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  1. The longest drive i have to do is around 25 mins so it's not a huge deal and at the hour we play there is no traffic
  2. Actually I'm on the north shore of MTL
  3. My team is the Maroons and last night we just won a huge game 7-3 against a team that is 2 division higher than ours 😁
  4. When i had a coach he would tell me as long as i can look on your glove side because the stick might be interfering with your vision
  5. I used to wear volleyball knee pad under my ccm knee protector because they were hurting my knee and worked well for me
  6. Xdave90x

    New Team, Old Gear

    Ahahah was just about to post the same thing
  7. Man so jealous factory mad gear for me is like the holy grail! One gay ill own a set of FM gear for sure!
  8. On the source for sports website
  9. Sorry if it comes out rude but seriously where does your obsession with the weight of everything comes from? If you're seriously worried this or the weight difference between skate lace and nylon for the pocket will affect your game just go to the gym and train your arms that's all
  10. Exactly what i was gonna say 😂
  11. Is it just me or they remind me a little of the old ccm gatekeeper graphic?
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