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  1. I'm a big Fuhr guy too, he was the reason I started playing. Have his original book from the 80's, and met him and got my copy of his new book signed. Anyone have any idea what catcher he is wearing here? To me looks Vaughn-ish but with a weird solid pocket. https://www.instagram.com/p/CI1t3G1FQsf/
  2. There are some 9035's on Kijiji up here in Calgary if you are interested in doing the shipping thing. Look to be in good shape. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-hockey/calgary/graf-ultra-g9035-goalie-skates/1501464090
  3. She's going into her third season with them, no wear and tear at all, just a lot of puck marks. She still loves them, and she wants her next set to be Passau again. I get the not being able to try them on aspect, I've ordered more than a few pieces that I ended up not liking and either returning or trying to re-sell.
  4. I was able to get intermediate Passau gloves for my daughter when she was 12 and she was able to get the glove nice and floppy with nothing special for break in other than wearing it. She was able to close it pretty well out of the box. I can't get my hand in it so it was all up to her. You might want to check with them. They also have additional break-in available to help further.
  5. I have the same skates and have been thinking about doing this swap too. I like the skates, but they are heavy. Can weigh them with the installed cowlings and then with the XSG to see if there is a big difference?
  6. 2padstack


    Beer and brisket on Fathers Day, hanging with my 2 goalie daughters on the deck, doesn't get much better than that...found Gretzky beer, not bad. Made in BC and supports his foundatiom.
  7. 2padstack


    Here's what my cousin and I had today on the deck...a friend gave it to me as a get well after wrecking my ankle last year. I bought a 6 pack with glasses 8 years ago, was as good as I remembered.
  8. My 10yr old daughter plays both atom and peewee up here, and she's really happy with her Warrior G4. She hasn't had many stingers in it (I remember only 1), finds it mobile (she's on the smaller size so bulk can be an issue) , and it's really adjustable. Being able to size the arms is a big plus.
  9. 100% true, just want to avoid that. I'll see about getting shorter boot straps and trying them first before I remove them. Does anyone have the gel? Here is what it looks like inside my knee. Doesn't look like gel, just foam.
  10. Thanks for the well wishes Colander...no blood clots IP, that's some serious stuff. I've strained an MCL and it was pretty uncomfortable, I can't imagine a complete tear. One thing just looking at the pads, I wish that inside attachment for the boot strap was removable. I'm a little concerned that if I don't use the boot strap the buckle might interfere with that inside edge.
  11. My wife likes to joke she pushed me down the stairs, but I went out to throw some salt down after my game at about 10 at night so the kids wouldn't slip on it the next morning going to school. The ice didn't want any part of that, so it took me down. Shattered fibula and dislocated ankle. I'm just about 4 months into recovery and still can't get the swelling down. Was hoping to be playing already, now I'm hoping for September. The only good thing was it was literally both of my girls last weekend of hockey, and I goalie coach them both, so we weren't struggling to get them to their ice times.
  12. I tried that with my V3 but I didn't like the results- felt like I lost some mobility, like it was binding somehow. I'm going to take them in and get them made to be laced-in like TGN did on his V6.
  13. Also found a couple of old sticks. I bought the Titan right from the factory when my team went to Finland for a tournament in 1986. Took a tour of the factory, was very cool. The CCM was my dad's from the 60's or 70's. It was bought at Tuxedo Sports here in Calgary. The sides of the paddle are held on by nails. And you can see on the back of the blade where toes of the skates were used to kick the puck to deflect it to the corners. I'd thought about refurbing it, but I like the original condition.
  14. Finally took a picture of all my gear- forgot the Brown 2400 knee pads though. Vaughn V7 CA, need to shorten the arms. Vaughn pants, Brown suspenders. Hackva mask with a cheater cage and Maltese gel. Thinking I might get in the long queue and get a full kevlar Protechsport. Graf 9035 skates, Maltese throat guard, and I think it is a Pro-Tec-Tion jock that is older than many here. It works...have 2 girls, who also turned into goalies! My first carbon stick- got 2 CR1's for half price. Recently got the Passau kit but haven't had a chance to try it out- see the Passau thread for reasons why and more pictures.
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