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  1. Xdave90x

    Soft pads user

    I'd like to have a look at your routine
  2. so you're just gonna tease us with a picture of the box😅
  3. warrior under my compression pants and i never had a problem with them falling
  4. If you search on the forum it's been done a few times
  5. 99% sure it's custom order only
  6. Xdave90x

    JRZ gear

    Wow beautiful man!
  7. Xdave90x

    JRZ gear

    wow love it !
  8. He did my mask 2 years ago still looks #1
  9. I still use laces to tie my skates and really considering to buy elastic but my question is I currently have 2 inches of knots should I leave the knots there or start my elastic at the beginning of my toe bridge?
  10. Been using the same old rbk double cup for almost 12 years with a player cup under it never had an issue
  11. Solid work you did there man!
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