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  1. My bad, I totally spaced that! My state is as forgettable as Ohio, but with more taxes, traffic, and potholes.
  2. Would be shipping from Connecticut
  3. Vaughn XR Pro Carbon blocker and glove in all white. Stock specs. Glove is game ready palm. Used, but still in good condition. Some logos faded due to using a magic eraser on them, and discoloring of some areas from use. Located in Connecticut, USA Asking $300 USD, open to offers. Shipping would come from Connecticut
  4. 1X Vapor pads originally from Saint John Sea Dogs. Size large (35+1) in white and blue, silver binding, black accents. Lightly used in men's league. Located in Connecticut, USA Asking $800 USD, open to offers. Shipping would come from Connecticut
  5. Because these playoffs are WHACKED. And since it's Canes, likely something they saw in their analytics. Also can people stop with the whole "underdog year" thing now that 3/4 teams left are teams that are constantly in the playoffs? These 3 teams often go pretty deep each year, too, so it's not like a perennial contender that gets bounced round 1 or 2 every year.
  6. One of my teams used to play this weird ass Le Tigre song in the locker room after wins and dance like idiots. EDIT: would help if I linked the song. rd
  7. This might have to do with it: Stars are getting Binnington off his game. He's done temper tantrum stuff like this before in the AHL. https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-stars/stars/2019/05/01/game-4s-second-period-ends-goalie-goalie-crime-jordan-binningtons-testy-relationship-stars-continues
  8. Bishop is king slop. How he puts those kind of numbers up is beyond me. Binnington is likely running on fumes. Dude started a lot in the second half. And by that I mean all of his games pretty much. Might be a Hamburglar case as there is not much to figure out, he's a pretty basic goalie. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Shows how detrimental Allen actually is to a team's psyche when some random dude walks in and the team excels. Binnginton also looks like a bird wrasse. Blow Jackets/Hurricanes conference final will be like a heat death of NHL ratings. Although, I like the idea of a Boston team not winning though. Those people are unbearable, even more so when a Boston team wins.
  9. Yeah kind of a generalized, lazy assessment looking back at the rant I wrote in that moment. I can't be in all rinks at once like some 5th dimensional entity. I'd like clarify a bit on my generalization though. I tend to mean guys entering the league, or likely 25 and under. Matt Murray is gonna be my example, for better or worse. When I watch him I feel like he's a generic goalie, like one would generate on a NHL game or something. Nothing about him seems to stand out like your examples (Holtby or a Price). Even his birth name feels generic lol. It's like a cookie cutter style that I tend to see a lot of in kids coming up. They all have similar pitfalls that trace back to automatically accepting what is taught to them, instead of understanding it on a fundamental level, or understanding how to apply it to their body dynamics and make it their own (yet still functional of course). Lundqvist is a great example of that to me. Or even like a Kiprusoff or a Fleury. They took all the bits and pieces of their coaching, but assembled them into their own form. Every mind should process differently. I'm just not seeing many guys, or at least the pool of guys I've observed, do that like the more known goalies. Usually people remember the unique ones because they are either really good, or really bad that they are memorable, and also limber and adaptable to the game. I'm not even that old, to be honest, I still don't have a 3 in front of my age.
  10. What is your favorite colour? For a Cage Skinz I mean.
  11. It's ironic: the richest pool of young talent and absurd point totals (Kucherov and McDavid brining back 90's point totals), yet I have never been less interested in the games I have watched. Here are my dumb gripes: -Back to back games SUCK. And it's almost always a ratings darling team like the Bruins or Flyers that get the opponent on the end of one. -Goaltending, or rather the "next wave", is a bunch of static robots. It makes watching the game a bit more predictable and less interesting. Every guy used to have his own methods, but all shared some commonalities. Now every guy shares the same method and players expose the weaknesses in greater numbers. There's maybe a handful of "next gen" goalies I enjoy watching and they are different from the norm (Vasy, Gibson being my favorites). I sound like an old fart now, but having guys that are interchangeable and play a game based on repetition and practice is not as fun, or inspiring as watching guys who are naturals that used practice to refine themselves. Almost anyone can learn goaltending techniques through repetition, but it's the instincts and willingness to adapt or die that truly make a living goalie, not some AI goalie. -Defense looks...not good. Guys breakdancing around for shot blocks watching helplessly as some uncovered guy one-times it home, or guys (like the Rangers defense, basically) who are in the NHL because the 31st team made everything that much thinner. -Play looks...dare I say sloppy? The game is so quick and talented it almost overrides itself with players trying to do too much, or players panicking and throwing the puck away. -Refereeing is so inconsistent it looks suspicious at times. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, but their egos and "not wanting to influence play" have hurt the game and the game's best players. Sometimes not making a call is just as obstructive as making a bad one. I don't know if some of these guys bet on games like MLB umpires do, but it sure looks like it sometimes. I was a ref for a minuscule amount of time. I know it's a tough, thankless job, but these guys manage the games so inconsistently, as I said. -Playoff format sucks ass. -Goals that are snipes are better when they are a surprise, not almost guaranteed. I know RVH is under the spotlight, but man, every time I see a goalie sitting there and some guy gets the puck I know it's either in, or the ensuing rebound is. EDIT: To be clear, I'm not saying "old is better" here, it's not, rather than saying the present has a lot of flaws that need to be addressed. I'd rather seen this kind of "meh" game than some brutish game of neanderthals playing the trap and goalies standing up on shots going through their legs. TL;DR: Sorry I'm a curmudgeon who just can't enjoy anything, lol.
  12. I remember him burning out big time in the second half. This and last year he had the Vezina practically his, but then Cooper started him constantly in the last stretch despite the opponents being tire fire teams like Buffalo and Rangers. Cooper clearly didn't learn. The days of unique cases like Lundqvist, Fleury, and Luongo are over. The game today is way more intense. Also back-to-backs need to go. It might help reduce the frequency of injuries across the league.
  13. These seem like factors as to why Vasy didn't do Vasy things to steal some games.
  14. I was on a team that won a lot back in my playing career. The year before and the year I joined we were "supposed" to win. We lost. My last year there, we weren't as strong, but we choked away another tournament earlier in the year to the point where me and my captain were so pissed we carried the 2nd place of trophy to every playoff game just to sting everyone into playing that much harder. It worked and we won it.
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