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  1. Xdave90x

    JRZ gear

    wow love it !
  2. He did my mask 2 years ago still looks #1
  3. I still use laces to tie my skates and really considering to buy elastic but my question is I currently have 2 inches of knots should I leave the knots there or start my elastic at the beginning of my toe bridge?
  4. Been using the same old rbk double cup for almost 12 years with a player cup under it never had an issue
  5. Solid work you did there man!
  6. Man I'd love to try one ! The guy who sharpen my skates often have some pro return gear from some AHL guys and damn it's always tempting to buy a chest and arm
  7. When the kids are sleeping in the afternoon I do Tabata style training + the new butterfly challenge and I do jogging either before my wife go to work(she is a nurse so she works a lot😂) or at night when she comes home and damn I start to miss the guitar I sold a few month ago 😭
  8. It's what I did for my pants ordered an XL wearing large pants fit well only dowbside is that are longer than goalie pants because they are made for player
  9. The total one and NXG weren't that bad IMO
  10. I don't really have any big gear regrets but i'd say back when the reebok premier 2 came on the market i regret not buying the MAF all yellow with silver accent and buying all withe with yellow accent because i didn'T wanted to wait till they got a new shipment back and i wanted them now 😭
  11. The knee stack sure looks different
  12. The TSN camera is the real mvp 😂
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