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    R GT/2

    So irritating that we don't have any try-out days, or are spoiled with hockey shops over here. Warrior doesn't even get sold in Belgium. The only option I have to try the new glove is order it online somewhere... I'm super interested in how I would like this glove. I have a G3 now with a 60 degree liner and I wonder how it compares to the new GT2.
  2. Wondering if there is much difference between the G3 and the G4 glove in terms of design. Also, I sometimes play some levels up and if a shot accidentally hits the palm of my hand instead of the pocket, it hurts for a few minutes. I have a G3 sr now and wonder if the pro would deal with this feeling.
  3. I’m wondering if there will also be a v2 and v3. Currently I can’t justify the price of the CR1 for my level of play but I really love my CR2.
  4. This one? Or is this something else? https://www.warrior.com/C-V13P8.html
  5. A while ago they started to post the CR SE (second edition I guess) on Instagram. The CR sticks were on sale on monkeysports (Europe) and now the CR SE sticks appeared online.
  6. I'm using a CR2 stick and am very happy with it. I like it much better than my Bauer Supreme sticks. It just feels... better. To me. I guess it's all just preference. Using the CR2 for exactly 12 months now. Only the heel of the blade cracked (keeping it together until my new stick arrives). A full year playing with a stick is solid I guess. My Bauer S170 sticks always broke after 1-2 months.
  7. For those who want to compare lie and lenght, here's a Bauer S150 and a Warrior CR2 with the blad flat on the ground. Bauer is 25", Warrior 26".
  8. 1”? Isn’t that like... no hollow at all? I always had my 4mm sharpened at 5/8 and asked to sharpen these at 1/2
  9. So... I went to my hockey shop for new skates. Tried on both the 1X and the 2S. The 1X was okay, but was pressing against the bridge of my foot (same place where it hurts if I lace my Reactors too tight) and felt a little roomy on the backside (heel - achilles). So I also tried on the 2S as hey were in stock now and they fit super well from the start. No pain in the bridge, less room in toe box and I immediately felt much much more support in the ankle and the bottom part of my leg. I don't know if it was because of the shape, or because of this boot being very stiff (compared to my Reactors which I could fold together with one hand), but it was a world of difference. Only thing I noticed was the boot pressed a bit on the side of my foot. So I decided to go for it, the shop baked them and after baking them even the little pinch on the side was gone, they really fit like a glove now. Another thing I noticed was that they felt very light. I put them on the scale at home and compared them with my Reactors. The difference is only 100 grams, but they feel a lot lighter on foot. Maybe it's because these have no cowling and now being in skates with a cowling suddenly feels like wearing clogs. Another thing: I wasn't sure if I should buy the 2S or go lower (I'm no superstar goalie after all). They didn't have the S29 in stock but they could be ordered, but the price difference would be only 120 euro. Knowing myself it would be only a matter of time before I was going to switch the steel from the S29 to step steel, so I decided to go with the 2S and just hope the black Bauer steel is worth it. I didn't have the opportunity to skate with them yet. I will be on the ice tomorrow evening and I'm very curious how they will feel. I'm coming from a 4mm blade going to 3mm now, so let's see how that turns out. If you're interested, I will post a follow up!
  10. I might buy them when they release... although I'm a low-level competition goalie so it might be a bit too much for my level of play. However, I play about 5 times a week (about 8 hours in total) and my 2 year old Bauer Reactor already feel super soft and bendable around the ankles.
  11. @TheGoalNet I saw your comment on Youtube about how the new steel compares to Step Steel. After a few months of use, what's your opinion about this? I currently have Reactor 6000 which I like but after using them for 2 years the boot is super soft. I replaced the steel with step steel because I never liked the quality of the Bauer steel. I was looking into the Vapor 1X (since that boot shape resembles the reactor the most) or the older Supreme 1S (which the fancy Bauer skate lab foot scanning machine suggested for my feet) which will probably go on sale now. I tried on the 1X in store, but they didn't have the 1S anymore or the 2S yet, I will try them on when they stock them in two weeks and see which ones fit best. But with both tha 1X and the 1S, that would mean I have to replace the steel again with step. 2S will probably be more expensive but if I understand you correctly the new Bauer steel would be as good as step steel? So that would mean no extra cost to replace it.
  12. I came here to ay the same as @Kirk3190 :-) Using this C/A since June, and the more I wear it the better it feels. It was quite flexible from the beginning but after playing 7 months 3-4 times a week, it just feels perfect. As stated above: you can adjust the arms, floaters (left right, higher lower) and the back also. Since the beginning I have had only one stinger on my under arm. All the other shots didn't hurt at all. I do have the Pro version though, but other than materials it's the same as the Sr version.
  13. 7. But I’m in Europe anyway.
  14. Sigh. I told them vertexx cowling about 10 times.
  15. Hmmm... did Step send me the wrong steel? I asked for Bauer 4 mm with Vertexx cowling. The blades on top in the pic are my current blades, the bottom one is the one they sent me. Is it just the wrong blade or am I doing something wrong?
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