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  1. Recent history-wise and Osgood/Howard aside - Detroit really doesn't have a stellar record of developing homegrown tender prospects. Historically they are more of a comb the free agent/trade market for a body team. Besides - not much you can do when Filip Larsson totally bombs and/or Petruzzelli doesn't sign. Also think its better to have your goalie come in on the tail end of the rebuild effort. That way his confidence isn't crushed when he's playing as the team is bottomed out. For the record - I like everything about the Nedeljkovic trade: in/out, term, dollars. Kudos to Stevie. Even if he's terrible - keeping in the bottom tier of wins/losses will continue to stockpile higher draft picks.
  2. ... though his interview blurb was pretty dry compared to Brandon Tanev's.
  3. Does this mean he was/is your pick for the gorgeous player? He is a good looking man.
  4. You guys are generous. If I'm already off the ice - as in they didn't stand by the glass and motion like crazies trying to sign "we need a keeper" as my game is wrapping up - I'm OWT.
  5. Piling shit does certainly lead to an accumulation... congratulations on one of the bigger piles around here. 🤣
  6. I'd be even more impressed if I knew what magical brass rings you have to have achieved to move up the social ladder into the top 3%. As it stands - it feels more like a toy in the cereal box and less of an "achievement"... but - well done... I guess... ?
  7. chile57


    McMaster Carr is a place to find an assortment of "foams". Guess it boils down to what pieces you are trying to replace - more rigid pieces or those of the cushy variety? There are certainly others that are more knowledgeable on the subject. I don't get into tearing apart gloves personally. Good luck.
  8. At the end of the day - so long as your yard is perfectly manicured (I'm talking lining it up properly, edging, etc.) it doesn't matter how you got it done. For the record - the Gravely is probably overkill for my acre but we're gear nut goalies - that's what we do. Shoutout to my pops who put me through over a decade mowing little old ladies' lawns when I was a wee lad and stoked my appreciation for a well manicured lawn (and Tim Allen).
  9. @Larceny#30 realize this thread is a bit dated but turned up this link from the Mod Squad BB... https://modsquadhockey.com/forums/topic/32796-olie-ma2000-pro-series-goalie-mask/ .. which essentially says - 2000 = fiberglass/carbon fiber (if the user is to be believed). They also talk of cracking and whatnot. I know you were talking 8000 so somewhere else I found the 8000 being a ringette mask (which might loan to the point above with it being polycarbonate). Regardless - I stand by my I'd skip it assessment. Just thought I'd throw this in there in case they next body has the same question and does a search.
  10. Zero turn or bust... unless you are in "the city" of course. 52" cut with the Kawasaki motor for me (cue Tim Allen/Taylor grunting)... https://www.gravely.com/en-us/power-equipment/zero-turn/zt-xl ... would have gone bigger/more power but it wouldn't have fit in the shed.
  11. The last crippling knee shot did it for me (helped that I upgraded to a pair of pads a little roomier in the knee). In fairness - they are only pared down junior Warriors so it kind of amounts to a couple rounds of duct tape... but you win out as the last holdout.
  12. Glad to hear they are working out for you and whatever issues you were experiencing were just a hiccup.
  13. So the real question in all of this hullaballoo - @seagoal how are the newer pads working for you? Getting a bit more assimilated? Cursed them and gone back to the blue set?
  14. Short legs... arms... torso... I'm basically a glorified intermediate goalie masquerading in men's league. Thankfully I still get to drink.
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