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  1. Totally agree with that. If you can support local and get an equal or better product for the price, why not?
  2. I've only worn a gen 2 Passau unit (non-pro) since I'm relatively new to goaltending, and the shoulders at first did interfere with the mast, but with some breaking in and suspenders I've gotten used to it. As for protection, I don't have anything else to compare it to but it feels solid. I think one other benefit of the Passau is the price for the options they give you, only like $550 CAD and you can select arm size and body size independent of each other, but if you need the pro pack the price is then comparable to the Kenesky. I definitely like the look of the Kenesky so I'm keen to see the improvements they put into yours @Chenner29!
  3. TitanG

    Lefevre going solo

    Interested to see what they do with masks. Will they be certified? Will there be custom options? I would hope they have custom options, but given the cost of their pads I'm sure they won't be on the cheap side.
  4. I know it's been asked before, and Michel has it listed on the website, but for anyone who owns a Protechsport, how much does it weigh? I'm just curious if the weight difference between the full kevlar and full fiberglass is really 0.8lbs and whether anyone who has tried both has noticed much of a difference?
  5. The shutdowns in Canada are by province, just like in the US how they are by state, and Quebec has been the hardest hit of all so I think they will be shut down for awhile. The shutdowns started in the second last week of March, just a few days after the NHL shutdown, so I'd agree that he probably has a lot more time to make masks now.
  6. That is really odd; did you message the seller? Maybe it was originally going to be a senior level line, or they made them for the April Fools? Although the latter would be a lot of work for little publicity...
  7. Sportmask just launched a .ca domain with no mention of custom (still on their .com website) but they now include the option of getting an EcoProFoam kit installed from the factory in a new mask or you can order the kit on it's own (they're owned by Goalieparts I believe). This seems like a nice option for people who prefer Sportmask over OTNY mask but still want the improved foam.
  8. Can you post some photos of each?
  9. I wonder why the change now though? Dom made masks for both Quick and Ward back in maybe 2013 that looked like they were heavily inspired by the Sportmask design (similar to what Dom did for Anderson's first Pro's Choice after Dillon stopped making them) and both were at the time longtime Vaughn users. I'd like to see the mask up close to see how similar the design is.
  10. That's true. I guess it seems like his dominance was longer ago because of the Cup wins.
  11. I wonder if he's making the graphic and mask artist change all at once because he hasn't played so well in the last couple seasons and wants to change things up? I don't know specifically about Quick, but as we know many goalies are superstitious beyond reason.
  12. I've thought about using the Poron knee pads for the same purpose, although in my case to prevent my knees from accelerated aging, so let us know how it works out. I remember there was a pro goalie (I think in the AHL) who used them under his knee pads years ago when they were still the G-Form brand.
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