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  1. TitanG

    JRZ gear

    It's also cut and sew instead of printing like Bauer (not sure which one is more expensive), but the base price is very different: JRZ full set is $2150 CAD and Bauer pads alone are $2000 CAD with the full set being $3070 CAD according to Hockey Monkey Canada. Obviously they use different technologies and big companies like Bauer are going to charge more because of all the ancillary stuff (advertising, sponsorships, R&D, warranty, etc.) but the JRZ gear appears to be a very good deal nonetheless.
  2. TitanG

    JRZ gear

    Here's the reveal of the Fusion FZ-1: https://jrzglobalsports.com/goalie-equipment-fusion-fz-1?fbclid=IwAR1q9k6oy2M8_QZiUOVeVeIAO8jOlCkXSbtY7kw8Rcwt0wyKx6yZb8JrpgM I like the look of this glove a lot more than the PZ-1, but I'm biased so I prefer one piece gloves.
  3. If only I had $1800 USD to drop....
  4. Didn't specify as far as I can see. You'd probably have to contact GolieParts to find out.
  5. Anyone gonna get a new mask from the limited run by Greg Harrison from Goalieparts? https://goalieparts.com/products/custom-harrison-goalie-mask-deposit.html Seems like a pretty rare opportunity, and of course it's a premium price for a premium product.
  6. I can only answer the last question: from what I recall on others' postings, the black foam is more of a comfortable foam than the cream. I too would like to know how many options for cages there are -- can one order any cage available from OTNY (I think they supply him)?
  7. TitanG

    JRZ gear

    Thanks for the info. I guess the guy in the photo either has a prototype of the second line or has connections...
  8. TitanG

    JRZ gear

    @TheGoalNet do you have any insider info on whether it is possible to order a different glove from JRZ? For me, the two-piece glove and break is not my preference. (Couldn't edit my original post for some reason) Yeah...
  9. TitanG

    JRZ gear

    Looks like a different glove than the Prime PZ-1. I assume it's one of the old Bauer models: Normal PZ-1:
  10. Awesome explanation. Makes sense, beefier, stiffer pad means it's heavier too.
  11. No cheek padding in the VX-5; Stalock spec??
  12. Can't see anything playing in Chrome browser.
  13. That's a significant discrepancy, given the size as well. I wonder why the SLR2 is so heavy in comparison? I thought they were eliminating weight by shaving down the outer rolls. @TheGoalNet do you have any insider info on this? It seems like an extreme difference, and not in the 'right' direction.
  14. TitanG

    Vaughn PVE 2

    Is it not just a reskinned one-piece VE8:
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