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  1. How do you find having such a protruding front edge blade. It has to be almost a full inch beyond the end of that toe box ? Most Vertex's are near flush to the end of their toe box. Wouldnt more protruding forward edge act as achors digging blade tip down into the ice as you slide side to side? I also found the look over-all was very average too with, a plain black leather wrapping upper ankle and plane faced black tongue seems base level fit and finish to me tbh.
  2. Not in english but interesting none-the-less....
  3. Cancel Culture Stikes again...bye bye Canucks logo https://globalnews.ca/news/7523720/canucks-logo-first-nations-cultural-appropriation-comments/?utm_source=GlobalEdmonton&utm_medium=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR2oNhZ5gHWlqzozFCu0ILmrPMhX8OEOAjBK_uyCg87JZjARlkl87xT8YSQ
  4. Its a bubble wrapped planet now unfortunately....
  5. Ok thanks. But I cant say ive physically seen the Vaughn Brand on a Pro helmet in 10+ years. Just like i dont see VH on the True skates. Its one brand or another imo. Just like that Lefevre brand in the NHL will cease to exist for True.
  6. What source is this? Not much info here, no league mention, no year mentioned.
  7. I would go Coveted. They are slowing becoming the #3 most used mask in the Chel behind Bauer and CCM. Kevlar chin and forehead masks for less then 600 too.
  8. I would have went with an Otny model built by "Sportmask" and not one of their original in-house builds like the X1 elite. That model isnt even listed on GP Goalie Parts website, but it is listed inside their much older original Otny website. You may have just had it for less then 2 years, but that bucket could be 5+ years old. Hope you have sent pics to them, that kind of collapse in structure is not normal.
  9. Good Review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BKfU1ZzJ5o Looks just as rounded as that CCM tbh.
  10. Isnt it odd, that Lefevre is on the better part of the 10th month since thier solo launch and they STILL only offer just white in the fast slide option?? I find it that quite amateur, sorry, but whats the reasoning for next to no colorway choices on their website after 10 months?? the first 2-10 weeks i get, but im more then suprised the 'bestest' doent offer the same as the rest. by now.
  11. Vaughn has been on a starting goalie in the Stanley Cup finals for 7 of the past 8 STRAIGHT years of the Finals. Only a "powered by Lefevre" gear comes close to that success at the highest elite level on our planet. They are doing just fine....
  12. Its a very poor design and i suspect its like that because the top of the calf wege and the bottom of the knee block have the very biggest gap opeing in all pro models. Ever get a zinger from a low profile puck clip that are of spacing before, its not fun and thats with pads with much less gap then the G5's..
  13. netminder

    Warrior G5

    Pretty funny coming from a guy who "cherry picks" who and who you wont call out on this board for being a negative nancy.
  14. netminder

    Warrior G5

    Just ignore Puckstopper, he does NOT like it when others slam Warrior gear even with photo proof. Its like he's a Warrior bot or something.
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