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  1. ah yes the snapping is super odd. Bending wise ive found that the coveted cat eyes actually take a bit more of a beating that others. Ron is the man though, i'm sure he'll sort you out!
  2. Uh..... it sounds like you know exactly how "this" happens..... When you get hit in the face with a hard object, shit that is made out of metal bends.... its designed to do that... Looks like the mask did its job. I'm not sure how long you have been playing goal for but getting dented cages and having to replace them is part of playing a position where frozen rubber biscuits are ripped at your dome bud. My suggestion is to get a quicker glove hand
  3. nice i was checking out gretzky's titans last night at the oilers game.... I owned a few as a kid! There is a ton of cool memorabilia up in his bar/restaurant at Rogers place, including a display with at least 5 fuhr masks.
  4. @rebatttocs shoot me a pm! We look after our own here on the goalnet
  5. Finally got time to do a quick paint job on my own lid.... Went with a Victorian Esoteric Ouija Board theme.... Black magic baby! IMG_1784.MOV
  6. I'm pretty sure Fusion made all of Otny's shells prior to the Sportmask take over.
  7. Doobiesnax

    G4 Thread

    They come with the senior. I received the same set with my pro customs.
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