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  1. So I finally made the jump to composite goalie sticks almost a year ago. I bought a college stock P1 and loved the feel and my passing/shooting much better. The guy who I bought it from had a few more, so I bought 3 more since the price was really good. Turns out my problem is that I make a good amount of saves with the shaft. I broke one stick twice and just broke another from a shot to the shaft in a span of 6 months. My foam cores can take much more of a beating but I couldn't deny the performance. If I didn't get these at a discount, I'd be kinda pissed if I ended up spending $200+ that often. Luckily, the first break was high enough up the shaft that I fixed it with a Warrior Pure Hockey 8 inch composite plug. Cheap and quick. Flex'd the same. I couldn't really tell much of a difference. The 2nd break was right above the blocker. An 8 inch extension wasn't going to help. But the internet came through and showed me the Bison Hockey Sticks Hockey Stick Repair System. They have different sizes so after I cut my shaft so I could put them back together, I got out my caliper and got the measurements and placed my order. I got the 16 mm x 26 mm kit. Followed the instructions and slid the A side towards the paddle. I did have to use sand paper to sand down the corners of section A to help get that half of the black composite piece in the stick. Took the other half of my stick and slide it on the B side to make sure it fit. That half went in easy. Once I verified everything fit, I mixed the epoxy and connected A. Let it dry for 24 hours and did the same with the other side. And here's the finished product. The stick ended up being about 2 inches shorter than normal. That didn't bother me as I kinda wanted to try a shorter shaft anyway. I've played with this stick in a few practices and pickups and I can say that it's held up real well. I can play the puck as well as I did before and probably wouldn't be able to tell you anything was different about the stick during game situations. I will be buying another one of these kits to fix my other broken stick. In my opinion, I think it's worth $30 to increase the life of your $200+ investment.
  2. I am selling a pair of Bauer S29 Goalie Skates size 7.5EE Asking for $310 USD shipped. You are responsible for PayPal fees. Skated in them less than 5 times. Based out of Washington DC. I just prefer the roomier Vapors. Please let me know if you have questions are want additional pictures.
  3. A couple of shots from our alumni game. Since then, I've added ProLaces and a new wrap for the helmet. Need to tighten up the RVH ... Shoots on a 2 on 0 ... aaaaand YOINK! You never had your car!
  4. Thanks for all of your feedback. The lid came back in the mail today and it's done. Now that I have everything back, and with the extra time I have with the government shutdown, I plan on writing up my review and experiences with Coveted and SkinFX.
  5. Alright @ThatCarGuy, your great idea is here! I think the red armor looks much better!
  6. That would make a wicked mask but not the Slade I refer too. Definitely not the band either! haha 😂🤣
  7. I bought it online. https://sportstemplates.net/product/hockey-goalie-mask-template/
  8. I think I like that a lot. I will play around this evening after work.
  9. I'm with ya. I'm gonna give it a try and see what happens. PS can be daunting but it is fun when you start learning how do some stuff.
  10. Personally, I am more of a fan of the red armor. But that armor was part of a larger picture so it made it easier to get it all together. I may still try to look for a red armor that is close to that drawing style and if my photoshopfu is good enough, swap the black with a red one. Below is what I ultimately used for my mask design.
  11. Unfortunately I won't be. Still designing the backplate. There might not be any cartoons or there may be some TMNT. May have a poll later.
  12. I purchased a new Coveted Ultimate Pro 905 (hope to get a review on this soon) about 4 months ago and seeing it plain white has painful. So it's time to put some work into it. My original Hackva was painted many years ago so I thought I would give wrapping a chance. I am working with SkinFx to have the work done. This is what I have come up with and I wanted to see what my fellow goalies thought. I'm a huge fan of the Marvel movies and comics so that's what it's really based on. Go easy on me. First time designing a mask and using photoshop!
  13. I just picked on up a few weeks ago while I was in Toronto. Working on writing up a review/experience. Haven't had a chance to put it in a game yet. Working with SkinFX on getting it wrapped first. I can try to answer any other questions you might have.
  14. I currently use this on any cuts and tears on my 1S pads with a little glue if there is something to glue it together. It doesn't look as clean as just glue but it does get the job done and it never peels. Real quick and easy. I'll post some pictures of the pads when I get home from work.
  15. Do you mean something like this?
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