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  1. That's for an actual mask made by Harrison to your specs I believe. The Protechsport is not that.
  2. Likely a Wall Finland model.
  3. Yeah Sportmask has long used the single bar cage, though I have seen Warwick using it recently so it could be from them I guess too.
  4. My guess is that it's a Sportmask single bar cage since it looks like the bottom screws by the chin snap isn't used with this cage. See below for the opposite case where in an old post from @Punisher Goalie, he used a CCM cage on a Sportmask RS.
  5. TitanG

    Lefevre going solo

    Yeah, problem is that's still a lot of Canadian dinero, but the market is what it is. I was more wondering if they'd offer more custom options at an increased price or target the retail market since CSA/HECC approvals are not cheap. But of course with True now involved, they have much deeper pockets.
  6. TitanG

    Lefevre going solo

    I'm curious to see what they'll do even if it's out of my price range.
  7. In most cases I don't think there's an off-the-shelf cage that will fit, so probably best to contact Michel. His cage prices are pretty low too, only $90CAD I believe which is the cheapest I've seen for a new cage.
  8. I don't know if Tony is still at Sportmask. From what I've seen on social media, he's no longer involved there since the merger (or sale) with OTNY/GoalieParts.
  9. How big is your nose (if you don't mind my asking)? I have an Eddy mask (GTII I think, size large) and I replaced the chin cup with one from Sportmask because I prefer feeling closer to the cage to improve peripheral sightlines. My nose gets close but doesn't touch (I have a long nose), though the mask is too wide so I had to add in extra cheek padding. Maybe see how a larger size fits you as well? I have heard of people using masks that have the cage in contact with the nose, so I don't think it's a huge deal other than you might get a nosebleed if you take a hard enough shot to that spot of
  10. Maybe Torts secretly told him to not stop play to force the Jackets to skate back and get in shape? That’s probably it, definitely not a gear/style issue.
  11. TitanG

    I Hate Politics

    Before I start my own 2 cents, I should specify that I am biased towards wanting people to be involved in politics, but I understand the frustrations of our democratic systems. I’m Canadian, so I don’t get the full American experience, but I do consume enough American media (both mainstream and otherwise) to get a sense that things are super partisan. Is that right? You have to decide for yourself, but personally when I watch a political show on NBC or Fox or whatever vs CBC or Global in Canada, oftentimes the difference is stark. Everything from the intro music to the commentators talking poi
  12. Remember that when he first switched from Vaughn to Reebok/CCM, it was apparently because Vaughn didn't make a hard enough pad and he went into P4s (maybe also a nicer cheque from CCM or a bigger willingness to make what he wanted). Now to be fair, they were probably the same foam profile as the original Eflex in a P4 skin, so it's possible Lefevre just gave him his usual foam stiffness in the L20.1 body. I think too there may also be strong marketing forces here like how the L20.1 is the flagship model from Lefevre and he's one of the most viewed goalies in the league.
  13. If we add mask tech, is the current style of mask attributable to Harrison? I think Tony Esposito was the first with a cage on his old school mask, but that's more akin to the old style mask rather than the new style. Could also throw in the helmet/cage combos since the original mask cages came from there.
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