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  1. Looks like delamination of fibers to me with the stringy hair looking sections (?) as opposed to just paint damage but you are the one with eyes on it. I was talking about epoxy resin that would be used to construct a mask in the first place - not sure what the most equivalent you could find at Lowes/Home Depot would be but if you are just looking to bandaid it I suppose anything is better than nothing. I'm not an expert but if it were me I'd use a two part epoxy mix that takes the longest to cure (longer cure generally means better adhesion and the like) over JB. I've never had great luck with JB. Good luck. Maybe one of the folks who have dabbled in this stuff will chime in with some more credible answers.
  2. I don't think bondo is the answer at this point (unless you are shooting for making it a show piece on the shelf). The jagged fibers definitely points to structural damage in my opinion so someone who knows what they are doing might be able to fix it. Would likely involve epoxy resin and some patching but others more learned can speak to that. I wouldn't wear it in a game scenario if it were me but considering where it's at on your mask I guess if you had to you might feel better about it than on the front of your mask but as they say - you only get one noggin.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/griffairbrush/ AKA Stéphane Bergeron who I believe has been doing up Fleury's masks for a bit now. Guess we also have confirmation that Flower is indeed in a Pro's Choice.
  4. Amen. At this point I'm definitely leaning toward doing it in stages at least. For the record - the whole lot is an acre minus the house, poured patio, garden, shed, circle drive and the tree lines on three sides. Still - seems daunting to try approaching the whole lot. At this point its just all driving me nuts to look at though. Guess that's the keeper in us with our sweet sense of style.
  5. Agreed - this looks like one of his Vegas buckets he was just using until he got his Pro's Choice. The goldness is the give away for me.
  6. Although - in this instance - the tan is damn near a perfect match to the flesh tone on the Blackhawk head. Well done Flower. Well done.
  7. Thanks @MTH It was definitely the "drops the seed then scuffs ground" part that caught my eye. Would save my back from a lot of hard raking I was thinking. My only trepidation with either is the fact they are basically push mowers and I've got a whole acre to cover. We'll see. Currently trying to get the basement electrical squared away before I tackle anything else. Trying to keep to one project at a time. 😊
  8. Welcome to the board (and out from the shadows... though with that uni you'd be hard to miss). I actually prefer the pink one compared to the Grateful Dead one.
  9. So - local rental place has a dethatcher but also the "overseeder" below. You guys got any thoughts on the merit of using it in combination with the dethatcher? Or you think I would be fine with just a broadcast spreader?
  10. Agreed on the flavor. Tron was the first thing that came to my mind.
  11. Thanks @SaveByRichter35 for the very detailed paint by numbers breakdown. I'm pretty sure a dethatching at my place would look worse than yours even so agreed - it'd probably be the way to go. The previous owners here didn't care much for lawn care I don't think (we've been here over 4 years now). Had things looking halfway decent and then had a contractor come in to do some work and they created a two track around the homestead. Got it mostly filled in an covered but figured now would be a good time to tackle things. Already own a 4' plug aerator so I'd have that covered. What about the sand (raking) trick to fill/even things out? Either of you @SaveByRichter35 or @Naz (or anyone else for that matter) tackle that or something similar? With my stiff clay and slight unevenness it can be a bit rough here.
  12. 1"? Damn - that's a military cut for sure. Have to check the dial on the Gravely and see how far it goes. Might scalp a couple spots. My pops recruited me into mowing the lawn (and the lawns of the neighborhood) when I was in grade school. Did it all the way up through college. Hated most every minute of it - my friends were always doing something fun and I was jockeying from lawn to lawn all summer long. Sure did establish an appreciation for a nice looking lawn though. @SaveByRichter35 what do you use to dethatch by the way? A rental or something?
  13. @SaveByRichter35 all good - I just figured Naz was dusting you and leveling up to lawncare grandmaster. Appreciate anything you might throw out there. We're now officially our dads. Got to get some striped tube socks and some cutoff short jorts. Maybe grow some wicked mustaches... just don't park your white truck on the lawn.
  14. Thanks for all the tips @Naz - put these on my tab. For the initial low cut - what did you go with? I normally cut mine at 3.5". I'll make sure to slap on my freshly sharpened set of blades for this round too. I'm in the midwest USA PS. More specifically - the mitten (AKA Michigan) where we get all the seasons... just not necessarily in the order you'd expect them to unfold... and have been know to go backwards and forwards randomly.
  15. Thanks @Naz both for chiming in and the helpful link. Seems pretty straightforward. So you didn't dethatch or aerate or anything prior to overseeding? How much time to let pass before you went over things with the lawnmower? I'm on an acre with pretty clearly defined front, side(s) and back yards so I'm thinking the best approach might be in stages (?) so its easier to manage. Great idea? Awful idea? Anybody want to do it for me? 😆 Should also throw out the fact that I'm on pretty heavy clay just below the top soil - no sand to speak of. PS - your lawn is looking lush - niiice.
  16. Peeps - what the scoop on approaching overseeding? What kind of prep, application (when?), after the fact things do I need to be considering? Do's/don'ts - whatever you got I'm all ears.
  17. Eh - I'm indifferent on Ned's mask (but thanks for sharing @southpawtendy48). Seems like it'd be better suited to a throwback jersey. Will the off-white-ness even jive with the away jersey? Never been a huge fan of Bishop's masks necessarily either though.
  18. How else is one going to get their back washed?
  19. Most folks go with nash in the palm because they feel its a "grippy-er" material for catching pucks. Your results may vary. I've never gone with nash on a trapper and do not experience a rash of popouts without it. Nash will most certainly markup easier and be harder to clean than jenpro. Its my opinion that it will also wear before jenpro in that particular area. Good luck with your order!
  20. Three is a solid foundation - enough to break tie votes. Your merit badges are in the mail.
  21. As a fellow white truck enthusiast I'll plus one this. White looks good, looks fairly clean even when its fairly dirty, can be one of the cheaper paints for repairs if need be... and for me personally was the color of choice of my gramps so I'm keeping the tradition alive. We starting a white truck subgroup?
  22. The stick is weird for sure - but the weirdest thing of all is this video. WTF???
  23. I know there was talk of Vaughn's pink - stumbled across this if its helpful... https://www.instagram.com/vaughncustomsports/ Should be in the first batch of photos after clicking "more photos" if the photo didn't work.
  24. I was kind of being sarcastic with the Captain America/Man-Bat nod (NOT being sarcastic in saying sweet lid). Figured there had to be more to the story - thanks for sharing the backstory. Looks good with the unis. Agreed that the white one is far and away the best of the bunch. For whatever reason the middle/blue one reminds me of some of the mid-90's NHL atrocities: Islanders fish sticks guy, leaping mighty duck, etc. Same vibe at least (but still pulling it off better than those).
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