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  1. Good Review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BKfU1ZzJ5o Looks just as rounded as that CCM tbh.
  2. Isnt it odd, that Lefevre is on the better part of the 10th month since thier solo launch and they STILL only offer just white in the fast slide option?? I find it that quite amateur, sorry, but whats the reasoning for next to no colorway choices on their website after 10 months?? the first 2-10 weeks i get, but im more then suprised the 'bestest' doent offer the same as the rest. by now.
  3. Vaughn has been on a starting goalie in the Stanley Cup finals for 7 of the past 8 STRAIGHT years of the Finals. Only a "powered by Lefevre" gear comes close to that success at the highest elite level on our planet. They are doing just fine....
  4. Its a very poor design and i suspect its like that because the top of the calf wege and the bottom of the knee block have the very biggest gap opeing in all pro models. Ever get a zinger from a low profile puck clip that are of spacing before, its not fun and thats with pads with much less gap then the G5's..
  5. netminder

    Warrior G5

    Pretty funny coming from a guy who "cherry picks" who and who you wont call out on this board for being a negative nancy.
  6. netminder

    Warrior G5

    Just ignore Puckstopper, he does NOT like it when others slam Warrior gear even with photo proof. Its like he's a Warrior bot or something.
  7. The most changed line from and Axis and Premier 2 goes to CCM, how hard is that to understand??? G5 pads are a completely changed pad from G4?? on what planet??? Optiks, same thing? lol. Granted Ultrasonics have their new built in knee block now, but its pretty much a Bauer supreme 3. No pad brand has had near a dozen changes done over a single line between axis and Premier 2. Every video ever made in reviews is also proclaiming the same opinion even know there is facts based on all this too. So "dude seriously" you cant accept the truth ....its just unfortunate.
  8. Great info. I remember a time where i tried to tell others there is huge differences between the new Axis pads thats replacing the Premier 2 and I was balked at. Its ok, those kids will learn to understand facts are different from opinions one day , lol
  9. How is the harness attached at all positions and what are the lower 2 clips? Im super interested.
  10. Oh look, a review saying how dramatic the differences are, maybe we're the only 2 in North America that think there's more then minor tweaks? lmfo
  11. WHat does the leg channel look like?
  12. Does anyone have the specs or info for a stock Senior and Intermediate size Ultra sonic coming?
  13. https://www.hockeygeeks.com/collections/legs-pads/products/ccm-axis Some of these in stock pads are far more interesting then the little cat scratches Levevre put together on their pads or all the straight up and down lines Warrior always put on their pads, so i i differ opinion. Refreshing out of box graphics are ultra welcomed....
  14. https://ccmhockey.com/en/product/goalie/customizers/axis-series Its pretty good to be honest.
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