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  1. They are okay, as well. It’s actually better if these ladies ARE NOT ON as I can concentrate on the coverage. In the end-NHL Network won’t hire ugly women.
  2. Skates are such personal items. There is a reason why some pros stock-piled certain models. Elliott had Supreme 7000 boots up until five years back. As far as black steel: There is a better solution for $30 USD and the blade can be old or new. This is better than Step’s DLC. You can’t get a burr even after 20 cycles.
  3. @Chenner29 For a person who doesn’t “care” about my opinion, you certainly wrote a long, long post about it. As far as everything else goes, I pretty well ignore you except when you jump into a thread that I post. You seem to be obsessed with me, frankly. That’s kinda weird for a person who doesn’t “care” about my opinion. I am not about to address the transgressions you have listed about me. Again- it seems that you have an unhealthy fascination with me. That’s kinda weird. I ignore you because I frankly don’t find you to be interesting, nor informative. It is people like you who keep forum participation low. Furthermore, if a post gets onto page three by the second day, that truly is the test of whether or not the community finds a contribution to be relevant or interesting. Yeah- I bumped this thread adding pix. Whoop dee doo. Posting replies stating the thread is worthless keeps the thread up top. Thank you for keeping the post at the top. I do apologise for the word I used, but not the sentiment. May you have a very, very long life. Whether or not I am banned or this thread is locked is well outside of my control. But clearly, chenner is the aggressor here.
  4. It’s easy like a Sunday Morning to be Dancing on the Ceiling according to Lionel Ritchie. Brotha could write a tune!
  5. We all know who won it. I want my throwback games, dammit!!!!
  6. My pleasure. My advice may be worth the price, but making your plans clear help mould your recovery plan. I have known enough people who didn’t let their medical professionals know what their post surgical goals looked like, and they had to start from square one after the healing process. We have to advocate for ourselves, especially if we are unique to the tens of thousands of patients they see. I have faith that there will be goaltending in your future.
  7. For those who have found your perfect skate, this is a silly exercise. For people like me who have the world’s hardest to fit feet, we have spotty luck with skates to say the very least. Every once in awhile, a stock skate will hit a home run. My favourite skate ever was the Reebok 14K. It was perfection as it was soft enough (downmarket skates actually are better on my feet) whilst still supportive until the internal foams broke down. But with the CCM changeover, the Ribcore skate went narrower overall. No bwayno. The old Reebok skate had a generous forefoot. My dream skate would be the form fit of the True with the build quality of an old Swiss Graf and the heel of a Reebok/CCM Ribcore. Cowl or holder doesn’t matter as long as I could have easy runner removal with a secure retention mechanism. The Pump heel definitely is needed for me as my heel slips in my True skates, though not nearly as bad as in other skates. My heel is extremely narrow and my forefoot is very wide. My foot is not that voluminous, but I have a high instep. In other words, my foot is a nightmare to fit.
  8. 3mm steel has officially been relegated to plastic ice. It really didn’t feel that much different, yet when I got back onto 4mm steel, it instantly felt better. I could get purchase easier to dig in and move in the crease whilst on my knees. Shuffles felt better. I can even play the puck easier as I felt planted. In the end, I never imagined that one tiny millimetre could make this much difference.
  9. As I am wearing the skate more and more, I am finding no ill effects thus far, even making a few skate saves with them. No pain what so ever. I do think the thick, traditional plastic outsole has something to do with impact absorption. The thick, padded toe cap also helps. My only beef is that my heel and ankle don’t lock in very well with these skates AT ALL. This may take some creative engineering, not limited to adding the CCM/Reebok lace locker or adapting other means to lock the skate onto my ankle. These skates have been the hardest to break in for me in my memory; I was spoiled by VH/True’s form fit and immediate comfort. But these are, for the most part, pretty nice.
  10. https://nypost.com/2021/07/18/athletes-to-sleep-on-anti-sex-cardboard-beds-at-olympic-games/
  11. Thank you. Weirdly, I can’t even get into my Instagram. I just hope it didn’t get hacked or something.
  12. Ouch. I was a bit younger than you when I gave up running/jogging. This covid thing has been s mind f***. This was one of the times I was NOT homesick. Family back home has had a rough time of it. Hopefully, knee brace does the trick. Good luck.
  13. @ser33 @Scythe Better game today. Did some intelligent positioning and made great stops.
  14. Another particularly fetching photo of the foxy Kelly Nash:
  15. It seemed that Kelly Nash wasn’t on the NHL network all that much this season. Very sad. Of course there was one positive: I could concentrate on the coverage.
  16. Why is it that the NHL Network keeps recapping the Cup series? I already know that Tampax Bay won the bleedin’ Cup. If you’re not going to show news about the Expansion Draft, free agents signings, buyouts, I want throwback games. Of course it would be a bonus if Kelly Nash was doing the news in a swim costume; naked would be better! Rant over for now.
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