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  1. London’s Source for Sports has a decent sale on their Sportmasks, including the top end Pro 2i and 3i. Good deal for such new masks if people are in the area and like a stock mask.
  2. Considering it's been used for 3 seasons, I would say it's time for a replacement. As far as I know, Bauer unfortunately does not sell replacement kits, but other companies do and you could also look at someone like EcoPro Foam who have an innovative foam compared to many other kits out there. Really depends on your budget though, and whether the shell is quite worn or still in good condition too.
  3. TitanG

    Canucks new uniforms

    I honestly was hoping for the old skate and puck, but for me switching the black to the gunmetal grey like Vegas has would look cool, although maybe too similar to Vegas'. The BC Lions (Canadian Football League team in Vancouver) wore mostly gunmetal jerseys a few years ago and they were super popular.
  4. Infinity Goalie is shutting down so they're selling equipment and sticks at a discount: https://infinitygoalie.ca/
  5. I'm really liking the ability to custom tailor the height of the neck guard. Often I see neckguards that do not cover the Adam's apple, which is an important area to protect, so have such a tall guard with the ability to easily trim it down looks great.
  6. Looks great! Did Greg do the face mold or yourself? Also, if you've finalized all the details it would be great if you could post them!
  7. I got the gel on my chest protector in the last 7 months and while I haven't opened it up to see, I believe that is likely EcoPROFoam and the 'gel' terminology is left over from when they used Maltese.
  8. Nice to hear that you like the fit of the FT2's so much. Looks like True/VH finally have a serious competitor in the custom-fitted skate marketplace, which means better options for us!
  9. Cool, thanks for the info. I would probably prefer going the custom route or at least getting some custom options like lengthening the sides.
  10. Not even sure if they've been making gear at all in the last 7-8 months...
  11. TitanG

    JRZ gear

    It's also cut and sew instead of printing like Bauer (not sure which one is more expensive), but the base price is very different: JRZ full set is $2150 CAD and Bauer pads alone are $2000 CAD with the full set being $3070 CAD according to Hockey Monkey Canada. Obviously they use different technologies and big companies like Bauer are going to charge more because of all the ancillary stuff (advertising, sponsorships, R&D, warranty, etc.) but the JRZ gear appears to be a very good deal nonetheless.
  12. TitanG

    JRZ gear

    Here's the reveal of the Fusion FZ-1: https://jrzglobalsports.com/goalie-equipment-fusion-fz-1?fbclid=IwAR1q9k6oy2M8_QZiUOVeVeIAO8jOlCkXSbtY7kw8Rcwt0wyKx6yZb8JrpgM I like the look of this glove a lot more than the PZ-1, but I'm biased so I prefer one piece gloves.
  13. If only I had $1800 USD to drop....
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