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  1. That is where Tydan is lacking. Step could be the holder of the patent, making it a situation where only they can do the fat steel, which is a shame 😞
  2. bunnyman666

    Cordura Pads

    That is a cool set of pads.
  3. Wow. It’s surprising that Dennis’s cracked. Shawn Schroeder and Jason Terio both say how poor the plastics are in CCM/Reebok/Koho gloves are, but it could also be the design if Dennis’s cracked, as well.
  4. Knowing what I know about foams, you would need a lot of UV exposure to it before it would break down, plus it would be easily 10 plus years before the foam would break down unused. A five year old, unused chesty would certainly be okay. As long as it was not a showroom piece that was literally in the shoppe window, you should be fine.
  5. Yeah- I play with one of those types at a Stick and Puck, no less! If I see him today, he may get the championship belt!
  6. bunnyman666

    Cordura Pads

    I am demo’ing a pair of the Factory Ultralights with Cordura on the face. I am wondering why with the current obsession with weight why this has not become more common practise. Without Jenpro in strategic places, Cordura can stick to the ice. Of course a Cordura faced pad doesn’t look “right” for many people. Cordura may let out air, therefore has potential to have a deader rebound than Jenpro or an even less porous material, not to say it couldn’t be backed with a wonder material to enhance hot rebounds. Cordura could be perceived as weaker than Jenpro, but I ask this: how many bullet-proof vests use Jenpro? Admittedly, these pads are somewhat yesterday’s news, as Dennis now touts the Proto, the somewhat polarising and controversial pad without a side roll that is even lighter than the Ultralights that does not use Cordura on the face, but will still make a pair of these. But these are well within the bounds of being the lightest pads you can buy. The core material on the Proto is different and thinner than the Ultralight, so we are talking about a previous generation pad when speaking of the UL. I am certain that weight weenies could spec Cordura on the face of a Proto and have an even lighter pad. I will be weighing these compared to my Pooper GP#2 mk 2 (started life as a Vaughn pad) and even the mk1 (Brian’s ZeroG) for giggles. The mk 2 are a senior pad, but use a thinner core than the mk 1. The distinct lack of plastic and metal, as well as no knee rolls on the Factory pads will definitely put these into a different weight class, as the Vaughn uses a metal clasp on the professor strap, and the Brian’s uses a large plastic clasp; both have ornamental knee rolls and retained the metal boot buckles for my skate lace and leather strap carrying system. I did shave 1” from the thigh rise on the Vaughn, as well as removed the boot strap. No pad is “mine” until something has been modded. Maybe the next step after sliding surfaces that have so little friction that you could slide to the blue line in one push and rebounds that can shoot the puck at the opposing goalie will be to further lighten the face, and the answer is still likely Cordura. What is old could truly be new again when it comes to goalie equipment...
  7. I know there are a few entities making some money manufacturing new thumb moulds. It has become a cottage industry, as Factory Mad replaces these all the time and Kustom Composites makes a composite version. As far as the plastic goes, it is the matter of formulation as to why these don’t last. But too much has been invested and they (CCM/Reebok) won’t change it.
  8. The reason I had faith that you (and others) was going to get your mask is for one reason and one reason alone: Greg was going to be building your mask, not take the order, not be building 10,000 other masks and no NHL orders. Some people are great builders but are horrible business people. With a finite amount of slots available and Greg not wearing as many hats, he probably was having a ball doing this endeavour. It is totally different when it is being done like this. The only reason why I did not do it was that I had 1800 other places for that money. Whilst well worth it, I have a few masks built by another legend, though not nearly as famous as a Greg or a Don. Your mask is gorgeous and makes me a bit mad with myself that I did not make financial room for one of these. Enjoy your mask in good health.
  9. It took me two years to take off 5mm running my Sparx on 10 cycles once per week! That says something about Step steel.
  10. I use t-nuts to install my cowls rather than rivets. The hardest part is removal, UNLESS your Graf skates use screws to hold the cowlings on. If that is the case, easy on, easy off. Higher end Graf use (Or at least used to use) screws rather than rivets. If you can easily remove the cowls, you could remove your cowlings and check the fit of a new cowl. Keep this in mind: the larger toe cap can make the fit of a cowl go up by half a size.
  11. There are people using the toe caps from Vertexx cowlings on skates with holders. There are a few solutions to add on the protection afforded by a cowling on a boot made for a cowling. All solutions would be custom. Grafs would not take that much work to go cowling-free as they have an outsole and a thicker toe cap, but it’s the protection afforded by a built up boot it is missing. Again- it could be done, but the added protection would be a custom solution. You could easily switch cowlings. From what I understand, Step has ceased making Extreme steel for all cowls, so what is in the wild is what you can get. Good thing I bought five sets of Extreme for my Vaughn cowls...
  12. Bauer steel will most likely improve once the rank and file in the NHL switch to the CCM holders. This will go for goalie holders, as well. I could easily see this happening once the pros can’t get Step Steel for the Bauer holders. Just like when I saw CCM, Graf and VH/True with the LS holders when they came out, equipment managers liked the simplicity of popping out steels to sharpen and/or replace. I have a funny feeling they switched to aftermarket for straightness more so than how soft the steel is.
  13. I have a senior Helite 90Z junior; the saddest thing is that it could easily pass as a modern senior-sized glove. I am going to do a few upgrades including to the palm so I can take shots with modern sticks. I will most likely show pix later...
  14. I’ll give you a pass on LH drive if you give me a pass on the French number plate. What was so strange for me in America is how the number plates are not permanent to the car it was registered to, but changes with each owner. That, and how small they are!
  15. $149 is not bad for a great laugh... Hockey with my normal Saturday afternoon crowd has been spotty at best; therefore- no award hand outs as of late...
  16. I named my local rink’s rink hero. He works at a county jail as a guard. He is still in his 20s and is a cocky little tosser.
  17. This makes me smile. I am so glad you are back in the nets.
  18. You forgot the left hand drive, as well. I have been in America so long that left hand drive doesn’t look funny any longer!
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    If it weren’t for the Motherland, there would be no Canada or America. But I can appreciate your patriotism.
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    Which is why you’re in a good country. It is argued that there are fewer drunks in countries that allow earlier drinking.
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    In England, you can drink those at 16 legally.
  22. Exactly! Though I only recognise the OG Minis as Minis; the Beemer ones are nice, though.
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