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  1. I wonder why the change now though? Dom made masks for both Quick and Ward back in maybe 2013 that looked like they were heavily inspired by the Sportmask design (similar to what Dom did for Anderson's first Pro's Choice after Dillon stopped making them) and both were at the time longtime Vaughn users. I'd like to see the mask up close to see how similar the design is.
  2. That's true. I guess it seems like his dominance was longer ago because of the Cup wins.
  3. I wonder if he's making the graphic and mask artist change all at once because he hasn't played so well in the last couple seasons and wants to change things up? I don't know specifically about Quick, but as we know many goalies are superstitious beyond reason.
  4. I've thought about using the Poron knee pads for the same purpose, although in my case to prevent my knees from accelerated aging, so let us know how it works out. I remember there was a pro goalie (I think in the AHL) who used them under his knee pads years ago when they were still the G-Form brand.
  5. The one piece sliding surface on the FM Protos may also help with power transfer and thus slide easier, though it may only be a marginal difference that would be much improved with a material like Primo.
  6. TitanG

    Poor Lehner

    Probably about wanting to get revenge on the Islanders?
  7. From my understanding the companies pay a licencing fee to the CHL just like they do in the NHL but here they only allow for 3 brands. I guess they can get even more money that way as the companies may get into a bidding war.
  8. Yeah talk about oligopoly... You'd think they'd want to promote more small, Canadian brands to match with the small, Canadian town feeling of many CHL teams. On the other hand, I assume the money from the manufacturers helps too.
  9. DiPietro used Bauer for the last several years but appears to be sticking with Brian's after being seen testing it this summer. Looks like Gnetik IV with the Hellberg SKA St. Petersburg graphic (minus the star): For some reason the Instagram link wouldn't show...
  10. Apparently it is based on a concept for the IV:
  11. They are labeled as IV's, though it wouldn't be the first time a gear company labeled a product differently than what it actually was. I recall Brian's didn't even finalize the Optik naming until sometime in the summer just before launch if I'm not mistaken, so even if this is the Optik 2 or whatever replaces Optik, they may not have a final name for it yet.
  12. Do you know if these are the same pads seen in The Hockey Shop a couple months ago? These seem much brighter and better in terms of printing. It would indicate that even in this short of time Bauer really improved their process.
  13. TitanG


    He's already played in a Cup Final too when he was still really green so that will be good experience if he ever makes it back.
  14. The outside on the iPhone 6 Otterbox Defender model is entirely rubber and would peel away from the plastic "skeleton" of the case and rip at the power port and headphone jacks due to opening and closing: New: Used: I didn't have this issue with many cases I have used since then, so I would recommend using a case with plastic on the outside or with a more durable rubber.
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