an old school Vic before that).
  4. +1 I was on the ice for this incident and without the AED (and somebody knowledgeable on its use) it'd have been trouble. https://www.henryford.com/services/cardiology/patient-stories/sheldon-brafford
  5. +1 on the Warriors. I believe they have the most logical articulating points to match what your knee does. Seem to stay in place relatively well also.
  6. I might be wrong but I believe the piece that truly makes it a "pro palm" or "practice palm" is actually an insert piece of foam in the removable liner. The piece you've shown is down towards/in the cuff area.
  7. Count me in as a chin sling enthusiast - I have it in three of my lids and would never go back. For those asking think of it like this - it kind of acts like a cup but without the cumbersomeness (in my opinion) of rolling underneath your chin. I've been using a chin sling for over 12 years (first foray was with my custom Pro's Choice Vapor) and have never had any protection or losing my lid issues (and at one point I was playing four nights a week). A tight fit if done properly is a nonissue. Keep in mind these are all custom lids so the fit is dialed in to begin with. My slings aren't of the Maltese variety (think attached directly to the chin drop) they are suspended away from the chin drop with a slight gap between the padding and the mask itself (much the same as a chin cup would be). Echoing what Richter said above on the application.
  8. i was this guy for a long time too (couldnt stand the feel of the knee pads pushing the pad off my leg, way too much bulk, was wearing a pair of V3's at the time with the slimmer knee lock). ran the gamut of knee protection trying to make something (anything) work (some custom PAWs, some maltese KTPs and virtually EVERY major brand iteration at the time) with zero success. for what its worth - i now wear warrior rituals in junior (yes - you read that right - seriously cuts down the bulk and I'm only like 5' - 5" with skinnier legs) and have no complaints. they have a logical "hinge" below the knee (which was my major gripe with virtually every other pair i tried) that provides good up/down as well as side to side motion.
  9. fairly certain thats a now defunct Eddy in fact - looks like the one straight off the how its made show on goalie masks i saw moons ago
  10. i agree - bad form on both parties. mrazek definitely embellished once he felt contact (which might have cost him more than the punch). my issue is a slash ain't a slash if you don't make contact. kind of like if i tree falls in the woods and nobody's around - does it make a sound?
  11. what looked to be the bigger potential issue on Mrazek was bouncing off the ice. for sure the penalty for "intent to slash" was garbage.
  12. Also - completely agree that goals like Pat Kane's (and Pat Kane in general) are BS. Shootout attempts should be a replication of an in-game scenario. To my other point - guy is fighting for position in front of the net while goaltender is in the butterfly and swings around making solid contact with the goaltender's head. If that was a skater - it'd be called every time (unless the ref misses it) but rarely if ever do you see it called on a goalie. Double standard.
  13. Disclaimer: in a general sense - I'm fine with the play/ability to pull this off. I think it fits within the framework of the game/rule set. I don't think you can "ban" it just based on the fact it could lead to damage if a stick went through the cage - if that was the case you'd have to say "all sticks must be in contact with the ice at all times lest you spear or highstick or whatever an opposing player". Just the same for skaters - you can bring your stick up but if you make contact to the head/face be in intentional or inadvertent - it's a penalty (and in this instance - the goal would be waved off). I'm also not saying we call mask shots to the mask a penalty. I'm not talking absolutes or delving into the ridiculous here folks. The game has always been - if you are reckless with your stick and make contact in the head/face area (blood or not) it's a penalty. This particular instance should be no different (even though Rittich wasn't really any worse for wear... unless of course a stick blade went through his cateye). The only difference here I see is that - being a goalie - he was more concerned with making a stop than throwing his head back and embellishing to get a call. Overall it boils down to risk/reward - yeah, I think I can pull this off without highsticking someone sooo... I'll give it a whirl. If I don't pull it off (or do something against the rules in doing so (like carry it in from the blue line)) then I live with the consequences.
  14. A little off topic but to me it looks like he clips Rittich in the lid with his stick on the stuff - why isn't that high sticking? Seems there's a double standard on skaters versus goalies on stick contact. I'm not saying it needs to go down a rabbit hole like it has with players where dudes are diving on any stick to body contact (which I can't imagine you'd see much of since you need to keep battling to find pucks) or that incidental contact swinging at a loose puck in the air should be called necessarily but I've definitely seen egregious slashes on netminders called. I am in favor of calling anything that involves recklessly wielding ones stick (particularly if its in someone's grill). For that matter - even incidental contact to the head is called for players. In this instance (or if I'm seeing it wrong an instance similar to what I'm describing) - why wouldn't it be a minor for high sticking?
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