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  1. Two bad reviews. Thanks for your input. This either means one of two things: 1) I will end up hating it 2) I will end up loving it We’ll see...
  2. I may find it that way, as well. The arms are what I like, for now. Maybe the Warrior robot arms primed me for these. I dunno... Again- I may either agree wholeheartedly or disagree vehemently; we will find out!
  3. I have a good feeling about this unit. I feel almost as good about this one with the exception of the Warrior RG1, maybe even better since this is the first unit that fit me perfectly in the arms. It feels like a well-tailored suit jacket that way. Kinda lucky, too, as the arms are not adjustable. My last Brian’s unit was never quite right. Arms were thin (I felt shots from 70 year olds that weren’t shooting hard), and the tops are wearing. I paid money to get more padding installed. There is so much wrong with my SubZ 3. I made it livable, but not an extension of me. I know chesties are as personal preference as skates. All of it is, really. I am hoping to lose at least a stone. But with my lack of colon, the only way I’d shit a brick is if I OD’d on Immodium! 😂
  4. I thought I had missed out on Monkey having them (as they only had small when I was looking at the time; now they magically have medium again; their practises ARE deceptive), but I saw a 1X unit at the local PIAS BRAND NEW for the price Monkey has them, so I jumped in with both feet. The unit is very mobile out of the box. I did not have to sit in a sauna to kill the stiffness. This may come to haunt me later. The arms have Curv. This is the only chesty I can fix with scotch tape, epoxy and graphite powder LOL. If I am worried about bouncy arm rebounds, I should have outright hated the Warrior arms! I did not have one shot go to the body when playing at this S&P I used this in on it’s maiden voyage, so I have no idea if the rebounds off the body shell are a concern or not. It felt ready to play and I moved well in it. I think the material to make reportedly make the body bouncy could make up for the lack of stiffness. I have never heard anyone complain of feeling shots. I will find out... I did sew on a loop to accommodate a carabiner, as I have grown to require this since I learnt that yes, my breezers fit correctly; they were never intended for chesties to be tucked in! I used to tuck with these breezers (modded LT80) but can’t any longer; I grew into the correct size for these, something I hope changes with my new quest for fitness. I gained back almost every pound I lost from being ill, but that isn’t an awful thing, as I was incredibly weak from losing nearly 3 stone (40 pounds) as a result of UC and resultant surgeries, being fatigued from carrying my gear bag. I can carry it now, thank you. Now I want to concentrate on losing about 1.5 stone (around 20 pounds). This unit would be perfect for tucking when I can get there. It works well not tucked, but certain aspects appear like it would do well as a tuck in chest protector.
  5. Sweaty Messy Hamburgers, er, um SMH 🤦‍♂️
  6. We could go back to Mavic Zap for e-drive trains... There very well be a patent on the Colnago drivetrain, but typically, designs don’t always go to production for one of a thousand reasons. It could have been literally way too expensive to produce. But it brings this point: so many will go in different directions to attain the same result. Shimano and Colnago on e-shifting is a great example. Yes- I got to see a Colnago being built years ago when the frames were hand-brazed. I have noticed a lot of copy cats in the world of hockey. But it is no different than in any other sport.
  7. You have to have something very unique in order to have IP protection, and even then, there are ways around it. In cycling: Shimano patented a cassette hub that would likely never see production. Why? Because there was technology that could be used in other things, even in fishing reels. You have to get so far ahead of things in order to have protected IP. Solid core pads were really a step in the evolution. Eventually, everyone figures out their own processes to achieve similar results. I hope there ends up being an amicable solution.
  8. Maybe it won’t come to that. I used to buy 4x and get it to work, but alas- I rarely see 4X these days and even then, the sleeves aren’t quite wide enough 😞
  9. Bump. Willing to entertain offers.
  10. What say you @Kirk3190? I am not trying to embarrass you, but it is claimed the internals in the Sr. line are last generation Pro. Just want a bit of clarification.
  11. If worse came to worse, you could always buy the largest jersey available and have your friendly neighbourhood seamstress alter it.
  12. Not ThatCarGuy, but the internals are the same as the pro model from the last iteration, so in essence- you are still getting a pro glove, just at Senior pricing and with fewer options than pro.
  13. People have cut off their nose to spite their face for centuries. Tactically, it is usually a move rife with casualties; but I have seen things like this many a time. Not that it’s right.
  14. Exactly; however- I could see CCM countersuing, ESPECIALLY if they can bankrupt (or threaten to bankrupt) the Lefebvres out of the resources to push ahead with their claims.
  15. I need a walking foot sewing machine...
  16. It depends on who has the bigger appetite (and deepest) pockets for a long and protracted legal battle. Knowing people who have been in these, legal fights are exhausting for all involved, and can take a toll on one’s health. In the bike business, I am glad I was always able to have agreements that defined beginnings, middles, and ends in the time table; however- if I would have been in a long-term agreement, especially had it started with one person in charge and ended with different leadership at the helm, something like this could have happened had I stayed independent but in a partnership. I did contract work, and then sold everything including my right to compete and my brand name. I never knew that the Lefebvres were actually independent of CCM. I was under the assumption that the name and intellectual property was owned by CCM. Of course many partnerships were started on bar mats and cocktail napkins. Nobody ever maps out how a partnership is going to end. And if it were friendly in the beginning, hurt feelings could fuel bitterness in the dissolution of a partnership. I will never forget when I left a firm I had worked at for ten years as they had changed terms of employment; the owner tried to sue me under the terms that she had changed from! I ignored all of her oveurtures from the post office (certified letters, et.al.) as I knew she did not have a leg to stand on; she successfully scared people into doing what she wanted! It was definitely personal on her end! This could get ugly!
  17. That is a crazy T!!!! I love all the crazy gear from that time period!
  18. Yessir!!!!! Thought I just saw one on eBay.
  19. Well, I can’t imagine the countersuits not coming, then. 🍿
  20. NDA’s and break up payments go a LONG way. Shame none were done here... Will read the article, but I kind of suspected someone was not going to be A-OK with this move. And I thought it was going to be CCM suing Lefevre. Interesting! Is there are large umbrella corporation that CCM is under? I know they are no longer part of Adidas. Looks like I need to fire up the Stanley Cup shaped popcorn 🍿 maker...
  21. It became pretty popular, as my new Factory glove has one. Aesthetically, it looks pretty good!
  22. Why thank you. I see a single T with an opening. I suppose technically it is a double T. But I definitely see the function. It is funny because Brown offers an ACTUAL double T:
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